50+ Roku Private Channels | Hidden Channels & Secret Codes

We all know Roku lets us stream free and paid content from around 4000 channels on our TV through the internet. 

Just the way apps are downloaded on smartphones, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube are loaded on Roku devices. 

Roku is indeed a simple streaming device with some amazing features along with easy to use remote control.

Do you love cartoons, horror, comedy, sports or any other one? There’s a Roku private channel for all your interests.  

Roku Private Channels

Are you one of those who are not satisfied with what the Roku channel store extends? Not to ponder much since there’s always a way out. Yes I’m telling you that there are many more channels with abundant content though these cannot be accessed directly and the reason for this maybe

  • The channels are in beta version
  • Channel may contain adult content
  • Or can be an unofficial third-party channel. 

Therefore those channels are invisible and do not exist in the official Roku channel store. However, the particular channel can be accessed through some secret code.

So if you are looking for these hidden channels then this article will not disappoint you.

In this article, we have listed some best handpicked Roku private channels with their secret code. Keep reading to discover the one that you are searching for.

Best Roku Private Channels & Codes

1. The Internet Archive

Roku Private Channels

The internet archive is among the very popular Roku private channels offering you the best of rare, retro, classic, and restored films and series for free.

If you are interested in classic ones like Gulliver Travels, His Girl Friday then this is the right place for you.

And it’s entirely free; you aren’t asked to create an account but if you want to add favorites or want some more features then you have to.

One will find categories such as horror, arts, comedy, cultural, youth media, blog, sports videos, and many more. With the internet archive, you can watch all the public domain content.

Code: NMJS5

2. Nowhere TV

Roku Private Channels

It’s been around 10 years since Nowhere TV came into existence and it is said to be the oldest and also falls under the best category when it comes to Roku private channels.

Both audio and video podcasts are available on this channel. You can stream TV and channels from around the world. 

It will let you access networks like BC, CNET, HBO, etc and the good thing is it’s completely legal.

Likewise, it also provides academic shows like khan academy learning videos, Ted Talks, etc. 

Nowhere TV also owns some other apps like nowhere tweets, bullets, and vines.

code: H9DWC

3. Amateur Logic

Roku Private Channels

AmateurLogic is a video podcast channel that provides you amateur computers, radio, hacking, photography and some other electronic DIY(do it yourself) undertakings. 

This one’s best if you are enthusiastic about technological things. Great learning comes around this channel.

Code: Alogic 

4. Wilderness Channel

Roku Private Channels

Nature enthusiast, hiker, hunter, or survivalist.? Wilderness Channel has everything including hunting, discoveries, and fishing. 

It’s a video on demand library that has shows like Alone In The Wilderness, America’s wilderness, etc. 

There’s a live stream broadcast of wilderness channel programming on Roku and yes it’s free. Wilderness Channel has plenty of content for all nature lovers and is one of the decent Roku private channels for quite a long time.

Code: FL821095

5. Unofficial Twitch

Roku Private Channels

Undoubtedly twitch is a world of streaming games. We all know twitch is the most distinguished among all the gamers who make sure they stay on top. It also functions via any streaming service.

Though it is an unofficial channel you will be having many elements and also access Twitch’s features. Unofficial Twitch is worth digging into if you are an avid gamer. 

Code: TwitchTV

6. Roku Movies

If you cherish watching movies then this is a must look into one. It presents you with classic movies in different genres like comedy, drama, horror, etc. 

It offers you low-budget, strange outlandish movies. One can check it out if you like Kung Fu, Giant Monster kind of movies.

Code: zb34ac

7. Maddy Mation

Roku Private Channels

Here comes Maddy Mation. Do you love watching cartoons or anime? Then Maddy Mation- Roku private channel is certainly the best choice for you to stream considerable content of both anime and content. 

Not only that it has stand-alone anime and cartoons also and is acceptable for children too.


8. EuroRoku

Now this one’s a subscription-based Roku private channel. 

You can stream more than 100 European HD channels from countries like France, Germany, Spain, Holland, and a few more. 

You will have to be a subscriber, should have an account, and link to Roku only then will you be able to access the content. 

  • Limited Time Promo: $9.99/month with a 7-day free trial 
  • Promo: $15.00 per month
  • Standard: $20.00 per month
  • Economy: $50.00 per 3 months

Code: euroroku

9. AOL On

Roku Private Channels

AOL On offers tons of videos on the latest news, business, travel, entertainment, technology, etc. 

It is in alliance with around 17 networks like DIY network, food, BBC news, CNET, Huffpost Live, so on…

AOL On was once a regular channel on Roku but now is only available as a private channel.

Code: aol

10. MultiLive

MultiLive is another Roku private channel that provides you with all European channels from France, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Berlin, and the Netherlands. 

MultiLive is the best option for you if you reside outside the US and is free.


These were only a few Roku private channels we briefed you about. There are a lot more of them and below is the table that comprises other Roku private channels and their code.

1.Caitlin CooksCaitlinCooks
2.247 Retro Internet Television   247retro
3.5000 Dice Game   5000
5.1080p Showcase1080p
6.Cartoon ClubCartoonClub
7.2048 TV Puzzle Game2048TV
8.Nowhere Archive     NMJS5
9.iTunes PodcastsITPC
10.SpaceTime FreeCN6MRTG
11.Lode Runner RemakeLodeRunnerPreview
12.Update My ChannelsUpdateMyChannels
13.Tropical BeachVRQHQ
14.The Silent Movie Channel    ROLLEM
17.Weather Radarradar
19.AfroMovies TV   AfroMoviesTV   
20.After Dark Flix(Adult Channel) Watch Now
22.Ageless Knowledge TV On DemandAK
24.Aj Jordan The CrescendoMRPRC
25.Al Fady TV   AlFady
26.Al Horreya TValhorreya
27.Al Jazeera EnglishWatch Now
28.Al Mouridiyyah TelevisionAlmouridiyyah
31.StreamNowTV Beta sntvdemo
32.What’s On?WhatsOnChannel
33.The Odeon Theaterodeon
34.Home MoviesHomeMovies
35.Arirang TV and RadioArirangTV
36.American Movie ClassicsAMC
37.Angry Birds ToonsAngryBirdsToons
38.Arts & Crafts ChannelArtsCraftsChannel
39.Awesome Sci-FiAwesomeSciFi
40.Back Street MusicBSR


So these are some of the nicest Roku private channels worth exploring.

If you were exhausted with the limited channels then these should have lightened up your face. 

Coming to the legality of these channels, they are completely legal and you will not land in any legal problems.

However, as Roku doesn’t monitor the hidden channel content, you should be cautious about what kind of content you stream since this may affect the viewing of the channel.

We hope this article helped you in choosing your Roku private channels and feel free to let us know if we missed any more good ones in the comment section. Happy streaming!

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