How To Get iMessage On PC in Windows 10

iMessage is an instant messaging app that is developed and owned by Apple and if you are using any iOS-powered devices, whether an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. This service was released in 2011, with the launch of iOS 5, and gave its users a highly secured, end-to-end encrypted messaging option only between Apple users, over the Internet.

The main difference between iMessage and SMS is that it requires the internet and can only be used amongst Apple users. And the unique selling property of the “i” product is its security and the data shared through its cloud cannot be accessed by any third party.

How To Get iMessage On PC in Windows 10:

Usually, the iMessage comes only on the iOS products and can’t be accessed on Windows PC, still there are numerous tools and emulators that can help you do so. In this article, we will tell you about the methods to get iMessage on PC in Windows.

You might end up buying an iPhone under the capitalist pressure but imagine if you are working on a Windows 10 PC all day long, or you still can’t afford a MacBook, then the continuous struggle between checking your phone for messages and updates and working on your PC becomes too tough. Following are the methods to use iMessage on PC:

1. Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Google chrome provides you the easiest solution, to get your iMessage run on your system. Once you have a Mac and a Windows device, through which you can get all your notification of messages and reply to them, continuing with your work. Once you have installed and set up the chrome browser both in your Mac and Windows device you just have to follow these quick steps and there you go!

Step 1:  Download and sign in to your chrome account.

Step 2: You may directly download it from the Chrome app store. For this type chrome://apps  on the address bar. And search over the drop-down list

Once you have found on hold the control button, while selecting it, this will drop a menu list. From the menu, select ‘Create Shortcut’ to create a shortcut on the macOS desktop.

There is another way you can access it,

Open your Chrome browser, go to the settings by clicking on the setting and customize button.

iMessage On PC

Go to the Extension option.

iMessage On PC

The page that opens up, shows an option bar at the left-hand corner, when you click on it a drop-down list appears from there select open chrome web store.

iMessage On PC

Go to the search bar and type chrome remote desktop, from there you can select the extension from the icon on the Chrome tool bar.

iMessage On PC

Step 3: When you open the chrome remote desktop, a pop-up window appears from there select click the Get Started button.

Step 4: From the remote access click on the download option.

iMessage On PC

Step 5: After installation, re-launch the Chrome Remote Desktop extension again

Step 6: Click on Enable remote options.

iMessage On PC

Step7: Create a 6 digit Pin that you can enter, now Connect the Mac and Windows computers through the security code of Chrome Remote Desktop, then you can enjoy using iMessage on your Windows PC

iMessage On PC

2. Using Free Emulator

Using a simulator, that allows you to copy the design Appearance and the basic features of an apple device.using iPadian you can only run apps like Facebook, Spotify, Tiktok, Whatsapp, Crossy road, Instagram, and more that are available on the iPadian simulator. Through this, you can gain the experience of using iOS even if you don’t have an Apple device. Just follow the following steps to get the experience off using iMessage on your PC.

iMessage On PC
  1. Download the free iPadian emulator on your PC and install it.
  2.  Click on the icon below the terms and conditions list by this you accept the terms and conditions of the emulator.
  3. Launch the emulator
  4. Tap “iMessage” in the search bar to find and download the app.
  5. Install and run the iMessage for Windows. Then you can freely access and use iMessage on PC

However there are many cons associated with using it, i.e it is a just an imitation and its response often slows down

3. Jailbreak Your iPhone

The main reason behind jailbreaking your phone can be to modify your phone so that you may enjoy unrestricted access to the entire file system, which is usually not provided through your default devices. Apple doesn’t permit those apps that are not released on its app store for security reasons. However, Jailbreaking your phone may put you in some serious problems such as vulnerability to the malicious app and even termination of your end-user license agreement. For this, you have to take these steps

  • Go to settings

                  Tap on your apple id at the top.

                   Go to iCloud> iCloud back up > back up now

iMessage On PC
  • If you are using Windows then you can install Cydia impactor, install Cydia on iPhones running iOS 13 and below.
  • You can find the install file in your Downloads folder or inside your web browser. Double-click it to open it. Then drag the Checkra1n app to your Applications folder.
iMessage On PC
  • Connect your phone and computer through a USB port.
  • Open the checkra1, this will automatically detect your iPhone device and will show it on the top.
iMessage On PC
  • Power on your iPhone and click on the start button, then the application will automatically guide you to keep your device in a recovery mode. This you can do by clicking on the Next button.
iMessage On PC
  • Instruction will be shown on the pop-up menu that will tell you about keeping your phone in DFU, select the start button after reading it. On most supported iPhone models, you will press the power button and the Home button at the same time, or the Side button and Volume Down button on iPhone’s that don’t have a Home Button.
  • When prompted by the app release the power button/ side button. You will see the Apple logo with the Checkra 1n  logo over it,  this will put your iPhone in DFU The checkra1n jailbreak will be installed.

iMessage On PC: Alternatives To Use On PC

there is nothing to worry about if you are not able to make this capitalist choice of using an iMessage on PC as an instant messaging application to connect with your friends. There are other applications that you can use on your PC and I fact with better and broader features.


If you are obsessed with the little text bubbles that you see, on iMessage then probably WhatsApp would be your most preferred option. It let you text and share photos, videos, and audios with your friends and also notifies the status of your messages.

And the best is that you can get it on your desktop without a separate account in case you are an android user. Your very own desktop-android version comes with many amazing features such as:

iMessage On PC
  • Send and share location via GPS
  • Customize a list short of replies to use when your hands are full
  • Attach media files to your message
  • Wider user coverage

Facebook Messenger

It is another social media messaging program that you can smoothly run on your PC. The app connects you to your family and friends worldwide, through the most popular and secured social media app, Facebook.

Using it you can send messages, share pictures, voice texts, internet calling, and video calling. Also, it has a pack of emoji filters and GIFs that you may use to enhance your texting experience.

iMessage On PC


Another easy to use, multi-functional, and secured messaging app that you can run on your PC. Apart from the above features, that you have. Telegram also houses an enormous amount of Spam links maybe for your favorite Netflix show, that also without a subscription. But most often you end up downloading a corrupt file that no longer exists.

Also if you don’t know how to respond, how to react to spams and trolls then this app might discourage you. You simply have to download and install the app, an OTP would be sent to your registered mobile number and there you are connected to millions of people around the world.


You cannot work without a messaging app in today’s extrovert world, either at work or even in your personal life. If you’re not using iMessage on PC, you can either follow the methods outlined above or use any alternatives. There are many options and software that will provide you with the best user interface even on the desktop, such as Pinngle Messenger, Viber, Skype, and line.

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