How To Delete Roblox Account [4 Methods]

Roblox with around 4 million monthly users, is a popular online multiplayer game where gaming is more entertaining as it offers to chat with fellow gamers as well.

But after a certain point, anything loses its charm so does Roblox. Or you have been strictly ordered to stop gaming and resume studies, but you have no idea how to delete the Roblox account. 

Well, Roblox has no such option to delete the account in one click. If you will reach out to customer support, you will hear, there isn’t any direct option to do so. Roblox keeps your account until you play again.

 But if you don’t want to continue playing and have no intention of resuming it any time soon you must follow the steps and options I am going to give here to delete Roblox account.

How To Delete Roblox Account

I am going to enlist four methods that will surely help you delete your account permanently. Here are the steps to delete your Roblox account:

1. By Emailing Roblox Team

  1. Open up your default browser and navigate your e-mail service Google, Yahoo, etc.
  2. Click on the Compose tab, a new window to design your mail will pop up.
  3. In the recipient empty box, fill in the customer support email of Roblox customer care unit which is
  4. In the subject box type, ‘Requesting to delete my account’.
  5. In the body, tell them that you want to delete your Roblox account permanently. Provide the Following details (One you have used while making the Roblox Account).
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Address

With the above information, the Roblox team will do a verification from their side before proceeding.

      6. Press the Send Tab and wait for the response.

2. By Contacting Roblox Support

If you are too impatient to wait for a response you can simply call them at their customer support on 888-858-BLOX. Just talk to them and tell them that you want to delete the Roblox Account they will help you instantly.

They will ask for your credentials like Email, Full Name, Phone Number, Address. so be prepared with them beforehand.

3. Delete Roblox Automatically

Do Absolutely Nothing!

Yes, If you go inactive for a long time the chances are, your account will get deleted by itself. If you will stop logging in from all your accounts it will spot your inactivity. 

This might be a slow solution but it works.

Well If you have stopped playing there is nothing you should worry about, just leave it, they will delete it after a while.

If you are worried about your personal details, then don’t worry, those will be removed as well.


There is one more method if you want to delete the account but can’t wait for a year as you are worried about your personal details. But the method I am going to state works only for users from the European Union.

You can request a GDPR filing to retrieve all personal data from Roblox. You can also request to delete any specific data. This process might be a little lengthy so go for it only you are really concerned about tour data.

How To Restore Your Roblox Account

Well After some time if you regret deleting your account and want to restore it, there’s always an option to restore your lost account. 

Only you have to do is send an email to Roblox Support at and request to retrieve the account. Also don’t forget to state the reason and providing details of your account, Your Email, contact, address, full name, etc. 

But don’t be too sure to get all your data if you are resuming after a very long time. 


Now you know that there isn’t any direct way to delete the account, the only option you have is to contact customer support through email or phone. Or if you don’t want to do so much work then leave it for a year, it will get deleted automatically after being spotted inactive for a while. 

Also, you can retrieve your account after you gained the interest to play again, just follow above stated steps. Good Luck!

Do comment and let me know if this article has helped you delete your account.

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