How To Reset LG Television Back To Factory Settings?

The LG TV developers came up with this idea of smart TV  that works on Web OS, and the reason why it has become a prominent choice among people. However, you may encounter certain discrepancies due to the downloading of faulty apps, which can be overcome by the LG TV hard reset option. But how to reset LG television?

You must keep in mind that once you reset the LG TV all your installed apps and data will be lost, so make sure you retrieve all your important data.

Moving from, running to the terrace to fix the antennae, to resetting the DTH after the thunderstorm, and now to a smart television, that is not strangled by cable connection. A smart Tv or a CTV is much more than your traditional television apart from the shows that are provided by your regular DTH providers you have access to the internet and web 2.0 through which you can stream to music, apps, and even your favorite web series on Netflix.

How To Reset LG Television Back To Factory Settings

Step 1: Switch on the LG TV sets, and press the home button on your remote.

how to reset LG television

Step 2: On the TV screen it will show the menu list, go to the setting icons, select the support option, and click OK.

how to reset LG television

Step 3: Select the option General from the settings.

how to reset LG television

Step 4: From the drop-down list, of general settings scroll down to the last option and select reset to initial settings.

how to reset LG television

Step 5:  A message will pop-up on your screen confirming your action click on the confirm reset buttons.

how to reset LG television

Step 6: The system will ask for your TV reset password to reset your TV. Now your LG TV will turn off and start the factory reset process.

how to reset LG television


1.What are the apps pre-installed in the TV?

Zee5, Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube are some pre-installed apps. Sonyliv and voot are not pre-installed. There is an LG app store from which more apps can be downloaded.

2. Does it has apple play store?

No, it has LG Web OS from which you can download apps.

3. Can Google meet, Webx, zoom work on this TV?

No, you can’t use it directly through the app by downloading it but you can use it through cable or wireless projection and then your cisco webx or zoom cloud meetings.

4. Can I use a memory card in this model?

Although there is no slot for memory cards, you have two slots for using pen-drives.

5. Can I connect with my phone i mean screen mirroring?

Yes, most smart TVs from LG have the option of screen mirroring, that is it lets you access your android screen in real-time.

6. Does LG TV have reset button?

You won’t find a particular button specialized to do so, on your LG TV. With the picture and audio settings, you need to reset the settings and press and keep holding the “OK” button on the TV for about five seconds and this will perform a soft reset for the LG tv completely without any interruptions.

7. How do I reset my LG TV without a remote?

Sometimes when your remote is not working, and you have to reset your LG TV still you can reset and eliminate the lock in some smart TVs using a few tricks. Hold the power button for five seconds and let it restart automatically. If the lock is still on, you need to unplug the TV and then remove the battery from the TV panel.

8. How do I reset my TV if it won’t turn on?

There are many solutions that you may find over the internet for this. The simplest solution can be simply done by unplugging from the wall socket wait for sometime around 60 seconds and then plug it into the socket.

You can also remove the battery from the remote, hold and press the power button on the remote for 15 seconds. This will take you to the home menu > Setting > General menu > Reset to initial setting conclusion.


We hope after reading this article you get the idea of what has to be done. It is however very necessary to understand that resetting your LG TV might cause a loss in the app’s data that you have installed previously. Hence it is always advisable to perform a backup before a reset. Going for a factory reset is not the ultimate solution sometimes your LG TV might just need, a soft reset in the system. 

Your LG Smart TV is not the same as an Android TV, where you don’t have the access to the google play store for downloading apps, there are few pre-installed apps, Android TVs also have the advantage of updating over the internet connection.

Hope this article proves to be of some good and solved your “how to reset LG television” problem, please leave behind your comments if some other tips worked better for you !!!

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