Hacks: Easy Auto Draw & Auto Guesser Hacks [2022]

Games. Games are the best thing to pass our time and enjoy with our friends or family. Unlike PUBG or Fortnite is a different game that can be played anywhere anytime with anyone. It’s easy to play and simple enough to improve your creative skills. 

So, there are many hacks available to make your gameplay easier. But before that, if you aren’t aware of this amazing game. Let’s know it briefly and hop onto the hacks if you suck at drawing or cracking your brain. 

What Is is a free multiplayer online game that is extremely fun based on guessing and drawing or can be said a virtual version of dumb charades. It has multiple rounds and in each round, someone does the drawing, and others guess the word and type in. is a great one to pass your time and relax with friends, it does give your brain some work though.! hacks

Different words are provided from which the player can choose one and draw. Only make sure that the drawing isn’t that bad to understand and then the other players should guess as quickly as possible to earn more points and reach higher levels boosting your IQ. One can also create private rooms for their friends and family or play with random people. 

Do Hacks Work?

We do have quite a several hacks though as time passed its developers have made updates to block these scripts from bypassing the game rules to maintain the game’s integrity. 

As of now, many scripts may not be functioning because of the update in mid-2020 though as we all know that if old one’s vanish, the new scripts come up and if you are a regular user you will be updated with hacks. Also, the auto guesser hack has been blocked. Still, the good thing is the auto drawer hack is working fine. 

Different Hacks & Cheats has become very popular these days to kill your time and at the same time enhance your intelligence by exercising your brain. 

Many hacks have come up as the game is being loved by players and for the ones who aren’t good at drawing or take time in guessing. Two such amazing hacks are auto drawer and guesser hacks among hacks.

1. Auto Drawer Hack

Auto Drawer is basically a chrome extension that works just fine with As the name suggests it helps you or more like it draws the whole visualized image of the word you selected without giving you any hassle of doing so. hacks

Simply said you have to browse for the image you are looking for from the internet and use it on your drawing board or canvas. Auto Drawer extension will do the work for you i.e it draws the image quite quickly. Just make sure you choose simple images like the clip art ones. You can download the Auto Drawer free from here

Below are a few steps to follow to install Auto Drawer.

1. As we know, first download the auto drawer, and after downloading extract the zip. 

2. Now open chrome, click on the 3 dots on your right and select more tools then choose extensions to open the extensions page which shows the extension you installed. hacks

3. Then, you will see developer tools in the top corner. It is disabled by default, you toggle it to enable. 

4. Now in the available option, you have to select load unpacked that lets you see the script you downloaded. hacks

5. Now you select the auto drawer extension then this extension is also viewed on the chrome page. 

6. That’s all. You can cross-check if it works, open the game then a new tab, and search for clip art images from google. Then drag and drop the image onto the drawing board. hacks

Now, the Auto Drawer for hacks does the whole work.  

2. Auto Guesser Hack

The auto guesser hack works the same as the auto drawer; instead helps you in guessing the right word. If you aren’t good at guessing the words then this hack will comfort you and give you a head start.

The auto guesser is a chrome extension or script that assists you by displaying all the possible words that match the image. Also, it indicates by showing the red or green flag to say if the word is valid or not. Moreover, it also provides you links to the image results for you to refer to. So, if you wanna be quick at guessing the right words and moving ahead you can download it from here

Now follow a few steps to get the installation done. hacks

1. Add Tampermonkey extension from Chrome Web Store. After adding, if you see remove from Chrome text, close the tab.

2. Now in GitHub you have to open the auto guesser homepage where you will find an URL under the installation heading. Click on it to install. hacks

3. Now open then click on the Activate Skribblr button. hacks

4. Now you can start playing, do remember to enable auto guesser below the chatbox. 

Other Hacks & Cheats

As we said there are quite a bunch of hacks and cheats for, here are a few more hacks to get a lead over others. Nonetheless, remember, overuse of these will certainly ruin the fun of the game. 

  1. Auto Draw Hack
  2. Auto Guesser
  3. Mute Option & Screenshot
  4. Word Helper
  5. Skribbl Helper
  6. Narrow down words bot

And yeah, you will need Tampermonkey to install these scripts. 

Conclusion is a fun game to play to have fun with friends and family. It does enrich your examination skills and IQ somewhere between guessing and also visualizing the given words. 

If you are exhausted from losing the games or just want to have an edge over other players, you can use these hacks. Cheating isn’t good though little fun with friends isn’t wrong until you don’t spoil the entertainment. Hope you found the article helpful and let us know if you have any other useful hacks.

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