How To Watch Hotstar In USA [2022 Guide]

If you reside outside India and want to watch all the content from India like Bollywood movies, web series, reality shows, sports, and other shows then, Hotstar is one the best video streaming services out there.

There are numerous regional channels and others like HBO, National Geographic, etc, available in 8 languages. Not just that, Hotstar is among the very few services in India that stream live sports. If you love movies or sports, Hotstar is the best place for you. 

However, that being said, Hotstar is geo-restricted and the library it offers varies for different countries. The other bad news is, the way Indian users can stream free content in India, you can’t if you reside outside India. You must be subscribed to any one of its premium plans to stream content. 

This geo-restriction thing can be easily sorted with a secure VPN. However, the price of Indian plans when compared is much less than that of USA plans. So, by using a VPN you can purchase a plan at a lesser cost, I mean at Indian price. 

Here in this article, I’ll guide you from top to bottom on how to watch Hotstar in USA or any other country.

Let us see how we can break the barrier put by Hotstar and stream our dear content.

How To Watch Hotstar In USA Using VPN

Securing the connection between us and our data traffic is what VPN does. There are VPN servers that route your traffic to an encrypted tunnel making your IP address and location hidden. And essentially all the best VPNs have applications and support most of the devices. 

It doesn’t matter which VPN you decide on, all have the same steps for how to watch Hotstar in the USA, UK, or Canada since in only these countries Hotstar services are available other than India. 

Step 1: First, download or install the VPN you want then you have to sign up for a plan or see if it has a free trial if you are a first-timer. 

Step 2: Now open the app then you will have to select the preferred server location (here India – Mumbai or Chennai).

How To Watch Hotstar In USA

Step 3: To confirm, check if you are connected by typing ” Search IP address” and then it shows some Indian state. 

Leading VPNs give guides to set up on devices like smart TVs. 

Best VPN To Watch Hotstar In the USA

1.  ExpressVPN

How To Watch Hotstar In USA

ExpressVPN is the prime contender in the best VPN business as it offers some best possible abilities by which we can bypass geo-restricted content. With its world-class 256 bit AES encryption that safeguards your IP address and all kinds of user data, you are entirely anonymous on the internet.

The nicest thing is you will not be seen or monitored by either third parties or internet service providers because ExpressVPN ensures that your internet traffic is not recorded (no log policy).

In 94 countries across 160 locations, there are around 3000 servers placed. Now that it covers globally there are a handful of servers in India also. And that said it wouldn’t be much difficult to use Hotstar by setting to India using ExpressVPN with these Indian servers.

When you have a bad network, features like network lock halt your data traffic and tunneling enables you to choose the apps as per your need with ExpressVPN. Chennai or Mumbai servers can be chosen.

It gives a 30-day free trial along with the money-back assurance 


  • $6.67/ month for 12 months. (Has additional 3 months bonus)
  • $12.95 for a single month.

2. SurfShark

How To Watch Hotstar In USA

Just like Expressvpn, SurfShark is also an exceptionally good one and is budget-friendly. Similar to ExpressVPN SurfShark has around 3000+ servers in more than 65 countries with 256 bit AES encryption. 

There are many other features such as ad blocker(clean web), kill switch ( quite good), and split tunneling that is best for torrenting and separating connections, with the whitelister tool you can regulate VPN services on your devices. Now those annoying pop-ups and ads will not come your way while streaming your favorite content on Hotstar.

It has a friendly user interface and customer support is good enough with live chat and articles. Not only Hotstar you will be able to unblock Netflix, amazon prime video, Hulu, iPlayer, so on and you will get good speed all around. 

Among Chennai, Mumbai, and Indore anyone can be chosen. SurfShark has proven to be a low price but an excellent choice by ranking among the best VPNs available consistently. 


  • $2.49/month for 24 months
  • $6.49/ month for 6 months
  • $12.95/month

3. PureVPN

How To Watch Hotstar In USA

PureVPN is yet another best one to watch Hotstar in the USA or anywhere out of India. It operates 6000+ servers in 140+ countries. 

It can unblock popular sites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, etc. If you are looking for a certain website then you can search for it then a list of all the servers that will unblock it will appear. 

Some of its features include a built-in blocker and can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously, split tunneling allows you to choose which data to send and not through a VPN connection, and an automatic kill switch prevents unprotected data from leaving your network when a poor connection. 

It uses 256-bit encryption to preserve your data and for leak protection- DNS, IPV6, and WebRTC. Purevpn is straightforward and you don’t have to change any settings.

Though pureVPNs customer service needs to improve and the app is power-hungry. 

Moreover, it has all the features a premium one offers and works fine and has around 9 servers in Chennai ensuring you a 31-day money-back guarantee. 


  • $3.33/month for 2 years.
  • $ 5.83/ month for 1 year (7-day free trial).
  • $10.95/month.

Why Do You Need a VPN To Watch Hotstar In the USA?

Like some other services, Hotstar also is geo-restricted and cannot be watched in other countries. That means you cannot stream Disney + Hotstar in the UK, USA, or Canada.

And that’s the reason we need a VPN to hide our location, IP address and trick them. Not only Hotstar you can also unblock BBC iplayer, zee5, etc. The content is also limited like it offers 28 channels in the US whereas in India there are 33 channels. 

How To Subscribe To Hotstar In USA At Low Price

If you want and are okay with free content then Hotstar has tons of that but if you wanna watch premium content then you have to subscribe for one of its plans. According to the country in which you live, Hotstar subscriptions differ and Indian plans are way cheaper when compared to US ones. 

When you compare the Disney+ Hotstar premium annual plan and the sports+ entertainment annual plan there’s a significant difference of 29.61$. Keep reading to know how you can have a discount. 

Before we go ahead let me tell you that a credit or debit card used in India will only be acknowledged by Hotstar, so a relative or a friend may help you with this, maybe you can ask them to pay on your behalf. 

Now let us see how to subscribe

Step:1 After installing a VPN, connect it to an Indian Indian server. 

Step 2: Open your regular web browser and click on the given link.

Step 3: Here you will see the option “choose your plan”, select it. 

How To Watch Hotstar In USA

Step 4: Choose among the plans displayed. 

Step 5: In the next window, you will have to enter your Gmail set your password to register or Facebook account

Step 6: Now you have to select a payment mode( credit, debit, UPI, etc.) 

How To Watch Hotstar In USA

Step 7: We are almost there now, make the payment and go through the instructions to finish off the process. 

Now you can enjoy all the Hotstar content with no further issues. 

How To Download Hotstar App In USA 

Hotstar is available on both Android and iOS, however, uncovering the real app would be an annoyance but there’s a way to do it too.

Downloading will take only a few minutes both for Android and iOS. Follow the easy steps and there you are. 


Step1: Already a VPN user? then connect to an Indian server from the list and if you are new, then download a VPN and subscribe or sign up. Now connect to an Indian server. 

Step 2: then in the google play store, search and download Hotstar.

Step 3: Simply install it and relish your favorite content on Hotstar.


Step 1: if you are an iOS user then first you have to change the app store location to India. Let me say briefly, in the iTunes and app store, tap on change country and region then agree to terms and conditions. 

Step 2: same applies again, search and download Hotstar.

Step 3: To connect to an Indian server, open your VPN.

Step 4: That’s all, now you can sign in to Hotstar and enjoy the premium content.


Nevertheless, Hotstar is the best service providing you several channels and content to stream. You don’t have to worry that you are blocked, there’s always a way out for everything and the same goes for Hotstar.

Now you know how you can stream Hotstar at a reasonable cost by using a VPN. I hope this article assisted you and now you know how to watch Hotstar in USA. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments.

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