15+ Games Like Roblox To Play In 2022

The boundaries of gaming technology have been expanding their horizons continuously. 

Particularly after the genesis of games like Roblox which empowers players to unleash their imagination.

This trait of games like Roblox creates an aura that holds its consumers for a long.

Play games built by experts as well as those crafted by the ingenuity of players around the world.

So, to acquaint you with more such games like Roblox; we bring to you a comprehensive list of these games.

Best Games Like Roblox

“Roblox’s mission is to bring the world together through play. We enable anyone to imagine, create, and have fun with friends as they explore millions of immersive 3D experiences, all built by a global community of developers.” – Roblox Corporation

Here are the best games likes Roblox:

1. Minecraft

 Games Like Roblox

With one of the largest gaming communities, Minecraft is one of the top-rated games like Roblox, found in 2011. Till now, Minecraft has sold 29million copies.

You dig, build, destroy – do whatever crazy you can! However, you are not going to find its graphics worthy.

Carve structures as astonishingly as you can! Go on a wild adventure in the never-ending terrain! 

Utilize the vast resources they provide to explore the game and construct huge, freaky bases. 

 Games Like Roblox

Upgrade your characters with enthralling weapons and paraphernalia to give it a cool look and combat enemies also.

You can gang up with your friends to slay your adversaries while enjoying each others’ company. 

Moreover, the communication function makes it more interactive by letting players connect!

 Games Like Roblox

In the category of games like Roblox, Minecraft is such a game that you will start craving once you start playing it!

Price: $26.95

Platform: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Linux, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS

2. Trove

 Games Like Roblox

Trove is an excellent option to get an electrifying and stimulating gaming experience.

In these games like Roblox, you will find some exciting simulations to exhilarate yourself! Get ready to march off to an endless adventure, full of wonders! 

You will get a taste of sandbox coupled with MMO. You are tasked to battle with enemies only.

You can pick up the characters with whose virtues you wish to play. 

 Games Like Roblox

Headless Knight and Dinosaur with different capabilities are some of the identities you can select to play as. 

Furthermore, you can go ahead to embellish your characters with a variety of materials.

 Games Like Roblox

You will be trained in several stunning skills that will help you conquer the infinite universe. You can travel through the various universe via the HUB area.

You can erect your own house called Cornerstone that you can carry wherever you go.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

3. CastleMinerZ

 Games Like Roblox

CastleMiner Z was released in 2011 as the improved version of the Xbox Indie game CastleMiner.

Though it was launched on both platforms Xbox360 and computers. It is currently available for PCs only. 

The game makes to the list of games like Roblox for its resemblance to the warfare mechanism with Roblox.

Moreover, they are top sellers on the Xbox 360 by distributing 2million copies worldwide.

 Games Like Roblox

They are determined to maintain their status quo as the most loved Indie game with exceptional releases subsequently. 

You will get a sense of a procedurally induced world like Minecraft but without any limit. They come up with the great concept of survival horror theme!

You can play the game all day, that too with unique game modes. 

There are four game modes namely EnduranceMode, Survival Mode, Dragon Survival Mode, and Creative Mode.

 Games Like Roblox

Gear up for the journey! Assemble weapons using raw elements! Build a defensive line! Kill the dragons! That’s the only way you survive here!

Price: $3.99

Platform: Windows

4. Fortnite

 Games Like Roblox

Next on the line of the games like Roblox, we have got Fortnite for you!

It is loaded with features. You can play it with your friends and set yourself on an eternal war.

This warfare game attracts a whopping 300 million users worldwide monthly.

This game truly lets your imagination go wild! Carve out whatever structure you can think of! This aspect of the game makes it stand unique on the list of games like Roblox.

What allure newbies are the minimal micro-operations in this royale battle game.

Construct a fort that will protect you and your friends from danger. You can upgrade it later as you wish, or repair the damaged parts.

 Games Like Roblox

You begin by diving off the plane into a procedurally generated robbery realm. 

The basic you need to follow is to be around the center of the map if you wish to last longer. The maps get updated continuously.

Besides, to save yourself and your buddies, you get to erect a garrison. You can upgrade it whenever you want. 

Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative are three different gameplay that Fortnite provides!

In the Fortnite Creative game, you are given a freehand to build even your war arena and the whole universe. 

 Games Like Roblox

You are going to love such games as Roblox because of the outstanding graphics and gameplay.

Price: Free

Note:- You can buy a season battle pass, costing £7.99 and lasting a full Battle Royale season (around three months). 

Platform: Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS, and some Android devices

5. Blockland

Games Like Roblox

Blockland is one of the sandbox-style multiplayer games like Roblox.

Its design was inspired by Lego Worlds, introduced in 2007. 

Its simple gameplay and appearance make it unique in the league of games like Roblox.

The game is benign with no inbuilt aggression and competition to kick off your dopamines.

