iTunes Dark Mode: How To Enable And Use It?

iTunes dark mode, which is a very assessable feature that comes with the macOS Mojave can now also be enabled on your Windows 10 version as well. Hook to the article till the end if you want to know how to enable the iTunes dark mode on mac, and on windows, and also lets you fix if the iTunes dark mode is not working properly. This will permit you to enjoy the dark interface of iTunes which relieves you from strain by blocking unnecessary extra light at night.

Introduction To The iTunes Dark Mode:

In general the previous setting of the iTunes, allows you to darken only the menu bar, however the advanced version of macOs Mojave allows you novel features, like the iTunes dark mode, that allows to darken the other interface such as system panel, dock, menu bar, and even the trash can become dark, and also has access to some other apps such as the iTunes, news, app store.

As the background becomes dark and the text and other characters remain white the light intensity affecting your eyes reduces and it becomes more comfortable and relaxing to work for longer hours

How To Enable iTunes Dark Mode? 

Enable iTunes Dark Mode on Mac

In case you are using a MacBook, make sure you have an updated version of the macOS Mojave, when you install this a prompt appears asking, to set up a dark mode, this prompt is either ignored or skipped, In that case, you have to follow the following steps

iTunes dark mode
  1. Press the Apple logo at the top left corner of the screen
  2. Select the system preference, from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the option of general
  4. Select the dark option, from the appearance menu.

Note- In case you are using macOS Catalina there is an additional set of auto, that enables you to switch over to light and dark mode during the day and night respectively

Enable iTunes Dark Mode On Windows ?

For mac users the dark mode is available only with the Mojave update, for the window users, this comes as a built-in feature with the new version of Windows 10 update, where you can change the background into dark color.

  • Search for settings on the taskbar, or you also search from the search bar on the start menu of the Windows 10 menu, you can simply launch it.
iTunes dark mode
  • Chose the option of Personalisation, this is seen as a paintbrush option on the screen.
iTunes dark mode
  • Click on choose your app mode and select  dark mode
iTunes dark mode

How To Fix iTunes Dark Mode Not Working?

The iTunes dark mode may not be always smooth to work with, which is however occasional. Users have sometimes complained of changing into the normal mode from dark mode on its own. In that case, a third-party repair tool comes into play, which is a potential solution to the problem. There is much software, the most user-friendly of them were

  • tunescare
  • iMyFone Tunesfix

The best out of which is the iMyFone Tunesfix, which is specially designed to address issues associated with iTunes. It not only fixes the issue of retainability of the iTunes to dark mode but even if your iTunes is frozen and doesn’t take an update it will quickly resolve it.

TuneFix helps you get rid of any kind of troublesome file by deleting junk files, corrupted files, old backups, and redundant files. This would not only free up space, and also open up options for updates.


A large number of apps such as Instagram, slack, twitter chrome, have inbuilt support of the dark mode however the iTunes dark mode provides you an interface that can be applied to all the applications, tools, Menu on your system working either on the macOS or Windows version and lets you work comfortably.  

The post is all about what iTunes dark mode is, the benefits it provides, and how to enable it on both macOS and windows. If there is an issue with using iTunes Dark Mode you may quickly fix it using the iMyFone TunesFix.

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