How To Fix IPv6 No Network Access Error?

A strong network is necessary for you in today’s world there are a lot of things we use that runs over the internet. At the same time even when you are willing to have a proper network, sometimes people face errors. In this article, we are going to talk about a particular error called ipv6 no network access error, and how to solve this. It is an internet error that is faced by some user it shows this error, there are many ways to solve the issue. 

How To Fix IPv6 No Network Access Error?

Here are the different solutions to fix IPv6 Network Access Error:

1. Update Network Driver

First Step: Use the Windows+X key and then right-click on the Device Manager Option.

Second Step: You will see the list for several options, Tap on the network adapters option. 

Third Step: Click on the network driver you are using for the internet and then click on ” update driver”.

ipv6 no network access

Fourth Step: Now select search automatically, it will then automatically search the software for an updated driver.

ipv6 no network access

You have successfully updated your driver, now you just have to check, after rebooting your computer it should be fixed. 

2. Run Internet Connection Troubleshooter

There are always built-in troubleshooters in the windows that you can try for yourself. The process to use the method are as follows, 

Step 1: In the setting, search troubleshoot and then open that from the list.

ipv6 no network access

Step 2: Find the option for an internet connection in the troubleshoot and select it. 

Step 3: Now select the option ” Run the troubleshooter” to search for the problem. 

Check whether or not the troubleshooter worked for you to solve the problem. Try it after rebooting your computer, if the problem still occurs then try other methods. 

3. Restart Your Router & Modem

Sometimes the error occurs because of your internet service provider or your router, this causes an internet error to the ipv6 address. In that case, you can try restarting your modem first then after a few minutes you can restart your router. It will solve the error if this error is occurring in your device for the same reason. 

4. Reset IPv6 And Winsock

This is an easy fix, you just have to follow a simple process. Follow the step by step guide to do this;

First Step: Open the Run window by pressing windows plus R keys on your computer. 

Second Step: Enter CMD in the Run window then press CTRL plus shift plus enter at once to open the command section in the administration mode. 

ipv6 no network access

Third Step: Now you just have to copy-paste the commands which are,

  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • nbtstat –r
  • netsh int ip reset
  • netsh Winsock reset
  • netsh Winsock reset catalog
  • netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log

Once you are done just reboot your computer and check whether the problem still exists. 

5. Uncheck IPv6 Settings

This will be done if you follow the steps as follows;

Step 1: Open the run window using the windows+R key. You will see it as a popup.

Step 2: Enter “NCPA.CPL” and then click on OK.

ipv6 no network access

Step 3: Select the network adapter, after that click on the properties. 

ipv6 no network access

Step 4: uncheck TCP/IPV6 or Internet Protocol Version 6 in the wifi property windows. Finally, click on OK in the end. 

Check whether the problem is solved now or not, you should try to reboot your computer once. 

6. Disable IP Helper Service

IP helper is one of the windows services that modify your ipv6 connection, you can modify it for making sure that it’s not causing an issue. It provides tunnel connectivity that may cause the error for some reason, you can disable this by yourself. 

Step 1: Open the run window, type services. msc in the dialogue box, and select ok. 

ipv6 no network access

Step 2: You will find IP helper services, click on it, and then select Properties from the menu. 

Step 3: Change the startup type to ” Disabled” and then save the settings. 

The ipv6 no network access error should be solved but if it doesn’t work then you can try other methods in this article. 

7. Disable Any Active VPN Connection

VPN is for protecting your privacy over the internet and to make it possible it manipulates your network connection. For the safety of your data or because of any system error it can cause this error so if nothing works for you then you should try this. Disabling VPN would be easy for you, disable it, and them Check whether or not it works for you.

8. Disable Antivirus

Your antivirus software can also be manipulating your computer and if in any way it is causing this error by temporarily disabling it. The reason for this can be the antimalware system of your antivirus software. This is an easy thing to do, it would be better if you switch to some other antivirus software after it works because if it’s causing the error then this is the only way to do that. 

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9. Restart Your Device

This is the last option you can try to fix the error of ipv6 no network access. As the reasons why this error occurs is unknown so try all of the methods and then, in the end, you can just restart your computer. 


There are several causes for this error to occur, it can be an outdated networking driver, firewall, and antivirus program, and incorrect HT mode. We have explained all of the ways to solve the error, you can try one of them will solve this network issue. You must follow the steps carefully, this is easy for you to do all of these things by yourself on your computer. 

Ipv6 no network access can just be a random error and might easily be solved or it can be a system error or software error. We have explained every possible outcome for you to fix the error.

In any case, if you still face this error then you can contact your network provider support team they will help you with that situation. You will be able to solve the error and then enjoy an uninterrupted network connection. 

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