Free Apex Coins: 6 Methods To Get Apex Coins [2022]

Apex Legends– developed by Respawn Entertainment is amazingly popular and gamers love it. It has hit 100 million+ users in just two years with its abundant content and updates. 

free apex coins

Apex legend gamers will indeed know what apex coins are and why they need them. Thus,  no doubt users wish and hunt for free apex coins instead of spending. Also, it’s rather high I suppose 1000 coins for $10.

You have landed on the right article, here we have explained various ways by which you can earn free apex coins. Well then, let’s get started. 

What Are Apex Coins?

There are three kinds of in-game currencies in Apex Legends- Legend Tokens, Crafting Metals, and Apex Coins. Apex coins are the premium ones that cannot be earned like the other two currencies in the game.

free apex coins

They have to be purchased with actual money. With these apex coins, gamers can buy cosmetic items for their vehicles, apex packs, characters in the rotating shop. 

You can also use apex coins to unlock seasonal battle passes. Through these coins, you get things quicker to enlarge your collection of skins. Although, as of now none of the things you buy will give you a competitive advantage, it will make you stand out from the rest of the players. 

How To Get Free Apex Coins?

Here are the valid ways to get free apex coins.

1. Use Amazon Gift Cards

The first way to get free apex coins is using Amazon gift cards. But if you are aware of them you might already know that these aren’t free and you have to purchase them. 

free apex coins

Thus, you can use the next two ways to purchase these Amazon gift cards and buy apex coins. Also, another nice way is through an Amazon coupon to get a discount. 

2. Use PointPrizes

Point Prizes is one of the largest rewarding sites with 1 million monthly active users and is a trustworthy one. The site lets you gift cards and cash by taking surveys, playing games, downloading apps, watching video ads, or registering for a site.

free apex coins

 There are also tasks or offers which you can complete to earn points. Once you collect enough coins, you can redeem them for gift cards or cash and move on to purchase free apex coins from Amazon or any other site. 

3. Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great site to earn some extra cash or gift cards for the everyday things we do online. Here, you can earn points by watching their entertaining videos, playing games, browsing the web, and answering surveys. 

free apex coins

Once you have earned your coins, you can redeem them for gift cards with retailers like Amazon or Walmart and buy apex coins. 

Here are the number of coins you earn for the amount you pay or for the gift card. 

  • 1,000-  $10
  • 2,150-  $20
  • 4,350-  $40
  • 6,700- $60
  • 11,500-  $100

4. Use Battle Pass

free apex coins

Here you have to buy an in-game battle pass that costs 950 coins. You can earn coins by the above methods and get into the battle pass. After you manage to reach the 97th level, you will earn 1000 apex coins back. You also get free rewards, apex coins, etc. 

5. Follow Apex Legend Streamers & YouTubers

You can take part in giveaways that are held by streamers, YouTubers, subreddit communities, or a few sites. They do this to increase popularity or to reward their loyal fans. As there are many apex legend streamers you either subscribe to their channel or server.

free apex coins

Giveaway rules vary from site to site and reward the winner apex coins. It is based mostly on luck and may take time for you to earn coins though is certainly a way to earn free coins. Also, participating actively will increase your chances of winning. 

6. Participate In Apex Legends Tournaments

free apex coins

You truly have to try this one to receive free apex coins if you are an excellent player and have the best team. Tournaments are the best to get a kick out of the gameplay and if you win these tournaments you get loads of money and also various rewards. With the money you have earned you can buy apex coins. 

How To Use Free Apex Coins Codes?

You now understand how to earn free apex coins; so let us now see how you can use them. 

Here are the steps to redeem apex coin codes if you play on PC, Xbox, or PS 4.


  1. Open your browser and log in to your EA account and then into the origin.
  2. You will find Redeem Product Code. Click on it and enter the code.
  3. You can now see the apex coins you received in your account.  


  1. Open Xbox Game Store and select use a code. 
  2. Now same as above type in the product code and see the changes in your apex legends account. 


  1. Like the above ones, open the PlayStation Store
  2. Choose Redeem Codes and enter the code.
  3. You will now notice coins in your apex legends account.

Do Free Apex Coin Generators Work? Are They Safe? 

Since you are in search of free apex coins you must have run into free apex coin generators or no human verification sites. However, these sites are mostly fake and make you fall for their tricks and ask you to install ambiguous apps and complete surveys but do not reward you with any coins. 

free apex coins

Also, they are malicious sites harming your devices and get access to your info. It’s not uncommon that most of us may fall prey to those sites that look ultra genuine. So, you should simply stay away from these sites. 


So, these were some of the best legal ways to get your hands on free apex coins and increase your collection of apex packs. You have to put a little effort to get free apex coins and that’s way better than putting $10 for 1000 coins I guess. 

Hope the article was helpful and let us know if we missed any more good ways or any doubts you have in the comment section. 

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