15 Best Virtual Games Like Second Life

As the name sounds Second Life is an online game application where you can create a virtual world of yours by creating an avatar wherein everything is based on your imagination, more like a second life of yours and hence the name. 

Nonetheless, your presence says you are on the look for games like Second Life and here we have cataloged 15 best games like Second Life that you can certainly consider playing. Without any more ado let’s dive in to see the list. 

15 Games Like Second Life To Dive In Virtual Reality

Below are the best games like Second Life and I’m sure these will not disappoint you and will give you the best virtual experience. 

1. Twinity

The first one on our list of games like Second Life we present Twinity. With Twinity you can create your virtual world in the virtual city and everyone here/ population is called twinizens. 

Games Like Second Life

So everything here is in 3D, you can create your avatar, customize it the way you want, can go shopping, host parties, chat with 3D animated characters. Also, you can build your 3D apartment in the city you live in or create an island where you can host parties. 

Twinity lets you live just the way you want, add more excitement to your character, flirt, have fun, build things you want to, and a lot more- everything virtually. 

2. Avakin Life

Avakin life is another one among games like Second Life to create your virtual world and bring all the creativity you have in it. You can be anything or anyone here, no one’s gonna judge or comment, join 200 million+ imaginations and start your adventure. 

Games Like Second Life

The game gives you 26000 choices to choose your looks from, you can customize hair, eyes, outfits, wings, and footwear. In this virtual world, you have everything from beaches to fashion shows and perfect homes and dance to your beat and real artists. 

You can create your look by being yourself or create someone and add all the best accessories, shoes, spaceships, pets, apartments, etc to bring a feel to your look and express it more. 

3. Sansar

Games like Second Life- now this one is also pretty good. Sansar is a great destination for live virtual concerts and events of your favorite artists. You don’t have to go to their events. It’s free to play and is an MMO.

Games Like Second Life

You will meet everyone else in the event, snap selfies, dance, etc. To get your avatar for the party you can shop from the Sansar shop and with a VIP ticket you get access to special powers like super speed, zero gravity, etc

Moreover, you can also create your lounge, hang out to engage with others. Also, not only can you buy the items from the Sansar store but also craft and sell yours for real money. You can experience it on PC or VR. 


Another best one to dive into a 3D virtual world among games like Second Life, we have IMVU. You can engage on Android, iOS, tablets, and PCs. Make your magic, customize yourself, shop, create your spaces, hang out with friends, have cool parties to visit, and share experiences. 

Games Like Second Life

Yes, you can also create virtual products and sell them to earn real money. You also build or break meaningful relationships. Spending an average of 55 minutes around 7 million people visit IMVU every month and it was in the top 10 social apps among Genz and millennials in 2020. 

5. Gojiyo

Now come Gojiyo, this one’s from India, and the 3D World it takes you into is amazingly enjoyable. Don your avatar taking the help of all your imagination and creativity. The game has incredible sights and engaging stuff like playing cricket, snowboarding, skydiving, bungee jumping, and a few more, all with your new friends and meeting up with old ones. 

Games Like Second Life

In Gojiyo you are in a new world, a new planet, and also experience the fantastic urban city it has. You experience the life you want to live. Not only that you can also teleport yourself between places and fly without wings. Everything here is super cool and fun with no boundaries. 

6. InWorldz

How good it is creating your virtual world that you imagine living and when your imagination is the only limit to stop you. And, here InWorldz is another one in our catalog of games like Second Life. 

Games Like Second Life

Like other games above InWorldz also lets you create your world and customization in various aspects. InWorldz lets you visit beautiful destinations, hang out with other avatars, create your region and develop it and explore your abilities, and of course shop for your avatar. 

You’re gonna love playing here, creating your own paradise islands, and a lot more. 

7. Sims 4

The Sims is quite a famous simulation game and Sims 4 is the 4th installment to it and was released in 2014. In Sims 4 we create people and control them and make it really entertaining. 

