How To Uninstall ds4Windows [8 Working Ways]

To get the best experience and better insight into gaming while using a Dualshock 4 on your PC, DS4Windows is the program that people download. However, when you update your PC to the current version, DS4Windows also gets updated or refreshed. And now it doesn’t give you the response it used to and rather annoys you after getting updated. 

Another thing is it doesn’t have its uninstalling service because of which people face trouble uninstalling DS4Windows. 

Therefore, to help you out and make it easier, here in this article we have presented ways for how to uninstall DS4Windows. Keep reading to completely uninstall DS4Windows and drivers.

How To Uninstall DS4Windows

Below are the 8 ways for how to uninstall DS4Windows. Go through all of them to see which one works out for you best. 

1. Uninstall Via Control Panel

Here we present to you the very first and easy way to uninstall DS4Windows. You can do it by moving to the control panel. Follow the below steps to do so. 

  • Open the control panel by pressing windows+ R that opens a run dialog. Now enter the control panel in the box and then click on ok. Or you can alternatively choose it from the Quick Access Menu. 
  • Then under programs click on uninstall a program/ add or remove a program. And then find DS4Windows. Once you find it click uninstall or remove. 
  • Then follow the prompts and you will see how long it will take to remove. 

2. Update The Windows

You have now uninstalled the DS4Windows but drivers are still running so, what you do is install a recent or current version of windows on your PC but remember it can take some time and may also alter many files and data.

Thus, if you don’t want a backup of your system you can update it. Once you update the windows, it will eliminate the driver of DS4Windows. 

If this didn’t help you, let’s move on to the next method. 

3. Uninstall DS4Windows By Installing Virtual Bus Driver

Some of you may not install DS4Windows alongside drivers. So, Virtual Bus Driver doesn’t show up. Therefore, you can download it and then uninstall DS4Windows. You can download it from here. After you download, open it and uninstall DS4Windows.

4. Uninstall Windows Driver With Advanced Uninstaller Pro

This is another way you can uninstall DS4Windows along with drivers using advanced uninstaller pro. If you have it already, it’s fine. If not you can download it on your PC. 

  • After that, open the program and click on general tools. Next, you have to click on Uninstall Programs.
  • After which all the programs that are on your PC will show up. Scroll down to find DS4Windows and once you get it. Click on uninstall.  
  • After uninstalling DS4Windows, this Advanced Uninstaller Pro will display all the files related to DS4Windows. You can remove all of them and get rid of DS4Windows and drivers. 

Hope that helps. Will now hop on to the next method in our article for how to uninstall DS4Windows. 

5. Remove DS4Windows Without Driver

You can also uninstall DS4Windows without drivers. i.e if you don’t wish to install virtual drivers then this is an alternate way for you. Simply, remove all the DS4Windows related files from your hard drive.

6. Uninstall DS4Windows Driver From Restore Point

Now, this method is for those who have done a prior backup of their windows. You can restore that backup and remove drivers. Following are the steps you should implement to uninstall DS4Windows drivers. 

  1. First open start menu. Now above the power button, click on settings
  2. Then at the bottom, you will find an update and security panel. Click on it to open.
  3. Now click on backup which is on the left side menu and next on backup using file history. And then click on more options. 
  4. After that scroll down to find restore files from a current backup. Click on it. Now a new window will pop up that shows you all the recent backups you have done. 
  5. Now select the version of backup, before you begin using DS4Windows. Or if you remember the name of the backup then enter it in the search box. 
  6. Once you got your backup, click on the restore button that is in green. It may take some time to finish it. After that, you will find no DS4Windows drivers installed. 

And if you haven’t done any backup, you can install fresh windows but that is a little time-consuming and there are chances you may lose files. 

7. With SCP Toolkit

It is very often that most people don’t install new versions of windows or backup their PC. If this is your case, you install this tool called SCP Driver as you are looking for how to uninstall DS4Windows and drivers completely.

How To Uninstall ds4Windows
  1. The very first thing, download the SCP drivers tool. You can download it from here. And then you have to save it to your desktop. 
  2. By using tools like 7Zip, WinRar you can extract the tool. Once you have extracted it, you will find a new folder- Virtual Bus Driver. 
  3. Now open that folder, and right-click on SCPDriver.exe. After that click on run as administrator. Next click on allow for confirmation and now appears a window with the installed drivers’ information. 
  4. You are almost there, now you have to click on the uninstall button. Then you will see an “uninstalled successfully” message appearing. That’s all. 

This should help you as it is one of the best and working methods for “how to uninstall DS4Windows drivers permanently”. 

How To Uninstall DS4Windows On Windows 7

Don’t worry if you are a Windows 7 user. You can also uninstall DS4Windows though it’s an older version. Chances are you don’t know uninstall driver feature is present for this version too.

You will uncover it in the device manager. So open it, and uninstall the driver. 

How To Uninstall ds4Windows

How To Uninstall DS4Windows On Windows 10 & Remove Drivers

All the above methods would work fine for Windows 10 if you are on the look for how to uninstall DS4Windows. However, here’s a simple method that is very much similar to the first one in the list I suppose. 

i.e, open the Control Panel and select Add or remove programs. Then search your programs(DS4Windows) and click on remove. As we said above you will get a notification that says how long will it take to remove or uninstall DS4Windows. You are done here. 

Well, it is quite the same for drivers also, open the control panel by opening Run( windows+ R) then search control panel\\ programs and features\\ find the drive. Right-click on it and uninstall. 

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These were some considerable ways If you were in search of how to uninstall DS4Windows. Hope you found them helpful and were able to uninstall DS4Windows from your PC. 

Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, do let us know in the comment section. 

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