15 Best Games Like Kahoot For 2022

Kahoot and games like Kahoot give us students and teachers a break from traditional learning. Kahoot is a great platform where learning can be based on gaming, making it fun and exciting. 

We can access quizzes or multiple-choice questions through its browser or application. It has over 50 million monthly active users and teachers can use it to analyze students’ marks in formative assessments, and if they are participating actively. 

However, if you are hunting for games like Kahoot to get the most out of students and make learning easy, you are on the right page as we have in this article we have listed the 9 best-handpicked games like Kahoot.

Best Games Like Kahoot

Below are the best games like Kahoot you can go for. 

1. SeeSaw

SeeSaw is one of the best sites like Kahoot for students and teachers to interact and share what’s happening in the classroom. Seesaw provides a creative environment to students. It enables students to realize more about the usage of technology.

Best Games Like Kahoot

Every student is furnished with a journal to add things to it (like notes, drawings, photos, videos). Parents get notified through app notifications or SMS, whenever there are new posts. As they get informed only about their child, the data here is totally safe and secure.

2. Slido

Slido is another best one among games like Kahoot. You can use it for all your meetings and webinars or classes. It has everything you need to engage your participants. You can set up everything and it takes not more than 1 min. Also, one joins those conversations with a code or link. 

Best Games Like Kahoot

One can use Slido with Teams, PowerPoint, YouTube, WebEx, and Google Slides. Everyone can ask questions even if they feel shy or hesitate by being anonymous. Moreover, you can also have live polls, surveys to get feedback. Also, bring in fun and make things interactive with quizzes. 

Another good thing is you can get analytics from Slido on how many were participating and all the insights of your meeting. You can use it for free or opt for its plan i.e $8 per month to get more features. 

3. Blackboard Learn

Like Kahoot, which makes learning fun, Blackboard Learn also makes teaching and learning easy and simpler. It adds all the online elements to virtual meetings and course management. 

Best Games Like Kahoot

Some of its features include chat, discussions thread, messages to teachers in real-time, professors can make announcements, post content- assignments, videos, etc, assessments, grade book for letting students know their grades, and so on… it’s a great application that is highly customizable among games like Kahoot and makes things easier. 

4. Acadly

Acadly is another nice platform that engages everyone and gives you a seamless experience. It is integrated with zoom to host online classes, has an LMS plug-in for all the details like attendance, participation, performance, etc. 

Best Games Like Kahoot

Moreover, faculty can share quizzes, polls, videos, files, discussions and give more interactivity to classes. It makes communication in class simpler and is also free. Its paid version includes an LMS plug-in that works more like blackboard learn. 

5. Quizlet

Now this one is also a decent one among games like Kahoot that is really good for self-paced learning at home. It’s quite popular for primary, and secondary students, and good for university students too and is more like a flashcard app that helps you if you are into memorizing stuff. 

Best Games Like Kahoot

Teachers can utilize it to make sets for students, and upload information. Quizlet is great in flexibility and customization and also prepares students for tests, also incorporates teamwork skills.

6. Lessonly

Lessonly is another good application for teams to work together, learn, and do better work. With its drag and drop option, you can create lessons quickly, and include documents, quizzes, videos, assignments, etc.

Best Games Like Kahoot

With the help of this amazing trading software, you can train individuals, particular teams, or the whole organization. Lessonly is used in 1000+ companies by millions of people. You can create unlimited lessons and courses with its nice customizing options. 

7. Nearpod

And now on the 7th spot of our list for games like Kahoot is Nearpod with which teachers can make lessons interactive. You can upload any of your files, presentations, or videos from YouTube. There’s also a library where 15000+lessons are already built for all your subjects. 

Best Games Like Kahoot

One can also improve collaboration skills by adding game-based quizzes, polls, and boards. Furthermore, you can add audio recordings and responses. It is integrated with zoom to help in video conferencing for students. 

8. Quizizz

Quizizz is another popular one for games like Kahoot and is used by educators in 150 countries. With quizizz, you can create quizzes, interactive lessons for all the learners including, polls, and presentations. 

