How To Fix “Windows Cannot Install Required Files” Error?

We face a lot of errors while installing windows software on our computers, they are not a big deal as they can be solved using some methods. There are several methods you can try to solve any kind of error so there is no need to worry about. One of them is 0x8007025D or windows cannot install required files error. Through this article, we will explain how you solve this with different methods.

What is Error 0x8007025D?

windows cannot install required files

In this error, your device’s data decoding capability does not work properly or buffers are chocked. You should know that if you are seeing this error then that means your PNY device is sending the corrupted data to the buffers. There are several reasons why this error occurs with your device so you must know about them. The error can be solved easily, through different methods we are explaining in this article. 

What Causes “Windows Cannot Install Required Files” Error?

Here are the different reasons that can cause the ‘Windows Cannot Install Required Files’ error:

1. Bad HDD or SSD Space

An error returns in the buffer if your computer HDD or SSD has a bad sector and the windows start to copy files on that sector. This error is called 0x8007025D error, you can solve this problem through several methods, you should know that a bad sector in HDD and SSD occurs because of long time usage of any disk space. This error can also be occurring because of the failing HDD. 

There are methods below which can be used to solve this problem if it’s occurring because of this issue. You should not worry when you see this error. 

2. RAM Failure

Installing Windows 10 will require you to have at least 1GB of space on your computer. Because every software runs on the ram and has its part so when you install the windows softwares on your computer then it uses the remaining part of the ram. A bad ram is one of the common reasons why this error occurs in the first place, you may have to face this issue because of windows installing in the bad section of the ram, even a tiny of the bad ram section can cause this error. The display will show this error if the data of the windows is copied in your RAM’s bad sections. 

3. Installation File Error

The windows should be the latest version and the old version may not work properly on your computer. Some users found that it happened after updating to the fall creator update version, so you should not update it while installing the windows. This is just a small error that you may have to face if you are installing the windows for the first time on your computer. 

There is one more thing that you must know, you have to make sure that the version you are installing is the correct version. You can find two types of windows, which are 32 bit and 62-bit windows. If you are trying to install a 64-bit version of windows on your 32-bit hardware then you will surely face this error on your computer. 

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How To Fix “Windows Cannot Install Required Files” Error

Learn how to fix the ‘Windows Cannot Install Required Files’ error:

1. Unplug All External Devices

windows cannot install required files

There are several times when it is found that the error occurs because of the outdated driver or bad drivers. In that case, you need to unplug all of these drivers out of your computer such as the Internet cable. Installing the windows on your computer may not require using the USB or other drivers after you have copied your files in the computer. Check whether or not the device can install the windows now, this will help you install the windows without any kind of errors. 

If the error gets solved by unplugging all the external drivers, then you should replace the bad ones which are not working properly. There are several reasons why you need to have proper things for this, a bad driver may cause issues while installing the windows so it’s better to replace it so that no error occurs in the future. 

2. Ensure Your DVD Drive Is Clean

When the lens of your DVD or CD is dirty then you may not be able to install the windows properly on your computer. Check whether or not your DVD or CD through which you are installing the windows are properly cleaned. You can check whether this solves this problem for you or not but for that, you need to carefully clean your DVD. 

You can clean that using a brush but make sure you don’t damage that in the process. You can also clean it by opening the drive, you must know how to clean the DVD without damaging it so be careful. There should not be any scratches which is why you must use the tools specially made for this, after cleaning the problem must be solved. 

There are several cleaning tools for you to purchase. You can buy them as per your preferences, they are also useful for other types of cleaning. 

3. Remove Overclock Settings

If you are overclocking your hardware for an enhanced performance then you put extra stress on that thus sometimes it does not let the windows install properly. You have to make sure that you are not doing it, as it was reported by users that they are not able to install windows when they are using an overclocked PC. 

Enter the BIOS and change the settings to remove the overclocked settings. This has worked several times so if you are also using an overclocked PC, try removing the setting and then try installing the windows. 

4. Change Hard Drive to IDE

Changing the hard drive type to IDE can solve the windows cannot install required files error. It would be easy for you to do this, the error may be occurring because of your BIOS configuration so you should change the drive type into IDE. As explained by several users the problem was occurring because of the AHCI Device. For solving this error you just have to enter the BIOS and change the hard drive type into the IDE, after this, you can install the windows software without any error like this. 

After you have done installing, you can change everything to the way they were. Now, there would not be any problem in using the windows. If you still face some kind of issues with installing the windows, check out the other methods for this. 

5. Run System File Checker/Check Disk for Errors

You can follow these steps to run the system file checker and fix the error in your device with windows 10.

Step 1: Start Your Computer.

Step 2: Open the command prompt and then select run as an administrator. 

Step 3: Type sfc/scannow for repairing system files. 

windows cannot install required files

Step 4: Once you see the confirmation of the error being fixed, you can install the windows on your computer. After the scan, it will show you whether the error was found or not, if the device finds an error then it gets fixed in the process. 

It will scan the error and can solve it on its own so you must try this at the end after trying the other methods. There is nothing to worry about, this is simple, your computer will fix the error without any issues once it detects that. 


There are several reasons why windows cannot install required files error can occur, as explained the most common errors are RAM failure, bad SSD and HDD space, or an installation file error. We have to explain how to solve this error of windows cannot install required files, you must follow these methods carefully to be able to solve the error. In case you still face the problem then you should contact an expert for this, they will charge something but will help you solve the problem. 

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