How To Fix Instagram Failed To Send Error [Solved]

Instagram has a very common error “Instagram Failed To Send” faced by many users. In this article, we will help you figure out the reason for this error and fix it for good with 7 easy steps to follow.

Every other person next to us has an Instagram account these days. It has become kinda queen of social media apps.

Instagram Failed To Send

Instagram is a place where you can share photos, videos of yours, add captions, explore, edit filters, and many more. It’s an incredible platform where one can learn, explore, follow their favorite celebrities, political leaders, know what other brands are doing/promoting and we have seen how most of the people changed ways from Facebook to Instagram.

There are some fascinating facts too such as within one month of launching it gained 1 million users, it’s worth an approximate $100 billion, there are 1 billion active users as of now. Just a few to mention.

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Nevertheless, we know nothing is perfect. Instagram also poses some errors such as while tagging, login, or posting… just like these sometimes it shows an error saying “Instagram failed to send”.

It appears that when we want to send a DM to someone we face this issue. It’s common and here we will walk you through a few steps that can be carried out to fix this error.

Instagram Failed To Send: Here’s How To Fix The Error

Let’s get started…

1. Update Your Instagram App

It’s quite often that we forget updating our app which sometimes results in the app not behaving as usual. One of the unusual things you may notice is whenever you try sending a message to your friends or family, it shows you an error saying “Instagram failed to send”.

Therefore, always keep your app updated to keep it less buggy and optimized so that you don’t face this kind of or any other error.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

This isn’t new for anyone I guess but some rookies aren’t much aware and this may help them out. It happens that if your internet connection isn’t really good then not just your messages are failed to send, but all other stuff you do also lags.

The next time Instagram fails to send a message, check if the internet speed is fine or not. Your server may be entirely fine at times then look at the more ideas given below and know the fundamental reason for the error.

3. Check If Instagram Is Down

If you’re using an updated version of Instagram and though you are not able to send messages then this may be one of the reasons for not being able to send.

Check whether Instagram is down, it rarely happens to everyone at the same time, however, it occurs sometimes due to its server issues.

If this is the case you don’t need to worry, the development team of the app will soon fix the related error and you will be able to send the messages like before. Have patience.

4. Switch Between Mobile Data And WiFi

Still, if the problem isn’t solved, another thing you can try doing when Instagram displays “failed to send” is to switch between your mobile data and WiFi.

It’s more related to internet speed here and has most of the time this trick worked out for me and many of my friends and family. If you are using mobile data either use your friend’s hotspot or swap to WiFi and vice versa. Also, turn on your airplane mode and switch back on.

5. Check If The Post Has Been Deleted

This also occurs most of the time with us. It happens many times that when we try sending a certain post to someone there comes an error or it fails. Whereas you will be able to send messages.

So in this case check thoroughly if the post has been deleted by the particular person who posted it. If it’s deleted you can’t send that post to anyone.

6. Check If Your Are Blocked

Now everyone’s aware of the word block. This might also be the reason you are unable to send messages to a certain person.

Click on the doubtful user name’s profile and if you are unable to see their content like posts etc even if it shows on the top of their profile no. of posts then you are blocked by that person.

No one can solve this problem except you dear so convince your friend to unblock you and sort your issues.

7. Make Sure You Are Not Involved In Spamming Activities

Lastly, make sure you are not involved in any kind of spamming activities, images, or videos that violate social network rules or anything that may put you in trouble and may cause Instagram to block your account permanently. If you are temporarily blocked then give a little rest to your account until it gets restored.

Conclusion’s irritating when it displays “Instagram failed to send error”. Performing force stop and clearing data on your account may also help you sometimes and if these didn’t solve your “Instagram failed to send” error then you can also contact Instagram for help. However, the above-mentioned methods must have solved this issue of yours. If there are any additional helpful ways which you wanna suggest, we would be glad to hear them all in the comment box.

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