Games Like Second Life

You will experience the fun, creativity, humor, freedom, and a lot more with the Sims you create and play with. In Sims 4 the developers have improved sims character creation, emotion system, and game simulation. The game lacks content and focuses on engaging and making choices rather than fulfilling goals or objectives. 

Playing with Sims is pretty entertaining, constructing houses and swimming pools and also giving them emotions. 

8. Smeet

Well, all the listed ones here are about games like Second Life and thus Smeet is also the same and lets you create virtual characters of yours in 2D and interact with other avatars. Hang out with them, have food, play and make new things, and construct houses or create islands. 

Games Like Second Life

It’s a browser-based game and was developed by Smeet Communication. To progress to higher levels you have to do a variety of activities and earn fame points. Once you get more fame points and upgrade to higher levels, that will raise your status as well as give you more content to have fun with. 

9. Club Cooee

Again Club Cooee is a virtual world game just like others here and is diverse and fresh. The game is loaded with lots of loaded possibilities and features that you can uncover as you proceed. 

Games Like Second Life

You’re gonna meet new people in awesome 3D chat rooms from all over the world. Kicking party nights, beaches, and cozy nights with others and flirting in wacky locations or simply enjoying with your friends. The game’s a kinda good one among games like Second Life. 

10. Mabinogi

Mabinogi is yet another game like Second Life and is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Mabinogi also lets you get into your fantasy world and make it happen virtually.

Games Like Second Life

Since the game’s name is based on Welsh anthology, its setting is a little based on Welsh anthology. Unlike other games, Mabinogi is based on skills, and to get skills you have to gain ability points, and your character is defined by the skills, age, items, user titles, etc you choose. 

Friendly chat, campfire, sharing food, and many other social things you can explore here. 

11. Planet Calypso

Now you’re gonna explore Planet Calypso which is an MMORPG and you will have a stunning 3D experience. This game is quite expensive, however, it can be played for free. But buying in-game currency will pave way for additional options like purchasing skills, deeds, shares, services, etc. 

Games Like Second Life

Almost every in-game activity requires PED and which doesn’t require sweating creatures, event organizing, socializing, and walking around. Of Course, you build your character before beginning the game and name your avatar. Also, a player can have only one avatar at a time. 

12. Alter Ego

Now Alter Ego is quite an old game developed in the year 1986 by Activision. It’s a role-playing video game. And what’s about this game is you create an imaginary character or person and make decisions for him or her. 

Games Like Second Life

You will see and experience what your decisions will have an impact and outcomes your imaginary person will face. It has both male and female versions.

The game presents you with seven phases that are infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, adulthood, middle adulthood, and old age. There are numerous multiple-choice questions and the game is presented as to discovering oneself. 

13. Roblox

The MMORPG Roblox developed and published by Roblox Community is again quite a popular one in this list of games like Second Life.

Games Like Second Life

Here this game lets you program and play games created by others. All the games here are coded in the programming language Lua by other users. As of 2020, Roblox had around 164 million users monthly and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated it more. 

Well, Roblox is free to play and with its in-game currency Robux, you can purchase in-game things.

14. Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is a video game with regular reviews and it’s a sandbox game. You don’t have any objectives or goals set and you- the player freely moves around the world and manipulates things and objects in it. 

Games Like Second Life

You can construct several things like cars, rockets, or anything with the tools you are given or make others do silly things. The game has some real good content and also has added new modes to it now.

15. Rebuild

The list was quite lengthy and now the 15 one among games like Second Life is Rebuild. Here’s a zombie apocalypse from which you gather all the survivors and manage resources and also save yourself from various attacks. 

Games Like Second Life

And all the survivors search for food and shelter. In Rebuild, while claiming and building your city back to normal you come across rival gangs, robbers, and maybe riots too. Developed by SarahNorthway this game is quite good and playable. 


Games are always fun and creating your own virtual world and making it the way you imagine is something nice. We hope you found the article helpful, let us know if we have missed any more good games like Second Life. 

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