Games Like Roblox

However, to foster your creativity they allow you to craft any kind of structure which swims in the pools of your thoughts.

You can wield various stuff and resources to construct cities and buildings. Besides, to customize vehicles and tools, they permit you to access add-ons. 

These games like Roblox are meant to stimulate and improve your designing capabilities. 

Price: $9.99

Platform: Windows

6. Brawl Stars

 Games Like Roblox

Brawl Stars is another ingenious concept from famous Clash of Clans and Clash Royale creators.

Brawl Stars is one of the very similar games like Roblox in experience but with a different rhythm, you must try your hands on at this very identical game like Roblox. 

The game is an MMO i.e it supports multiplayer gaming. So, get your buddies on roll and team up and bang your rivals. 

They enable you to upgrade your brawlers by accessing several resources and supplies. 

Gem Grab, Showdown, Bounty, and Heist are some of the gameplay that Brawl Stars has to offer!

 Games Like Roblox

You will always find different and updated versions of the game as they are on the mission to bring out something much better!

Sadly, Brawl Stars is not available at Steams. However, you can get it on Android and iOS powered devices.

Price: Free

Platform: iOS, Android 

7. Terraria

 Games Like Roblox

Terraria has made it to our list of games like Roblox because it has all that one can think of. Be it thrill, action, fun, creativity – everything!

It is proclaimed as the best alternative for games like Roblox under the crafting category.

The game is adventurous, set in a vast 2D recreational with infused action and warfare in sandbox-style.

Be ready to slay your enemies with three primary tools that are pickaxe, sword, and woodcutting ax.

Every time you sign in, you will find a unique map outline than the previous one.

 Games Like Roblox

You need to collect miscellaneous stuff and materials and use them to achieve higher levels. 

Some of the modes they provide are digging, fighting, and building. The Building mode targets young people with creativity.

Price: $9.99

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Nintendo Wii U

8. The Blockheads

Games Like Roblox

The Blockheads is developed by NoodleCake Studios Inc. This is a 2D block-based sandbox-mechanized game that is set in an ever-evolving procedurally generated world. 

This unique survival game lets players control characters called Blockheads that have the strength to create and demolish blocks.

They can craft material to build wonderful buildings. Moreover, they allow you to craft, build, and explore many more within the game.

You can explore places like mountains, deserts, oceans, and underground caves in different weather conditions. 

Games Like Roblox

You may also encounter real-life scenarios like cold weather where you need to use resources to lit a campfire to survive. 

However, they are more addictive than other games like Roblox but lack good graphics. Furthermore, they keep updating to add new features. 

Price: Free

Platform: iOS, Android 

9. Garry’s Mod

 Games Like Roblox

Garry’s Mod by Facepunch Studios is a multiplayer game that is compatible with many platforms. It is completely different from other games like Roblox in its approach.

Interestingly, you will not be able to find any storyline to follow while playing. It’s all random – do whatever you wish!

You can explore the unbounded landscapes in different game modes.

The amount of Physics meshed in the locomotive mechanics of characters is outstanding.

 Games Like Roblox

Furthermore, you won’t be able to resist loving it because the graphics are unbelievable. All these are garnished with tons of lucrative features. 

You can maneuver without any restrictions. Get yourself a customized geeky and lofty weapon to survive till the end!

You are free to manipulate any material present to wield weapons, building blocks, etc.

Games Like Roblox

You are a creator in the game. Run your imagination and creativity to fly up, drive through the terrains, or whatever you can foresee!

Price: $9.99

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

10. Terasology

Terasology is one of the best games like Roblox which is inspired by Minecraft’s technical demo.

Games Like Roblox

It is an open-source game that has quite a similar gameplay as Roblox and Minecraft.

The game is though kept updating itself and adding more and more features, it contains very different ideas compared to games of the same genre.

The game mechanics are similar to Minecraft. Moreover, you can check out other players’ worlds like in Minecraft. 

You can use blocks to assemble and build a house or break them down. You can handle weapons and flashlights similarly. 

This is a beautiful sandbox-style game with elements of other genres. This is perfect for those who love Minecraft and intend to build their game.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows

11. Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles is a miniature version of games like Roblox where you can discover adventure, creativity, and action in tandem.

Games Like Roblox

The premise for this game is very interesting. People around the world join online to create a space and get ready for the journey.

You are open to construct any kind of building, an entire world using cubical blocks only.

Even you are independent to develop characters as per your preferences.

For instance, you can dress them in hats, fancy shirts, pants, cool glasses, give them wings to fly, and whatnot. 

But you need to purchase the accessories and materials from Cubit Store and shops built by players in the game itself.

However, you can mine resources too so that you can utilize them to create the required tools and luxuries.

Several biomes like mountains, deserts, forests, caves, lakes, etc. are available to explore and excavate resources.

