14 Sites Like WorldStarHipHop [WorldStarHipHop Alternatives]

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best sites like WorldStarHipHop.

WorldStarHipHop is a very popular site that gets you viral videos, and the best music videos from the hip-hop world and is famous among the youth. It’s a must explore the site if you wanna see viral clips and know every single update related to hip-hop artists or their work. 

It extends thousands of video clips and videos of hip-hop culture. WorldStarHipHop also has an application for iOS users where you can also record and share your videos and has many more features. 

Though it’s a common site for all hip-hop fans and has helped aspiring young ones to reach heights in the hip-hop community. Worldstar has gone through some controversies for violent fighting, child abuse videos, and was also hacked.

Yes, WorldStarHipHop is the ultimate site for hip-hop fans, still, it’s not the only site anymore that provides you all the updates on hip-hop culture, there are numerous websites available now that have gained popularity with their prosperous content regarding hip-hop.

If you are done or exhausted with world star hip-hop and wanna explore other sites like world star hip-hop then you are at the right place.

In this article, we have assembled a list of ten best sites like WorldStarHipHop that will not dishearten you for sure.

Best Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

Here are the best 10 sites like WorldStarHipHop:

1. AllHipHop

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

AllHipHop website is arguably one of the most popular ones in the hip-hop news field names. Established by CEOs Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and “Grouchy” Greg Watkins in 1998, It’s been ten years since AllHipHop has been producing news alerts every day. 

It features interviews, reviews, hip-hop music videos, and all other news. This site was recorded in the top 100 undiscovered websites and also won a Rising Star Award. 

AllHipHop has some tremendous content because of which the disorganized nature will not upset you. AllHipHop is a site like Worldstar and the best alternative too.

 CNN, The Source, XXL, Complex, New York Post, New York Daily News are some popular names that utilize AllHipHop.com for content and have alliances with several offline newspapers, television, magazines, etc.

2. Vlare

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

Vlare was built as an alternative to youtube for content makers. It’s a video-sharing website created by Jan and Mel and comprises features of YouTube and social media to strengthen the interaction between content creators and audience. 

This site has both new and time-honored artists’ content of hip-hop and gives you all the updates and information regarding new releases.

There’s another thing here if you want to speak with other visitors then simply post your link on the site and join others.  In short, the website is based on fun and community. 

3. DatPiff

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

DatPiff is yet another site like worldstar hip-hop and has made its mark with the tagline “authority in free mixtapes”. You will find around 20 million mixtapes working on hip hop, rap, and urban music. 

It boasts 15+ million users and the main thing is unregistered users can also download the mixtapes that are sponsored, registered to certain downloads of unsponsored ones, and if you purchase premium then you can download unlimited. 

Giving you weekly and monthly charts, updates, music reviews, etc, DatPiff is a nice alternative to sites like worldstar.

4. Sohh

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

Sohh( Support Online Hip-hop) is another site like worldstar and a must-visit site for the latest info on rappers, hip-hop, sneakers, mixtapes, urban news, and all fresh videos. 

It was once also called the best hip-hop site by Mark Binelli, writer of Rolling Stone magazine.

This site has broadened greatly from its launch year 1996 with about 1.5 million users each month and will furnish you with all the gossip of hip hop artists and their forthcoming works.

5. HipHopDX

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

HipHopDX- best site to trust all hip-hop-related news and album reviews. The setup is easy to steer and simple. Current hip-hop music trends have reviews that are very much informational. 

It was established in 1999 and has come relatively a long way evolving one of the best sites for hip-hop news and I’m sure this site isn’t gonna disappoint you giving you every single update of hip-hop culture. 

6. Vlad TV

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

Vlad TV is among the very popular sites like worldstar hip-hop and this site appears way more on social media handles because of which you will not need to open the website. 

VladTV provides you all the inside details of the hip hop world, music videos, updates, reviews, and news. It’s a must-visit site who crave all hip-hop news.

