Solved: Samsung TV Won’t Turn On [Fix-2022]

Samsung TVs are always a great choice, they provide the best quality. You can enjoy it as much as you can until you face issues, a Samsung TV may have several features that you may not know about. You may not even be able to turn the tv, it is not such a big issue. Read this article, to know what you can do if the Samsung tv won’t turn on. 

Samsung tv won't turn on

We have explained different things you can try by yourself in different situations, it may solve the problem. Don’t try to experiment with anything on your own, just make sure you follow the steps carefully.

This should not be a big issue if a new Samsung tv won’t turn on, they have better quality and also offer warranties. 

Fix Samsung TV Won’t Turn On Issue

Standby Light Is On

Samsung tv won't turn on

This situation means that your tv is working fine, there might be some issues with your remote control. You can try pressing the power button on your remote if it doesn’t work then you should replace your batteries.

This is not such a big problem, it is just a problem that may be occurring because of the external devices. You can fix this just by pressing the power button if this doesn’t work then you can still use troubleshooting with your remote. It should be mentioned in the guide book of the TV. 

In the end, you can also try contacting the customer care center of Samsung, if Samsung tv won’t turn on even after these things. If your Samsung TV is under the warranty period then there should not be any problem to ask for repair. 

Standby Light Is Off

The only reason why this must be happening is because of no power connection or because your tv is already active. You may be confused, it may just be a black screen so if you want to check whether your TV is working fine then you can press other buttons except for the power to check.

You should also check the power source of the TV to make sure it’s working properly. If this is not the case then you should contact the customer care of the Samsung service center. 

Samsung tv won't turn on

This can just be an error because of external devices, but still, you should be sure about this. Try contacting the services center for a warranty or guarantee offer from Samsung. 

Standby Light Is Flashing

Try to cut the restart your TV, first unplug and then after some time turn On the TV. It should start working properly again when the standby light flashes, this may be a little annoying but this is not a big issue.

Your surge protectors, you may replace them, if you don’t know much about how to do this then you should contact Samsung customer care. Standby light flashing means that your TV is unable to turn on, this can be because of anything.

This can be a more troubling situation compared to others if you aren’t able to do anything they don’t experiment. You may damage something more, a professional repair person can solve this for you at a reasonable price if you are still in warranty period then it’s not a big issue. 

Black Screen Even When TV Is On

This worries a lot of people but there are simple reasons behind this, you can easily solve these problems. We discuss this before where the standby light is off and you are only able to see a black screen.

There is a simple reason for this, it’s not working properly because of the external devices. You may be using a malfunctioning external device so you can replace them, before that you can also check the HDMI cable of your TV. 

Try to remove and plug the cable again once after some time, replace your HDMI cable. If it still does not work then the problem is caused by one of the external devices, maybe your DVD player or Blu-ray.  


This is annoying to face issues like this, Samsung TVs are durable and have several amazing features. Most of the time the source of the problem might be something else, it’s not necessarily the fault of your TV.

The cause of this problem can be anything and can also be any kind of damage or defect, so you can also contact the services center if your Samsung tv won’t turn on. 

If you are also looking for answers about why your Samsung tv won’t turn on, there might be many reasons for this. You just have to follow the solutions as explained in different situations. Samsung provides amazing services and TVs so there is nothing to worry about, you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows. 

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