Guide On How To Increase FPS In GTA 5 [Working Methods]

Undoubtedly we all have heard of the GTA franchise even if we didn’t play. GTA 5 is one of the most popular and best-selling games of all time. It’s around 7 years old and you will still find its graphics stunning.

Gamers usually try to bring out all the rich features to their full potential by applying tweaks, boosting FPS, and altering settings to have a smooth and amazing gaming experience.

Therefore, in this article, we have elucidated ways for how to increase FPS in GTA 5 and at the same time obtain satisfactory graphics.

System Requirements For Best Performance In GTA 5

  • OS– Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1
  • Processor– Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz i.e (4 CPUs) or AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) @ 2.5GHz
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Video Card– NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB or AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11)
  • Sound Card– DirectX 10 or above version compatible
  • HDD Space– 65GB
  • DVD Drive

1. How To Increase FPS In GTA 5 

Here are some ways to increase FPS in GTA 5 and make your game emerge smoother. 

1. Update Windows 10

The first thing you do is update your Windows 10. Upon updating your system it runs smoothly and you get some latest features, bug fixes, security patches, etc that in turn support your graphics card and CPU to perform at higher potential giving you higher FPS. 

Windows occasionally check the latest updates and install them automatically. However, you can do it manually in a simple few steps. 

how to increase fps in gta 5

Choose start then move to settings and select updates and security again windows update.

Or simply select start and search and then click on check for updates. After which, if there’s an update it starts updating if not, it says to restart your device as it’s already updated to the latest version. 

2. Find The Best Graphics Settings For Your PC

By applying changes in your in-game settings you can vastly improve your FPS without compromising much on visual quality only if you make the proper settings and know the tweaks.

Before diving in to see what settings you can change to get more FPS, set up your benchmark.

Graphic Settings:

1. Ignore suggested limits: Off 

2. Choose the highest version of DirectX 11 that your graphic card supports.

3. Keep your resolution high as it is often promising. Or choose the resolution the same as your monitor. 

how to increase fps in gta 5

4. Minimum refresh rate is 60HZ and you opt for more if your PC supports a higher refresh rate that is good for gaming. 

5. In order to avoid lagging as most of you may play it online, disable Vsync.

6. Set population density and variety to low as they consume more GPU and CPU power and aren’t of any real benefit. 

7. Texture Quality: This one’s most important and keep it high as it affects graphic quality. 

8. Shader quality is another important one you should look into so keep it high. 

9. Put shadow quality to normal.

10. Reflection MSAA: Off

11. Turn on in-game depth effects only if you have 6 or higher GB graphic cards. 

12. Disable ambient occlusion if you have a low or mid-end system and enable tessellation if you have 4 GB or higher VRAM.

13. Advanced graphic settings are more suitable for high-end systems and are recommended to disable for all others. 

14. In display settings, if you have a low-end system and want more FPS then disable Screen skill effects

how to increase fps in gta 5

15. If you aren’t getting 60FPS for online GTA then disabling First Person RagDoll is better. 

Yes, don’t forget to apply the changes.

3. Disable Full-Screen Optimisation

Full-Screen optimization is a new Windows 10 feature to increase PC performance for gaming. However, it has got some mixed feedback. Also, it gives rise to a decrease in frame rate and several notifications pop up which influence the game enough. 

Therefore, disabling full-screen optimization is what you have to do. 

Here are the steps you have to implement.

1. Search and click on GTA 5.exe file then choose Advanced.

2. Now move to the compatibility tab and enable or tick on the “disable the full-screen optimization

how to increase fps in gta 5

3. Again click on Change High DPI settings and then enable “override high DPI scaling behavior”.

4. Now to save the changes click on Apply. 

4. Clean The GTA 5 Directory

You have to ensure that your SSD is in healthy condition i.e it shouldn’t have any leftovers and malware. Since these can have a vast effect on your gaming and performance and they slow down the drive.

Therefore let’s see the steps to put an end to all the unnecessary and harmful files.

1. Open Run by entering Win+R and type %temp% then click ok.

2. Now you will be directed to a folder where there are all temporary files.

3. Now, click on the first file, and to select all press CTRL+A.

how to increase fps in gta 5

4. Right-click anywhere on the file and delete

If you wish to, you can restore them from the recycle bin. 

