How To Cancel Tinder Gold: A Quick & Easy Guide

Tinder is the most popular dating app in this modern world. And in this quick guide I will show you how to cancel tinder gold subscription on android or iOS.

Tinder shows the profile according to the location of the user. Through this app, users can swipe to the right and left to reject or select any profile. If both people have swiped left on each other’s profile then it will give a notification “It’s a crush” to the user. This will enable users to chat with each other. For the rest of the top features, you can take advantage of its two paid versions.

It has two paid versions, which will give you a great option to find a partner. If you have already signed up for the Gold version and now want to unsubscribe it. But you do not know how to cancel its tinder gold subscriptions. 

So, in this article, we are going to discuss how to cancel the tinder Gold.

Tinder has two premium versions:

  • Tinder Plus
  • Tinder Gold

Tinder Plus gives you access to many additional features. Such as Unlimited Likes, Swipe Undo, 5 Super Likes every day that helps you to get more matches, 1 boost every month to increase your visibility, Passport every month, and you can use Tinder without advertising.

On the other hand, Tinder Gold is quite expensive as compared to Tinder Plus but you will get more advanced features in Tinder Gold. You can see who swipe right on your profile and you can know that without swiping right on their profile. You can access ‘Top Picks’. This is a function that shows you the most interesting and popular profiles every day.

Those users who are no longer interested in these versions whether due to its charges or may have got their life partner and now they don’t need tinder. If you are also in such a dilemma then we are here to give you guidance on how you can cancel your subscription.

How To Cancel Tinder Gold Subscription

If you are a Tinder user then you should know that Tinder does not charge you directly. This is an app store that you use on your phone. If you are using an Android device then this app will be on Google Play Store. And if you have an iOS device, it will be on the Apple App Store which manages all the payments.

So, if you want to cancel your subscription then you have to go to the respective App Store.

How To Cancel Tinder Gold On Android

If you are an Android user and want to cancel the subscription of Tinder Gold, then follow the points mentioned below:

  1. Open up the Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  1. Click on the Menu and navigate to the Subscriptions.
how to cancel tinder gold
  1. Then select the Subscriptions> Tinder.
how to cancel tinder gold
  1.  After this, you can confirm your selection by choosing Unsubscribe.
how to cancel tinder gold

If you subscribed to Tinder Gold using the direct credit card option:

  1. Open up your Tinder application on your Android device.
  1. Click on the Profile icon where you will have to select the option “Manage Payment Account”.
  1. Then, press the “Cancel Subscription” option to cancel your tinder gold subscription.

After doing this, Tinder Gold will remain active for a few days because you cannot deactivate it until the billing period of Tinder. Yes, after this period you will be able to revert to the free version.

How To Cancel Tinder Gold On iOS

If you are an iPhone user and want to cancel Tinder Gold, then you have to go to your iOS settings. 

 Following are the instructions to cancel Tinder Gold on iOS:

  1. Search the iTunes & App Store there and sign in with your Apple user ID.
how to cancel tinder gold
  1.  Now go to Subscriptions> Manage> Tinder.
how to cancel tinder gold
  1.  Tap Cancel Subscription. If this button is activated on the automatic renewal option for payment, then first you have to disable this option.

After this, you will have the free basic version of Tinder again.

How To Cancel Tinder Gold From Website

If you have already removed the Tinder application from your phone, follow the steps given below to cancel the Tinder subscription from the Tinder website:

  1. First, go to the Tinder website and log in to the website.
  1. A homepage will appear after logging in where you will have to tap on your profile icon.
  1. Then select manage accounts from the drop-down lists and click on it.
  1. To cancel your subscription, choose the option “Cancel Automatic Renewal” and confirm it.

After unsubscribing from Tinder, you can proceed with using your Tinder Gold for the period of the payment. After the completion of the period, again you will have a Tinder Free account.


In this post, you will know what Tinder is and how to cancel Tinder Gold subscription.

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