Roblox Decal IDs & Spray Codes List [Working 2022]

Roblox is an amazing platform for gamers if you love developing games and playing games then this is the best platform for you. The games are too much fun when you are the one to design them, there are several features in the game that you should know about. The game allows you to design your character or anything within the game. 

Roblox decal IDs

If you are interested in Roblox you should know about the Roblox Decal IDs, you must be confused about what is meant by a decal ID if you are a beginner. You can learn more about these Decal IDs and Spray Codes through this article. 

What Are Roblox Decal IDs? 

These are the codes for the different textures in Roblox, in the game, you can spray paint the surfaces like walls in the Graphical User Interface of Roblox. You have to do in-game purchases to design on these textures, after these textures are created these IDs work as a link to share. In simple words, these IDs are used for spray painting the walls of any surface in the game.

People can share these creations, it’s the perfect thing for gamers. This is a cool feature to design your logos on the in-game items, it makes everything much better than they are.

List Of Roblox Decal IDs And Spray Codes [Working 2021]

As a beginner or as an experienced, everyone wants to have things that are available for free, you always search for the items. If you want these codes for free, here is the list of different working decal IDs,

  • Annoying Orange, Id-76543210
  • Angry Patrick Star, Id-13712924
  • Ac/Dc: Id-12347538
  • Anime Girl, Id-1234538
  • Blue Dude, Id-9876543
  • Bang, Id-6013360
  • Charizard, Id-516095478
  • Contra, Id-1234756
  • Dodge, Id-134079000
  • Dominus, Id-69791871
  • Dragon, Id-136931266
  • Drake, Id-473973374
  • Girl, Id-80514443
  • Finn And Jake, Id-80684094
  • Got Milk? Id-45550210
  • Haters Gonna Hate, Id-66481956
  • Gravity Coil, Id-23534055
  • Halo Helmet, Id-75076726
  • John Cena, Id-7564321
  • Kitty, Id-123475161
  • Lol Emoji, Id-24774766
  • Miley Cyrus, Id-144685573
  • No Noobs, Id-1081287
  • Monster Energy Logo, Id-123474111
  • Roblox Logo, Id-80373024
  • Red Dirt Bike, Id-30155526
  • Super Sonic, Id-1234752
  • Spider Tux, Id-1803741
  • Pikachu, Id-46059313
  • People On The Beach, Id-7713420
  • Party Hat, Id-12345383
  • Trump, Id-415885550
  • Truck, Id-5961037
  • Twitter Bird, Id-394647608
  • Universe, Id-1234562
  • You Can’t See Me; I’m An Invisible Cat, Id-2483186
  • Zombie, Id-57764564
  • Target And Destroy, Id-69711222
  • Wizard, Id-80373810
  • Welcome To The Hell Sign, Id-30117799

These are the working Roblox Decal IDs you can use for yourself, if you want any special item then you can check the list to find whether or not there is something for you. 

There are some more for you that you can try, it’s unknown for what item but you can use them for a surprise item. Here some IDs that give you a surprise item, 

  • 54353046
  • 54335881
  • 1340790
  • 2033687
  • 12347561
  • 409739014
  • 1234550
  • 601336913 (infinity RPG codes)
  • 205393736

You will get a surprise item out of these codes, these are the special codes and completely working. 

You can also use the following character IDs,

  • 22711653
  • 55882232
  • 47168976
  • 47662061
  • 51969264
  • 40468903
  • 45883754
  • 25116617

You can use these ids to get a character design. Now you just need to know how to use these Decal IDs. 

How To Use Roblox Decal IDs?

We have mentioned several codes for different things, it’s not a complex thing for you to handle. You just have to follow some simple steps for this.

Step 1: First you have to visit the website of Roblox and there you will need to go into the library section. You will see two options over the upper left corner of the screen, the first one is my creation, and the other one is ” Library”.

Roblox decal IDs

Step 2: Now find the decal option and then click over that.  

Step 3: Type the genre of the decal you need, such as if you want something from animals then you type animals. You will find the decal that you want.

Step 4: Now check in the list for the decal and copy the code from here, and then paste it on the option given there.

This is easy to do for you, you just need to check for the code of the decal you want. In the end, it’s just a copy-pasting of the code from here. 


You can use these codes, all of them are working and available for free. It is nice to know about something like this where you don’t have to pay for something but still can enjoy it. Roblox is the best platform for gamers to create and play the games that they design.

You will not believe it but there are more than two million decals in this game, you are having these codes to have some of those designs. These Roblox decal IDs are also for popular things and they are one of the bests among them. You must have these as you don’t have to pay anything in consideration for this. 

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