Best Games Like Kahoot

Participants can join from its Android and iOS applications and receive instant feedback. Computer science, creative art, English, maths, social studies, science, etc are some categories in which you will find quizzes. It does give meaningful reports and analytics also. 

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9. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is yet again the best one among our games like Kahoot with which you can make remote meetings or classes lively. You can add quizzes, puzzles, pollings, surveys, etc. 

Best Games Like Kahoot

If you are new to working from home or remote meetings, poll everyone also gives you tips from the resource library. Can also organize all your content in a folder and use the customizable option to make things easier and more enjoyable. 

10. TriviaCrack

TriviaCrack is a great one among games like Kahoot to improve your knowledge in various subjects as well as have entertainment. You will spin a wheel on your screen and the subject will be given a quiz from the subject you get. 

For instance, the subjects include art, science, history, geography, entertainment, etc. The more you win the higher level you reach and compete with other players on board. 

You will find ads on this site as it earns from them and one can also buy coins, boosts, in the app. One can translate the questions in their language and can also rate other users here. It’s certainly a nice way of gaining knowledge.

11. PhotoMath

You must have understood by the name itself how this site is gonna help us. PhotoMath makes learning maths easy and simple, helping you solve your complex math problems. 

Games like Kahoot

PhotoMath is free and gives you step-by-step explanations of all your problems. The site has a multifunctional calculator, graphs. It covers topics such as basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. One can scan the problems and get a clear explanation and also animations of how to do it. 

Moreover, with the help of PhotoMath, you get explanations from the experts, animations- visuals for better understanding, and also tips and hints for the problem. 

12. ExtraMarks

ExtraMarks is another great application among games like Kahoot to learn. You can definitely consider this app if you are preparing for 11, 12, JEE, NEET. This app is for classes from 1-12 and JEE, NEET students. 

Games like Kahoot

You will also get study material here. One can watch the online classes, interactive sessions, online courses, assignments, doubt solving sessions, test series, and many more. 

Moreover, one can also download previous question papers and practice, track your progress, manage your classes, explore career opportunities, record lessons, and engaging videos, interact with your teachers, and many more. It has a simple user interface and has 15 years of experience in this industry and is one of the best learning apps across India. 

13. Socrative

This is another among games like Kahoot and makes learning fun in your class. Educators can deliver engaging classes to the students and use this application that is efficient to monitor and evaluate students. 

Games like Kahoot

Some of its features include various activities like you can start a quiz, asking a quick question, and getting instant feedback. Educators can create a Socrative account and create and edit their assessments, notes, etc and use them when necessary.

You can also see if students are understanding by reviews individually or question-based. You will get a report which you can save to your account. Virtual rooms to join, friendly competition quizzes, and also looking at the students’ results in real-time and students can also give the feedback are some more features of socrative.

14. ClassDojo

This is another one like Kahoot that makes learning fun and easy. The app is absolutely free and easy to use. This app helps teachers connect with students and parents making everything apparent and nice. 

Games like Kahoot

On this site, students can present their projects, skills, and learning by including photos and videos of theirs and teachers build a positive culture in every way. 

Teachers can also engage parents by sharing clips of the classroom. Students can also share the things of their classroom instantly by posting photos on their class stories or messaging them. It can translate messages into 30+ languages. 

15. JeopardyLabs

Now here’s the last one in this list of best games like Kahoot where you can build Jeopardy-like games online. It has a nice number of users and jeopardy labs don’t require any registration process to use it. It is simple and fast.

Games like Kahoot

You can build your own jeopardy templates and that is quite fun and can also browse templates created by others. 

Using JeopardyLabs editors it’s easy to create your games and also run them. Once you build the game it can be played from anywhere online globally.

You can create templates without the need for PowerPoint and also customize them. Instructors generally use this app to create games like Jeopardy so that they review students’ material which can later be used in tests and online classes.

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Above were some of the best games like Kahoot. Kahoot is good, although games like Kahoot are also worth checking considering the features they have. 

I hope the article was helpful, and let us know if there are any more good games like Kahoot in the comment section. 

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