How To Get Free RuneScape Accounts [100+ Free Accounts List]

Runespace has been around for a long time now and is an old game though has enormous popularity and fanbase. Although it has FTP and PTP versions, the pay-to-play version gives you a lot more features that enhance the gameplay. 

Your presence here tells that you want to get the free RuneScape Accounts and experience all its premium features. Not to worry as we have listed the free RuneSpace accounts as well as other ways to get the free RuneSpace accounts.

What Is RuneScape? 

RuneScape is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game( MMORPG) and is browser-based. It was developed by Jagex LTD and is based on medieval fantasy which has two kingdoms and cities that have fire-breathing dragons, bearded gnomes, and many more. 

It appears the storyline is non-linear and so you can adventure your way with no limitations and also has vast in-game content to explore. 

free runescape accounts

Moreover, it has 26 skills and your skills reflect your play style among which you can choose and master it as here you earn points by showing your skills.

It has both a subscription and a F2P game, however, only when you buy the membership you appreciate it more as it offers a lot in the paid version and is one of the most popular online games with around 250 million accounts. 

Features Of RuneScape

  • With a RuneScape account, you get multiplayer mode so that you can play online with thousands of others. 
  • Various avatars can be selected and customized by the players and these characters define you.
  • RuneScape also encourages socialization as players interact with each other by exchanging messages, trading, playing mini-games.
  • As said above it doesn’t have any linear storyline and you can set your goals and also choose to fight combat or non-player characters like monsters and complete quests to improve your skills. 
  • Out of 27 skills, there are 17 available for free and the rest are for paid members. And depth to the player is added by NPC interaction. 

How To Get Free RuneScape Accounts?

Here are the ways to get access to premium features with free RuneScape accounts.