Games Like Roblox

With a growing and active gaming community, they welcome you to join their forum and interact with alike persons around the globe.

Moreover, you can take pleasure in other gaming features like hunting, fishing, quests, racing, farming, etc.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

12. Lego Worlds

 Games Like Roblox

A legend is here in our list of games like Roblox – Lego Worlds! TT Games has designed and developed it but the launch is accredited to Warner Bros. 

A game named No Man’s Sky is their source of inspiration to develop this sandbox-style, MMO game with an endless landscape.

You are free to create anything that you can think of! When your imagination will meet Lego; you will be ecstatic to the next level!

You can erect items such as huge towers, a town with weird creatures – surprisingly all these will be made up of Lego bricks!

Even you can destroy the space you created! Or, you can customize the vehicles, dragons, towns, buildings, etc. whenever and in whatever manner you wish to do.

 Games Like Roblox

If collections of physical Lego bricks have fascinated you during childhood; then this digital simulation of Lego will impart an unbelievable sensation to your brain.

This game like Roblox is an amazing platform to exhibit your creativity without any restraints. 

Price: $29.99

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

13. Animal Jam

“Despite our success and growth, our mission has been the same: inspire kids to explore and protect the natural world around them.” – Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a stimulating and safe online game like Roblox for kids to infuse affection towards animals.

Games Like Roblox

Since then, Animal Jam stretched its footprints to mobile apps to give kids never-ending fun.

You can play with your customized animal character by buying goodies. Choose an animal, dress it up, put patterns on it, and enjoy the game.

You can also make houses, collect prizes, get friends, go to other people’s homes and chat with them within chat standards i.e. children can communicate with standard phrases. 

Animal Jam encourages kids to use their creativity in various ways. They provide sketchbooks to draw their favorite animals. It also inculcates them with love towards animals.” – Animal Jam

Games Like Roblox

“Collaborative gameplay is at the heart of Animal Jam. They teach kids how to interact and play with others online in a safe environment while empowering them to learn the skill they need to safely navigate the internet.” – Animal Jam

 Games Like Roblox

Price: Free

Note:- However to join their community club, you need to get premium membership by paying the required price.

Platform: Online, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Amazon

14. Mythruna

Mythruna (myth + rune + a) is an ongoing project that aims to combine outstanding gameplay elements with an endless, living. It will be regularly updated. The game is premised on an erratically created sandbox world. 

It is an ideal game to play. You relish extensive building with elements of craftsmanship within the game.

Games Like Roblox

As per developers, each player will be a part of a unique story depending upon their course of action. The game also contains role-playing gameplay in itself.

Besides you can create an amazing world in the shape of a voxel to get a sandbox role-playing experience.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

15. Creativerse

Games Like Roblox

Next on the list of games like Roblox, we have a unique game that has taken the idea of the block-based world to next level by highlighting the finer nuances of gaming space – Creativerse.

The game offers you an adventurous journey beyond your imagination, to explore. It is a survival-based sandbox game that is free to play.

You are privileged to build a covert space specifically for near and dear ones!

This game is meant for those who are enthusiastic about creating a world from scratches and interact with other people.

Games Like Roblox

Compared to Roblox, they deliver better graphics. You can interact with animals and plants around you, collects materials, craft stuff, and build a shelter to survive. 

You may enter many different environments and find exotic creatures. Whereas some biomes are so harsh that you might need special items to thrive.

Games Like Roblox

However, the most remarkable quality that makes Creativerse stand out of the list is the way it handles the mechanics of creations.

You get a good amount of control over building materials, allowing full rotations, providing blueprints, etc.

You can even add a few interesting DLCs to enjoy through the game.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, macOS 

16. KoGaMa

 Games Like Roblox

KoGaMa draws its insight from Roblox as well as Minecraft. Unlike other games like Roblox, it carries the uniqueness of the pixelated world! 

You will be mesmerized by the remarkable graphics and stunning game mechanics, tinged with cherishing space.

Choose an avatar for yourself or customize it according to your preferences! You can begin the game now. 

You have got two options to choose from: either battle with others or join the quest to enjoy the parkour.  

You are allowed to craft a whole new game here, in different genres as per your vision and experience. 

You can use the terrain and logic to create your own gaming experience.

 Games Like Roblox
Create and Play

Besides, you can relish many games here like shooting, racing, action, arcade games, and adventure games too.

Price: Free

Platform: Browser, Android


Roblox in itself is a universe that propels your creativity, craftsmanship and imagination extensively.

However, choices always empower users. So, we have provided you with top games like Roblox along with intricate details and illustrations.

The write-up is not about comparing various games but to acquaint you with a variety of such games to enjoy.

Though we have tried our best to cover all the categories, genres, and themes of games like Roblox.

However, if you think that we missed any name which should be there on the list. Feel free to comment down below and also let us know the value our write-up adds to your gaming experience.

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