7 Methods To Find Out “Who Blocked Me On Instagram”

Imagine a situation where you have been texting a guy over the week, and realized a growing connection with him, and suddenly he becomes ghosted! Your texts are not really reaching him, you are not getting a reply and finally, when you search him, it says “User not found.”

However, Instagram or any social media site like Facebook or WhatsApp doesn’t send a notification if someone blocks you. So how do you find out “Who blocked me on Instagram”?.

There are many ways through which you can check if the person has blocked you on Instagram or deleted their account, just follow these procedures I am sure this article would be helpful to you.

Although there are numerous third-party tools that might pop-up in your results, of the search engine such as Xprofile, InSights, and InReports, however, all these are mere traps that will offer you gold membership for no reason.  

who blocked me on instagram

How To Find “Who Blocked Me On Instagram”

1. Find Their Profile Through Search 

The best and the primary step in finding whether you have been blocked by someone is searching their profiles on the search bar, but what if you can’t get there through these search results or can’t find their Instagram handles.

2. Try Looking For Old Comments, or Your Chat Box For Any DMs

Another clue is checking their Facebook accounts as most people have linked their Facebook and Instagram accounts, you may pick up their Instagram handles from there as well.

who blocked me on instagram

If the Instagram account says “ The account is private”, then probably the person has either changed his privacy settings or removed you as a follower. You can send a new follow request, but do consider that.

 Instagram might as well showcase a banner saying “User Not Found/ No posts yet with no bio or picture in that case there are probable chances that you have been blocked or the person has deleted their account.

who blocked me on instagram

3. Search In a Browser

If you are not assured of the above method then you can directly search, the person in the browser use the link Instagram.com/username, the username is generally the Instagram handle which can be recovered from either old comments or messages. If the screen reads this page is unavailable then probably you are blocked.

Still, if your optimism is not confronted, that the account might have been deleted due to some reasons you can check that too. Go to the incognito mode of your search engine, and perform the search now if you can see the person then be assured that you have been blocked by the person.

4. Check Your Profile

Even if someone blocks you, then Instagram doesn’t delete the old posts and, tags of the person. You may search the person’s previous comments and tags and when you click on them. And then again see the same notification as discussed previously. Then probably you have to be assured that the person has blocked you.

5. Checking Your Messages.

 In case you have been blocked Instagram generally removes any older messages threads that you had if you have DM the person, in the past anytime.

Even then if you think the person might have deleted or deactivated the account then, you might go on check the pages or groups that you have in common, if the messages/comments of the person can be seen there then probably you are on the wrong side.

6. Follow Again

Try to follow back the person, through their Instagram handle, if you are blocked, then probably the follow button doesn’t seem to work. But don’t be worried the person won’t receive a notification regarding this. So probably you should try to expand your horizons of meeting new and probably better people.

who blocked me on instagram

7. Use Another Account or Device.

Of course, this is the most straightforward way to check this I would prescribe this method to be used very initially. If you have a second account, you can probably use it to sneak, or the other way that you may use a close friend’s account. And still, if the account’s page says the same thing. Then probably, you should accept the hard fact that you have been blocked. 

How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You On Their Instagram Story

The discrete privacy settings that are available to protect you from any kind of spam, and third-party interference. You can always change the setting as you can see your Instagram stories even providing filters from your follower’s list. 

The best way to know if someone is hiding your Insta stories from you is by using your account

You can log in to your Instagram account, 

Go to the search bar, and type their name.

If you can’t see their profile, bio, or photograph it’s probably they have blocked you and if you can see their profile but still haven’t long seen their stories then it’s because they are hiding it from you.

You can also use a mediator for this spying mission, which is through a third account which can be either a second fake account or a mutual friend’s account, if you can see their story on the other person’s wall then, sadly the person is hiding their account from you.


Most of the social media sites these days come equipped with a good privacy setting, we can always make poor choices regarding the people we keep, or the amount of information we share with them. 

Secondly, to keep yourself away from getting blocked I would suggest you not to get so much into someone’s space, their cultural, political, communal sentiments should not be hurt.

Lastly, remember nothing is forever, you always have the choice to explore better and newer options, in fact on a different platform. You can go through the article for further information on this.

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