9 Best Websites Like Slader That Ease Your Homework

You must have come across situations where you are stuck with a problem and find no solution to it and simply bang your head. We all as students face times when we have doubts, questions, theories to be solved and understood step by step. Yeah, teachers help us out in schools.

However, you cannot wholly depend only on teachers as there’s so much to learn and how can we forget our homework which is done at home. 

Slader is undoubtedly one of the best educational sites that helps us with our studies. Nonetheless, if you are looking for its alternatives there are some other websites like Slader. Few of them are in fact equal or better. 

We have listed the best websites like Slader, make sure you go through all of them once to get your website like Slader. 

What Are The Best Websites Like Slader?

Here’s the list of absolutely the best websites like Slader that aid you with your homework. 

1. Chegg

There are many times when homework becomes a big problem and the problems in it look unsolvable. However, Chegg is one of the best websites like Slader that helps us finish our homework with ease.

Websites Like Slader

It has over 55+ million step-by-step explanations and expert Q&As and great maths support. For your exam preparation and practice, you get 500+ million flashcards and can also review with practice exams. 

Chegg certainly makes us comprehend even the toughest topics or concepts in every subject with its videos. One can also strengthen their writing skills with expert proofreading, plagiarism, etc. It helps us in subjects like biology, engineering, maths, business, and science. 

Chegg’s pricing starts at $14.99 per month

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2. Brainly

Brainly is another great one among websites like Slader and is used by many students. It certainly has answers to almost every toughest question you will come across. 

Websites Like Slader

If you are stuck in any geometry puzzle or certain question you can ask your question here and brainly help you with it. You get help from experts who are teachers, PhDs, students, and others who are simply really good at the subject tackle all your questions. 

You can go beyond that by answering questions on brainly as answering questions also helps to learn. One can learn maths, science, history, chemistry, English, and many more. Also, score well in NCERT, CBSE, ICSE, and state board exams with the help of brainly. Brainly is absolutely free of charge and you have access to everything in it everywhere and anytime. 

One can also prepare for their major entrance exams like jee, neet, IIT, NDA, NTSE, CPT, etc. 

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is another nice learning app that is free and lets you excel in a foreign language, science, maths, history, coding, and many more for free. 

The site has millions of flashcards that you can choose or create your own to study. It is simple and is a leading education site with its ever-effective flashcards. 

Websites Like Slader

What things do you get with the Quizlet flashcard app? Get test-ready, flashcards mode on, share flashcards with friends and classmates can learn German, Italian and Spanish, study vocabulary and grammar, take quizzes and create your flashcards to test yourself. 

And if you upgrade to Quizlet plus you will have no ads, offline access, and some other premium features. Quizlet is one of the best flashcard apps out there to study and learn. 

4. Fact Monster

Fact Monster introduces Frank on its site who helps you with your homework and makes it fun with quizzes, games, and puzzles. Now, this site is pretty ideal for kids aged 8-14 and covers almost every topic and subject they have in their school. 

Websites Like Slader

The information and content are reliable as it is written and edited by experts. The site has categories like world, games, US, maths, and science, people, language arts, homework, holidays and calendars, tools. 

And these categories have subcategories that have a deeper understanding and real topics. Fact Monster has flashcards that are fun and interesting and games that don’t deviate the child from learning and studies. Yes, the site is free though it presents you with ads. 

5. Sparknotes

Now, this site was founded by Harvard students in 1999 and initially offered guides for philosophy, film, poetry, etc. The site has four main categories- Shakespeare, Blog, Literature, and other subjects. 

Websites Like Slader

The site has visual summaries of classics, complete published texts from classic books and articles on its blog. 

Other subjects have subjects covering biology, computer science, economy, health, drama, physics, short stories, chemistry, biography, and a few more. If you are more into literature guides kind of stuff this site’s for you. You can also go for its subscription that offers many more things and no ads.

6. Jiksha

Jiksha offers siksha or helps thousands of students with their homework every day. Since it is completely free and can be accessed 24/7 it is an ad-supported platform. On Jiksha you can answer questions or post questions. 

The site has 100+ experts who are specialized in various subjects and solve all kinds of problems and theorems and help students. If the topics are very complex, they also provide online tutoring sessions. The site will certainly help us write our research papers, reports, essays, etc. 

Subjects like English, mathematics, science, economics, business management, information technology, law, accounts. It provides high-quality work, free revisions, is affordable and you can ask your questions to the experts as there’s an ongoing tutorial every hour for different subjects. 

7. RefDesk

RefDesk is another nice site among websites like Slader that falls in the category of homework helpers. The site provides material and content for students from grades 1 to 12 and also college. 

Websites Like Slader

For grades 1 to 6 they have subjects like reading, writing, and arithmetic, for grades 7-8, maths, science, English, and social studies; and so on for other grades. 

You can ask experts, there’s a reference for all grades, a facts page, various tools for research papers, and several other links you can go through to get your problem or doubts clarified with easy understanding. 

8. Course Hero

Course Hero is now again a popular one in this list of websites like Slader. And yes you will become a hero if your course involves solving all the tough ones and learning. 

Websites Like Slader

You get personalized help from expert tutors on various subjects, 24/7 available, step-by-step explanations, and you will get the answers very quickly like in 15 minutes. 

You can also earn free access by uploading your study documents and there are several books made available for you on numerous subjects which you can browse and get detailed information and step-by-step guide and explanation. 

You can also buy your subscription for $9.99 monthly for instant access. 

9. Quizizz

As the name sounds, Quizizz is good at quizzes and there are various titles under which these quizzes are categorized that engage every student.

Websites Like Slader

Well, Quizizz is utilized by many students, teachers, schools, offices from around the world. 

One can engage in group quizzes, presentations, assignments, polls, or study on your own. You can also create and host quizzes for others. The subjects include social studies, English, maths, science, world languages, computer science, creative arts, and career education. It’s used in over 150 countries. 


Above are some of the best websites like Slader that you can utilize to solve one’s seemingly impossible problems, complications, or anything from basic to advanced. These websites will precisely help you with your homework and assignment.

We hope you found the article helpful and do let us know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comment section. 

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