7. Vanillo

Just like other websites, vanillo has a considerable bunch of updates about the world of hip hop and other news also such as crimes, undercover hip hop, fights, etc. 

Moreover, vanillo will not bore you and entertain you with all its updates, videos, and all other variety of stuff related to hip-hop.

8. Boo Boo TV

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

Now comes Boo Boo TV and this one is no less than other websites and is a variety of both humor and hip-hop. 

Like other sites, booboo TV shows you everything about hip-hop and all related news. 

The humor here isn’t ridiculous and has no discomfort videos. It has interviews with hip-hop artists and funny and lifestyle videos.

Overall, Boo Boo TV is among the must not miss sites like worldstar.

9. Hot New Hip Hop

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

And the 9th spot on our list has Hot New Hip Hop, which is another incredible site like worldstar.

Hot New Hip Hop has a pretty good user interface and loads quite quickly.

It gives you info on various topics varying from sports to lifestyle and entertainment to music. Now since it is bombarded with the latest videos, news, and music, Hot New Hip Hop cannot be afforded to miss if you are so much into hip-hop culture.

10. XXL Mag 

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

And the last spot on our list -XXL Mag is a decent website like worldstar hip-hop.

Reviews, hip-hop music, and artist videos are some things it delivers you. 

It has a user-friendly interface that looks more like a magazine and always keeps you updated with its abundant content of gossip.

11. The LinkUp

The linkUp is another one among the best sites like worldstarhiphop and yeah you can certainly consider this to watch all the entertaining stuff. This is a great alternative to worldstarhiphop and this one initially started as a YouTube channel and later turned into a website. 

On this, you will discover various leading rappers, broadcasters, dancers, hip-hop dancers, and everything related to hip-hop content. This is a great site that shows the work of young hip-hop dancers and also the freestyles like behind bars. 

Surely, it helps youth to show their talent and you will also find news and updates of several rappers regularly like Drake, frenzo, and others. 

All these features of the linkup made it to this list of best sites like worldstarhiphop. 

12. HotNewHiphop

Now HotNewHiphop is also a fantastic site that keeps you pretty good updated about things around the globe. You will find news updates, top 100, top charts, songs, mixtapes, etc. 

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

The interface of this site is quite good and is easy to manage. You can definitely consider this if you are looking for an alternative to worldstarhiphop. One can also filter and find their interests by the categories given like videos, music, artists, music videos, entertainment, sports, sneakers, reviews, etc. 

Moreover, you will also find interviews, profiles of various rappers and hip-hop stars. The site is regularly updated and its ratings are also relatively good, not to forget this site is also a popular one among sites like Worldstarhiphop. 

13. UGHH

UGHH or UnderGround HipHop is again a very popular site among sites like worldstarhiphop and yeah it’s loved by many hip-hop fans. Also, this site is from 1997, and I suppose that says why this site UGHH is loved by hip-hop lovers. 

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

It’s kind of a one-stop destination for hip-hop fans and they get all the info related to hip-hop and the best music they would expect. Not only do they let you know every best hip-hop music but also furnish some epic merchandise giving you cool vibes of hip-hop. 

They provide you with all the trending and classic hip-hop art telling how diverse hip-hop is and how much it is liked globally. 

14. SoulCentralTV

Here’s another one among sites like worldstarhiphop which you cannot miss if you are looking for an alternative to worldstarhiphop. 

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

Soul Central TV has a huge library of everything that relates to hip-hop and that would make hip-hop fans really happy. You will find music, interviews, videos, updates all related to the hip-hop world. 

Not only hip-hop but you will also find other content here and you will also discover live streams here. Moreover, the site’s interface is also decent and simple. You will have a menu that you can check out to filter things according to your interests. 


These are the best sites like WorldStarHipHop that will satisfy your thirst for hip-hop news. 

Worldstar hip-hop has the title of best video blogging site for hip-hop however, the sites mentioned above are no less than it and should be checked definitely if you are an avid fan of hip hop.

We hope you liked the article and if any other sites are worth surfing through then do let us know in the comment section.

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