10 Best Games Like Cooking Fever – Top Alternatives

If you are fond of cooking and love exploring new cuisines and cooking them. And also play games that have this cooking and serving things then you may be aware of this game- Cooking Fever which is very popular and is easy and fun to play. 

It has over 1000 levels, various cuisines, best quality ingredients, and can also upgrade your appliances- rice cookers, coffee maker, and many more. You cook some tasty food and attract more clients. 

However, if you have played it enough and want to explore more games like Cooking Fever, you have many options out there.

Therefore, in this article, we have handpicked the 10 best games like Cooking Fever which you can consider.

Best Games Like Cooking Fever

Below are the best games like Cooking Fever to have unlimited fun making delicious food and serving your customers. 

1. Happy Cafe

The first one on our list for games like Cooking Fever is Happy Cafe. It is a wonderful game if you love playing games that include cooking, serving, etc. Here in this game you create your own cafe and cook delicious food from American to Japanese and a lot more. 

Games Like Cooking Fever

You can also upgrade your cooking appliances, make around 100+ recipes like burgers, sushi, salads, etc. 

And guess what, you cook that delicious food from your own organic farm with better ingredients. You can also decorate and enhance your cafe as you wish and move cooking to bigger heights and let guests feel at home. 

2. Cook, Serve, Delicious!

This is another best one among games like Cooking Fever and I guess the name looks great. It’s a strategic restaurant sim where you can take your restaurant to another level. 

Cool Games Like Cooking Fever

The gameplay is this- Cook, Serve, Delicious restaurant was once closed but then opened again. So now it’s your job to build it back to being a 5-star restaurant. With a few bucks and 30 foods to put on the menu, it’s your strategy and culinary skills that will improve the restaurant’s condition, and almost everything is unlocked for you to purchase.  

3. Pizza Shop Mania

Games like Cooking Fever are all entertaining. Pizza Shop Mania is also a game like that. Here you run your grandfather’s pizza outlet as he is I’ll and two shady characters who want to remove you from this business. 

Best Games Like Cooking Fever

As you move on the game gets more complicated and time decreases. For instance, customers get impatient, mistaken orders, spoil things, bins get filled, etc. These time management titles are challenging as you move ahead and also enjoyable.

4. Cooking Madness- Kitchen Frenzy

Cooking Madness- Kitchen Frenzy is another cooking game that will bring you the best online cooking experience. You can explore amazing restaurants and bring them back into the business. 

Cooking Fever Alternatives

The game has many challenges to play. You also have to unlock new dishes, recipes, appliances for your kitchen. This is certainly one of the best games like Cooking Fever where you manage the rush hours, impress customers, cool delicious food, and also upgrade your stuff by completing challenges. 

5. Airplanes Chefs- Cooking Game

Wanna be a sky chef? Then this game as the name suggests you will be cooking and serving delicious food on a commercial flight. 

Games Like Cooking Fever

You will move around the world and explore new famous food from Sydney, New York, Singapore and so on… Moreover, the game has numerous fun levels, up-gradation of your cooking tools and appliances, traveling to each location to upskill your cooking skills. 

With this game, you aim to become the best airplane chef making your food with fine and quality ingredients satisfying your passengers. 

6. American Pizzeria

If you like making several kinds of pizzas then this game- American Pizzeria is for you. Here, you can make a variety of styles of pizzas from places such as California, Neapolitan, Chicago, etc. 

Games Like Cooking Fever

Also one can use 100+ ingredients to cook these pizzas and make them more appealing by adding toppings like basil, pepperoni, sausage, beef, etc. Not only pizzas, but it lets you also make french fries, juices, onion rings, etc, and keep your customers happy.

 Furthermore, it also has unique challenging missions, can collect tons of tips from customers by cooking tasty food and good service. 

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7. Cooking Dash

Now this game, like the games above, is also good and simple. Here you control a waitress whose name is Flo and she’s gonna cook as well as serve the customers. 

Games Like Cooking Fever

In Cooking Dash you race against the clock and try to serve people as quickly as possible being courteous and the food should also remain delicious and healthy. You get several orders and soon the game becomes a little hard to manage and that’s what you have to do- manage everything! 

Also, it has around 50 levels that are challenging enough though it’s nice to play this game and have fun. 

8. Cooking Hot – Craze Restaurant Chef Cooking Games

Again this game, Cooking Hot is where you are a star and top chef who goes to various cities and cooks food. It’s an easy-to-play game yet challenging as it proceeds. 

Games Like Cooking Fever

One can earn coins, upgrade kitchen stuff, finish multiple targets to move ahead, and daily tasks to earn rewards, can also open many new restaurants and also learn new cooking skills, and a lot more. 

You are gonna cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and feel the realistic challenges such as keeping an eye on the cooker, time management, serving on time, etc. 

9. Cooking Tale

Yet another fun cooking game in our list of games like Cooking Fever is Cooking Tale and is pretty popular. Here you are gonna play the role of rising star chef Audrey who just has finished graduation from a chef academy. And there you are traveling and exploring towns discovering the joy of cooking new cuisines. 

Games Like Cooking Fever

There’s a map that takes you to a new restaurant every new episode where you may also come across an illusionist or thief too! This fast-paced game provides you with all the utensils and cooking tools and everything that you will require. Simply cook good food and serve on time. Also, you can challenge other chefs and can play in both offline and online mode. 

10. Delicious Deluxe

And now comes Delicious Deluxe, yet another amazing one among games like Cooking Fever. In this game, you are Emily, a young girl who wishes to start her own business. 

Games Like Cooking Fever

So you have to help her manage seven restaurants which she is offered and make these 7 top places in the city to hang out. Bring the new menus, cook something special and keep your customers happy. 

Remember the more your customers are satisfied the more money you earn and invest in future restaurants to develop them, not to forget you also have to manage your time. Overall, it’s a captivating game and is great to play. 


The above mentioned are some of the best games like Cooking Fever and are totally immersive and joyous. Most games have the same features, although there are some which have different plots and gameplay. 

So, you can opt for any game as they are all entertaining and become a master chef. Hope you liked the list of games like Cooking Fever. And let us know which one is your favorite and how was your cooking experience!

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