How To Bypass Human Verification Using 5 Simple Methods

We’ve all come across Captchas. Captchas are a form of challenge-test used by websites to determine whether a user is human or not.

We often encounter Captchas before signing up or logging in to a site. These are placed for security reasons by owners and developers. Here we are going to discover ways to save us from the trauma of reading and typing those codes. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to bypass human verification test.

What Is Human Verification Message? 

Are you a robot? It is a very common question we encounter everywhere inside registrations, forms, comment sections, etc. It is frustrating but it is also necessary for website owners’ security reasons.

how to bypass human verification

It becomes annoying when a Captcha is written in a very unrecognizable format. But there is a way from where you can recognize easily Captcha text. Use extensions like Rumola and captcha Monster. These extensions fill out captchas automatically easing your work. But these extensions are not free. But good news! It is available for a free trial.

But if you can’t afford a paid one, there is nothing to worry about, the internet is a big world of its own, you will surely get a service for free at your fingertips. 

You can get them from torrent sites, crack, warez sites, and other blogs that share premium services using links from 4Shared, MediaFire, ShareCash, RapidShare, etc. but there are several drawbacks of using these sites as they often insert several other links containing ads, surveys, fake download buttons, signup, etc. which can be annoying as it asks for too many personal information also at times.

How To Bypass Human Verification

Well, If you have come here you don’t need to exhaust yourself doing all of that as I am going to enlist 5 powerful ways you can bypass online surveys while accessing those sites for downloading extensions for free without getting spammed.

1. Edit Page Elements Using Inspect Element

It is the most effective way, but it will need some understanding of computer tools. It works on google chrome and other modern browsers.


  • Open the link given in the human verification pop-up.
  • Before it happens press F12. or you can right-click and choose “inspect”.
how to bypass human verification
  • Click on the Human-verification pop-up to highlight a code and note the ID of the code.
how to bypass human verification
  • Right-click the code and delete it.
how to bypass human verification
  • Remove all the pop-ups one by one by repeating the above steps.
  • Press Ctrl+F and type the id from the above step.
how to bypass human verification
  • Search for the Id and delete all the instances.
  • Now, close the element inspector and download the file. 
how to bypass human verification

This way you can siphon into and take their file without any need of filling out those annoying surveys. This method can be a little tough but it is the most effective way.

2. Disable JavaScript Using NoScript

Java is used by almost all programmers to design a website and thus human-verification pop-ups can be in the javascript as well. There is a way to get rid of this, you can use a tool called NoScript extension that removes all the elements of JavaScript from the webpage and let you bypass the Human-Verification message.

how to bypass human verification


  • Download NoScript and install it on your device from the link given here.
  • Open the website that is asking for the human-verification.
  • Check for it again. It should be removed after the NoScript installation. You won’t see the pop-up again.

3. Use Ad Blocker

Ad blockers are the easiest way to get rid of pop-ups. This might may not work that effectively as previously, but trying won’t harm. But sometimes websites use codes to disable your Ad-blocker before you enter their sites, failing the Ad-blocker.

how to bypass human verification


  • Download Adblocker and install it on your device.
  • Visit the website that is giving you such pop-ups.
  • Check Again for Pop-ups. Chances are pop-ups will be prevented after Ad-blocker installation.

4. Revisit The Link

This has the lowest probability of working but you still can try if nothing works. On some websites when you click on the links given, for the first time it takes you to Ads and Surveys, but if you close that window and again click on the link it might take you to the real file. It can happen in two or three clicks

5. Use Survey Removal Tools

You can use a chrome extension which is specially designed for removing such overlay elements. Auto Overlay Remover is one of them. This extension will work automatically and remove any type of overlay elements like surveys, pop-ups, sign-ups, forms, follow buttons, etc. on your visit to such websites

how to bypass human verification

It is a lightweight extension and puts no strain on your browser or internet connection. In fact, it helps you remove unwanted stuffs from web pages making your internet surfing smoother and spam-free. These survey remover tools are really helpful in getting rid of such surveys from websites.


I hope you now understood fully how to use these human-verification bypass tools. And try all the above tricks if you are stuck, and figure out which one works for you. But do remember to mention which one was easier and useful to you.

And if none of the above helped you, you can try entering your email and phone numbers and after activating it once and downloading the said file, you can put the webpage on the spam list of your email-address if it bombards with emails and messages all day. 

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