10 Best SpyDialer Alternatives For Number Lookup

It’s quite often that we get anonymous calls and spam calls that irritate us or, maybe sometimes we know the number but aren’t aware whose number is it, maybe we want to contact any of our old friends or colleagues. 

There can be any reason for number lookup and there are tons of sites that offer this service. One such site is SpyDialer which is relatively popular and does provide you with results. 

Nonetheless, if SpyDialer didn’t help you out in finding the owner of the number or number lookup for any of your searches done. As I said earlier, many SpyDialer Alternatives give you more or less the same features and some provide you with additional details too. 

Therefore, in this article, we have listed SpyDialer Alternatives which will let you identify people with their numbers, names, email address, or address, etc.

Check Out The Best SpyDialer Alternatives

Below are the best SpyDialer Alternatives which you can go for and identify the person annoying you or search for an old friend of yours. 

1. ThatsThem

The first one in our list of SpyDialer Alternatives is ThatsThem. It is one of the best and absolutely free sites where you can find people, i.e find details of someone with a piece of information.  

You can find the details by their names, or phone number, email or address, and even IP address or vehicle numbers. Know details such as their name, address, phone number, email, etc. There are around 2.2 billion records, 1.7 billion email addresses, 1 billion phone numbers, 800 million addresses.

Best SpyDialer Alternatives

You can search for free without creating an account but with an account, you will get few more features and there’s also a subscription plan with additional queries and ad browsing experience.

The data here is updated every month and is collected from more than 50 sources and the site says that all the servers are encrypted making it secure enough. 

2. Skipsmasher

Skipsmasher is another great site for number lookup among SpyDialer Alternatives. Yes, it doesn’t really replace the investigators’ way though it gives you a nice volume of data about the person you are trying to find. 

Best SpyDialer Alternatives

Skipsmasher lets you find addresses and names with just their number. So if you are searching for a specific person then this site can certainly help you with it. Skipsmasher was initially made to find information about a specific person’s details such as name, address, phone number, license plates, etc. 

It has a free trial which you can utilize if you get approved for 2 months and you will also be credited $50 to use for searches or buy a plan that costs $11.9/ month (per user license).

3. WhitePages

Now comes WhitePages, and this white pages site also lets you find people’s contact info, background. It is trusted by over 35 million people, has over 260 million phone numbers also, cell phones, and around 210 million addresses that are both residential, and commercial. 

Best SpyDialer Alternatives

What stuff does WhitePages will help you know? Well, current residents, contact info, property data, background checks, cell phone numbers, gun permits, criminal records, landline numbers, business details, etc. 

WhitePages is among the best free reverse address lookup sites and has comprehensive data for 275 million people. It makes easy finding spam and scam calls also background check i.e criminal or financial history of someone.

4. Free Cell Search

Free Cell Search is a very simple site that has quite good experience in the telecom industry and gives you some accurate data. Using this site you tackle all the suspicious calls you might be receiving.

Best SpyDialer Alternatives

Now just like all other sites mentioned here, it also helps you identify people with their number and let you know who is calling you or recognize all the spam and scam calls.

Free Cell Search is pretty easy to use and is completely free, so this site can certainly be considered if you are looking for number lookup sites or SpyDialer Alternatives.

5. TruePeopleSearch

Another free-to-use site to find people is TruePeopleSearch that’s really fast. When compared to some other sites TruePeopleSearch search gives you more detailed results for free. 

So if you want to find any of your contacts you can do that with their phone number, name, postal address, related names, etc. The additional details it provides you are landline number, person’s age, associated names, the town they live in, etc. You can filter all the records by age, gender, etc.

Best SpyDialer Alternatives

If you want to see the complete result then click on the link of the person’s page then you can view all the details of that particular person and you can search in three ways, also you don’t have to enter the person’s last name. 

It’s quite a good one among SpyDialer Alternatives to search for your old friend or anyone. 

6. ZlookUp

ZlookUp is yet another site that makes reverse phone number lookup super easy just like the above sites. The site searches across millions of records to bring you the right results and it’s entirely free. 

Best SpyDialer Alternatives

While many sites claim to provide you with accurate results, most of them aren’t actually real. However, ZlookUp does provide you with results and you don’t have to worry about the freshness of the database, as they are updated often.

You simply have to select the country you live in, then enter the number to know who is the owner of it. Wait for 1-2 min and you will be given the results from all the records they have. 

7. Spytox

Now, this site also is a site for you to do people’s search, reverse phone lookup, or email search. It is free and gives you results quickly and it stands good in this list of SpyDialer Alternatives. 

Best SpyDialer Alternatives

You simply have to enter the person’s name or phone number, and they will provide you with all his info like address, name, phone number, photos, email address, etc. 

With reverse phone lookup, you enter the phone number and find his name, and if someone has changed their old email address, you can also find the new one by entering their name, then all the new email addresses related will be shown along with social media profiles and photos to make it easier for you to identify. 

8. Free Phone Tracker

And the 8th one on our list is the free phone tracker and this one is a little different from the above sites. This site will let you track down people pretty easily. This one records SMS, call history, audio, WhatsApp z Facebook, Snapchat, telegram, etc. Also, it is available for Android, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Best SpyDialer Alternatives

For you to start tracking, you will first have to create a free account then download and install the phone tracker from your account created now. After that, you can start monitoring GPS, calls, etc. 

Moreover, the site keeps you completely invisible even if it is your children on whom you are spying and gives you accurate results being undetectable. It has personal and professional plans that start from $24.95 and $9.99 varying the number of devices.

9. Canada 411

So this website is an exclusive one for only Canadians and works pretty well. With Canada 411, all you need is a phone number and then you can find all his or her details. What details does Canada 411 give you? Perhaps it provides you the name, address any other number, and other contact details. 

Best SpyDialer Alternatives

The good thing about this site is it provides details of all the numbers i.e unpublished, unlisted, landline numbers too with no trouble. Canada 411 keeps away all the anxiety and stress about the unknown or mystery calls you to receive giving you the best and precise results from the records available.

Simply put the number and click on search and in a fraction of seconds, all the details will be shown to you. So, you can certainly go with this site if you live in Canada and check out the person’s name if you are curious.

10. Black Book Online

And the 10th one in this list has the black book online and this one is also a free site that lets you find the owner of the number quite easily just like other sites.

Best SpyDialer Alternatives

Black book online has around 37000 free records lookups and guess it works only in the USA. So you simply have to enter the name, address, or phone number, to find the related details of that particular person. 

Black book online can be considered a good one in this list of SpyDialer Alternatives. However, the site has 37000 records which appear quite less when compared to other number lookup sites. Nonetheless, you can still try it and identify the person.

How To Use SpyDialer?

SpyDialer is definitely a great site for number look-up with making it easier with its simple layout. Follow these few steps to find the person behind the number. 

  •  To use SpyDialer, you will be given 3 ways that are people, address, email, or phone. 
  • You can choose any one of the fields and enter the required info i.e either name or phone number, etc in the dialogue box. 
  • It will be searched across all the records and the results will be provided in a few minutes. 

The steps are similar for the above sites too. Almost all the number lookup sites have the same steps to follow.


We hope you will now have no trouble in finding the person you are in search of or to learn who’s always spamming you or just a random number with these SpyDialer Alternatives. 

Nonetheless, there are chances you may not find the person’s details on one website so you can go for a few sites to check instead of limiting yourself to only one. And yes, you can ping us in the comment section if you have any other suggestions.

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