How To Bypass Surveys On Android [4 Working Methods]

It happens many times that we come across surveys while downloading anything, and they are simply annoying. Surveys were initially used to get the feedback but these days sites earn by putting those surveys and sometimes they are completely irrelevant wasting your time. 

Bypass Surveys On Android

If you are looking for methods to get rid of or bypass surveys on Android, you are on the right page. In this article, we have listed ways by which you can bypass surveys and quickly access the webpage you want to. 

How To Bypass Surveys On Android

Here are the ways by which you can bypass surveys on Android. 

1. Disable JavaScript In-Browser Settings

Disabling JavaScript will help you avoid or bypass surveys on Android. JavaScript makes web pages interactive and the site dynamic. So, many sites also use JavaScript to make these surveys and annoying pop-ups. Just like on PC  you can disable JavaScript on your smartphone also. 

It’s quite simple and easy. Below are the steps you have to follow. 

  1. First, open your browser and tap on the menu icon or (3 dots).
  2. Then, tap on settings
  3. Now in the advanced settings, choose site settings
  4. Select JavaScript, and turn it off. 

That’s all. Hopefully, you can now move to the site and see that surveys aren’t there anymore. 

If this doesn’t satisfy you, you can move to the next method.

2. Using Chrome Browser

Chrome is one of the most used browsers by anyone. And might be you also use Chrome. So, you don’t have to worry about landing in any trouble because of surveys. 

As Google keeps all the malicious code, programs at bay keeping your browsing secure. Basically, it warns you whenever any stuff like this pops up on your device. 

3. Use UC Browser

Again UC Browser is one of the most familiar browsers everyone uses. The browser has a built-in VPN as well as add-ons that will help you bypass surveys on Android. 

Bypass Surveys On Android

You can get the app on the play store and if you are finding ads and surveys while using this browser. Simply change a few settings. 

  • Open the UC Browser app.
  • move to settings
  • Then see the option Adblock. Now enable the adblocker. You will now see no ads or surveys coming your way.

4. Using Adblock Apps

We can also use an ad-blocker to bypass surveys on Android. There are plenty of ad blockers available.

Adblock is one of the best and solid options and is a free Ad Blocker for Android.

How to Bypass Surveys On Android

It blocks pretty much every kind of ad from pop-ups to video ads to text ads. Adblocker gives you the advantage of blocking ads as well as bypass surveys on Android. 

Some other best ad-blockers you can consider are AdAway, Adguard, AdLock, etc.  Also, Adblock browsers like Brave or Firefox work fine to bypass surveys on Android.

How To Bypass Survey Online To Download A File 

If you want to bypass surveys to download a file you can apply the methods said above. One can add an extension of whichever browser they use, like Universal Bypass which is an extension of Firefox and ScriptSafe– an extension of Chrome. or disable JavaScript in your browser settings, or you can implement inspect element method and also survey remover tools


Surveys are sometimes very annoying when you want to download anything. They ask you to fill the forms and make you do all the stupid stuff, sometimes don’t even yield the result you want. Well, if they are nasty surveys Chrome warns you. 

Nonetheless, we hope the above methods helped you to bypass surveys on Android to unlock the site or download the file you wished to. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the same. 

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