5. Again open my computer and move to the drive where the GTA file is installed then select properties

6. Now click on Disk Cleanup and tick only the unnecessary files as they will be deleted permanently.

7. After selecting, click on Clean Up System Files.

That’s all.

5. Close Background & Unnecessary Apps

The 5th strategy for how to increase FPS in GTA 5 is to close all the unnecessary and background running applications. Initially, we enable these programs that keep them running in the background. These programs consume considerable power of CPU and memory which isn’t required.

Follow the steps so that no unwanted applications will run in the background and you have a fine gaming experience with increased FPS. 

1. Press Win+R to open Run. Then type “msconfig” and click ok.

2. Now click on services then checkmark all the Microsoft programs so that they will be hidden. 

how to increase fps in gta 5

3. Then in the new list disable the ones that you think are third-party and aren’t necessary. 

4. Save the changes and move to the startup tab where you will have to disable the programs that have priority medium or high. 

6. Enable Game Mode In Windows 10

Moreover, in our guide for how to increase FPS in GTA 5, you can enable Game Mode. Now what happens when game mode is enabled is everything focuses on your GTA 5 application and no other program runs in the background; also, all the power is used by GTA 5. Because game mode prioritizes GTA 5 it gives you a significant rise in FPS. 

Follow the easy steps to enable game mode. 

1. Initially, open start and search Game Mode settings.

2. Then simply enable game mode. 

Best GTA 5 Mods & How To Install Them

Modification in short mods is alterations in content that modders bring in the game like enabling various characters, vehicles, etc. 

Usually, most of the mods work offline but a few scripts can be altered and played multiplayer online. However, many users got banned for using mods in multiplayer and appear lenient in single player. 

So, make sure you don’t play online using mods and you can save all the mods you downloaded in a folder for easy access.

Here are the best 5 Mods you can consider.

1. Complex Control

With this mod, you can alter single-player mode beyond recognition and is extremely fun and challenging. The mod has both rogue-lite and battle royale elements with around 100 idiosyncratic characters with 55 unique abilities.

Some other interesting things are teleporting, avoiding getting blown up in a vehicle by an RPG. 

2. Better Deformation & More Durable Cars

Better deformation & more durable cars is a vehicle-focused mod that leads to a realistic and improved deformation of cars giving you real experience.

Car deformation is something really impressive that gives you, a more striking and natural feel in the game. 

3. GTA 5 Redux

So this one’s another best GTA 5 mod and is not any other graphic mod. As there are a lot more than visual improvements like sounds, vehicle handling, behavior.

From graphics to gameplay, GTA 5 Redux changes every aspect of the game making it better without offending a single detail. 

4. Natural Vision Remastered

Natural vision remastered will make you want to get into the visuals to see how they feel. Several changes have been made in this version to make it look more like southern California.

You will find modifications in weather, lighting, brightness lines that distinguish reality and game, and in the color or texture of the environment. Overall it’s a nice mod that you can certainly consider. 

5. Open All Interiors 

So, with this mod, you can pass into all the places which weren’t allowed first. If you are a gamer who wants to explore every part of the game then Open All Interiors allows you to do that by letting you move into any location. You can access around 40+ inaccessible locations like FIB buildings, jewelry stores, hospitals, etc. 

How To Install GTA 5 Mods?

1. Initially, download and install the .zip file of Script Hook V. Open it and then copy the ScriptHookV.dll file to GTA 5.exe through GTA 5 folder. 

Steam users: SteamApps\\ common\\ Grand Theft Auto V.

Non-steam users: Move the extracted file to C:\\program files\\ Rockstar Games\\ Grand Theft Auto V.

copy sound.dll and NativeTrainer.asi. along with script hook V.dll.

2. Now download and open the GTAV LUA Plugin .zip file then like above move LUA.asi to the same folder. Only some mods require GTAV LUA Plugin.

3. Now that you have two tools you will be able to install almost all the mods however, remember that every mod has a different installation process. Following the respective guide, you can complete your installation. Yes, the steps are simple and easy.


We hope this guide helps you in absorbing how you can let the CPU handle game’s open world and how to increase FPS in GTA 5, obtaining a balance between visuals and performance. And yes remember to benchmark to see the effect of a particular setting. 

We have also briefed the 5 best mods and how to install them to tweak or completely overhaul your gameplay and make it more intriguing. Let us know if you have any questions considering the same.

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