Snapchat Could Not Refresh? Try These 5 Fixes Now

A decent and rapidly growing competition among the super brands of social media like Facebook Instagram and Twitter. The frequency of that random question every new guy spying on you asking “are you on Snapchat?” can help you guess its surging popularity.

However, if you are facing an issue with the smooth functioning of Snapchat with a pop-up message that says “Snapchat could not refresh”, then probably this is the article that you are looking for!

Often the working of Snapchat can be affected due to multiple reasons it can be a server issue, a problem with your device storage, or a database problem. Here are several ways through which you can solve this issue.

Fix Snapchat Could Not Refresh Error With These Methods

Here are the different methods to fix Snapchat could not refresh error:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Maybe switching to a better data connection, the aptest reason why you are seeing this message is that you are using a weak Wi-fi signal. Snapchat uses much heavy data content such as filters, images, audio clips, and text messages.

There are many ways through which you can enhance the strength of your signal like resetting your router mind not to do a factory reset.

Just reboot your router removing all the devices, shutting it down, and then switching it again. You can also use Ethernet if your connection is close to the router.

2. Restart Your Device

This seems like the ultimate solution that fixes most of the problems. There are many apps and software and apps that remain working for a day in the background this may cause hogging of your RAM. When you restart your system the main power supply is cut that may help your application device in refreshing the Snapchat application

3. Check If Snapchat Is Down

Sometimes, there might not be a problem with your data connection but the Snapchats server might be turned down, so calm down and sit back until the server is reconstructed. As in thof e given scenario, nothing is in your hand, and you simply have to wait. Here is a link through which you can check the status.

As most of these applications work based on the server you can always have access to this data. You may find your social media flooding with frustrating messages questioning as to why Snapchat could not refresh its messages. but this is entirely local, depending on the location of the server.

You may check this for yourself, just go to your google search and type why Snapchat is not working, or something relatable. A list of websites will appear such as down detector, website planet, etc. That can tell you if there is an increase in the number of complaints regarding the application not working.

You can also check the status of the server of Snapchat telling whether the issue is just or you or for everyone. Go to the site

 Now add the URL on the search bar,[USERNAME], where in place of the username you have to add your username now click on the blue tab reading “or just me”

snapchat could not refresh

 Now add the URL on the search bar,[USERNAME], where in place of the username you have to add your own username now click on the blue tab reading “or just me”

snapchat could not refresh

You will see a message similar to below, this will clear your confusion regarding the server error or its just your individual network.

4. Switch Your Connection From Wi-Fi To Cellular Or Vice-Versa

Although this sounds a bit absurd for a technical issue as such, it might work for you sometimes. As it can happen sometimes that the server of your locality is working down, due to a clogged channel or even a bad weather issue. Hence, switching your internet connection may put your device to better connectivity and network.

This of course can happen the other way. You may also try switching your phone airplane mode ON or OFF or maybe closing all your background apps that are consuming your unnecessary data and slowing down your internet speed.

What may happen with the WiFi is that you might not be in the limited range of the router however your data doesn’t have a limited range and hence can be reached from anywhere that makes it more reliable to work him.

5. Clear Snapchat Data & Cache 

If you are a regular Snapchat user then you must be aware that it consumes and takes a lot of cache in your internal storage. Accumulation of cache data in your internal storage might cause slowing down and hogging your app functioning. Hence it becomes very important that you either clear the cache data.

Although many inbuilt cleanup apps automatically remove your cache and smoothen the processing of your phone. But sometimes you may have to remove the cache data by yourself. Snapchat builds a large amount of cache data through its images, videos, filters, browsing history, and cookies.

Just follow these steps

Step1:  Open Snapchat on your or Android Phone or iPhone.

snapchat could not refresh

Step2: click on the Snapchat icon from the drop down list.

snapchat could not refresh

Step4:  on the snapchat setting page scroll down, and go and click the Clear cache option and then on the clear storage option.

snapchat could not refresh

In some devices the cache is cleared entirely, however in some it may happen that caches are categorized differently such as for images, chats, texts, filters, videos, and audios.

After clearing the cache data relaunch the app you may find that your problem is solved.

6. Reinstall The Snapchat App On Your Device

Even if all the above methods are not working the best rather the last option is to uninstall the application on your device, now download the latest version of the application from the google play store or iTunes as per your device needs.

Make sure you download the latest version of the app, it will not only give you access to better and improved features but also will help you get rid of this “Snapchat could not refresh issues.”

Download Snapchat for Android

Download Snapchat for iOS


Snapchat has gained popularity among youth across the world in relatively lesser time than any other social media tag of its genre. It lets you communicate and contact your friends and family is the easiest and fun way.

The dynamic filters it has that are updated on an everyday basis, snap ads, and stories that can help you marketize your product and idea, all this without any security of sharing your contact number is probably a cherry on the cake.

For the new year Snapchat has added some cool features, one like having games like monopoly, and puzzles that will take you down the memory lanes of your childhood; and even trends like Vibej and “whole vibe” creating momentum.

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Imagine all this and your device hanging on with a fussy message displaying on your screen that says “Snapchat could not refresh” so pull yourself out and open up yourself to the wide options of Snapchat features.

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