Method 1: Free RuneScape Accounts List 2021

1. sidje hc- headhunterz

2. x_gril8- timmed1

3. chirinako- miraculousmuppet

4. clivet_goth- lol1lol1

5. maximus_ivo- 1210729

6. haddon70- jamaican13

7. ciara

8. pl0x____die- c1tyw1ns

9. hotviper6- applesnakes6

10. sonicboom367- wreckem

11. hieveryone21- snakesnakeoitsas

12. anika123

13. putther- g9768241

14. neo34rd- yl2bfbml

15. zink22100- toshiba1

16. andreiterns0253- 09499535568

17. chikn_kikkr- dinkdink

18. achrch14

19. nikdx- 99long

20. blackm4n- thom4sbff

21. hotviper6- applesnakes6

22. tyber3796- nintendo1

23. semanttinen- koipallo

24. smail154- economie

25. moonbear98- regitllij

26. rob1tooby1- awesomeman2

27. celsius91- jonkka123

28. flux_wolf- glowx111

29. kingescape22- 7dejulio

30. puzzlled456- 4elderwand7   

31. zachdamaniak- godzilla

32. sasarrus- superman1

33. edparks10- firemonkey4

34. burnt_c- shadow123

35. 900_monster- tealcrowd8

36. thorodd- zgergo

37. qwerty2k3_n2- allister3

38. magicpinga12- freminik

39. james13975- movingon

40. joshj304- m0t0r5h0w

41. im_adored- 99str

42. kyrzani- wsl63069

43. valor226- empire2

44. kittehgod- familyguy5

45. draskille- 123579jf

46. good_guy2222- jsl1983

47. airman521- qwerty521

48. fearless264- 61694jjl

49. a007lex1- shadow581000

50. tobi5q- fredzio0

51. snakeboy756- 0014702211

52. messidonasef- yoyododo

53. trevor600000- trevorlee

54. swarnes- sntioi004

55. sonicboom367- wreckem

56. pk_mpskiller- 309251270

57. actualglory- hello123

58. ynot_money- superdude10

59. frylok_lol-baseballftw

60. worsinksteeg- logisung35

61. robzicles- sk8ordie

62. kacj321- 9hjgyt83

63. worsinksteeg- logisung35

64. sanka181- Campbell

65. pukkajoep- sk1ttl35

66. 0nly_4t_he4d- marcao18

67. kiteofdark- ralph321

68. elliott9900- meggie26

69. 1_jeterfan- goatmilk

70. killer_gomez – 0007779

71. sto__joni- miljoona1

72. macauqe- kabbible

73. leimz- konnad123

74. messidonasef- yoyododo

75. Cp3fan454- 20000326

76. Me_vs_nub_ha -30006000

77. Mrbuffy1- 30006000

78. Mrbuffy2- 30006000

79. Bluebird_55- yourmybffmike342

80. Wild_dog1996 – pierre14

81. hq pvprock- tobbe

82. thayamaniamma

83. jordielnino23- thebestman856

84. anderlecht123

85. tobi5q- fredzio0

86. north1085- jjn2008

87. worsinksteeg- logisung35

88. johnnysins5- 123456789

89. fiji 300- goregore

90. chainsawman1- iamking524

91. pukkajoep- sk1ttl35

92. binni142- binni23

93. zaitsev2020- sniperm4n

94. evil 3412- samyerhot

95. upgrade54- danielbrown5

96. celsius91- jonkka123

97. actualglory- hello123

98. sanka181- campbell

99. kacj321- 9hjgyt83

100. qwerty2k3_n2- allister3

101. pk_mpskiller-309251270

102. smail154- economie

103. robzicles- sk8ordie

104. ynot_money- superdude10

105. nivug11- jkkmnoboo

106. evilkids

107. uberman5- 5459423845

108. magicpinga12- freminik

109. tyber3796- nintendo1

110. lv_egils- qwerty12345

111. thorodd- zgergo

112. kingescape22- 7dejulio

113. coronaman1- virusboosted1

114. im_adored- 99str

115. iamwcpureiam- left4dead

116. hieveryone21- snakesnakeoitsas

117. flux_wolf- glowx111

118. rsrownage- welcome01

119. madsad38- 4651384234

120. forest3gump- gump35425

121. y0ungwolf – veronica0

122. deathwarriror31- 31313131

123. nameless2- bradd2254

124. hardgirl68 – hard6868

125. wrath958- isabell958

126. goodperson14- persian25

127. legendarrow9- britmakos9

128. bazookaman2 – jack952145

129. sirsilent – 666666666

130. eaglepaw84- 84eagle84

Method 2: Get Free RuneScape Account Using Surveys

There are many ways to earn some extra cash and then redeem it to get a RuneScape account. Therefore, completing surveys is one of the good ways, and here are the 5 best sites to get paid and have a free RuneScape account, and almost all have the same sign-up process more or less.

1. Swagbucks

Everyone wants to earn money and Swagbucks lets you earn by taking surveys, playing games, watching video clips, and searching. SB points are what you earn on your survey being accepted that can be transformed into gift cards and cash. 

free runescape accounts

One can consider it as a leisure time activity to earn some pocket change. You can use its mobile app if you are not always on your PC. 

One can sign up for free and receive $5 only for joining.

2. Survey Junkie

It’s an easy way to earn some extra cash by completing surveys so survey junkie is another site from which you can do that. You have to fill the profile completely as the companies look for specific people to review the survey and therefore this increases the chances of getting hands-on to more surveys.

free runescape accounts

It asks for your name, date of birth, residence, gender, and zip code. Moreover, survey junkie offers 25 points for signing up and 50 for demographic surveys. The points you receive when your surveys are accepted or if you are rewarded can be converted into gift cards and cash.

3. LifePoints

These surveys wouldn’t make you rich, though earning some extra money isn’t bad. So, LifePoints is another site that is quite popular and has some real good reviews. The site rewards you for completing surveys, product testing, mini polls, etc. 

free runescape accounts

Rewards vary for each survey and you can convert the points for PayPal credit or gift cards, etc. One will earn 10 points for signing up and the other 10 for answering a few more questions. 

4. Inbox Dollars

Another site to make money online and redeem it into free RuneSpace accounts. With Inbox Dollars you complete surveys just like other sites and pays you around 0.25 to 0.5$. It’s more like the longer the survey the higher the pay, however, remember you aren’t eligible for all the surveys as some of them ask for prerequisites.

free runescape accounts

Not only by attempting surveys you can also earn some cents by playing games on their site, watching videos, or surfing. It has various ways to earn but the pay is very less.

5. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a decent and trusted site to earn money by completing online surveys. The other thing is this site pays you cash directly and not in the form of any coins or points. Upon signing up and filling in the required details you earn 5$ as a bonus sign-up.

free runescape accounts

You can also earn by giving feedback, watching videos, and participating in referral programs. There are many topics from consumer goods to technology, beauty, and many more.

Method 3: Sign Up For Free Trial 

You can also choose the 7-day free trial if you just want to see if it is worth buying pay to play version. You can follow the steps to learn how to utilize the free trial. 

1. Visit the RuneScape site.

2. On your top right corner of the screen you will find play now, click it. 

3. Now the site will ask you to download the game installer. Once it is installed you can register yourself or if you already have an account then log in if not sign up. 

4. After that click on the start free trial button. Now you will be asked to fill in your payment details like a Credit card, PayPal, or some other method. Then click on submit

5. That’s all, now you can relish the premium features of the game for a week. However, remember to cancel it as it renews automatically.


Now you know the ways to obtain free RuneScape accounts, we hope you liked the article and assisted you. 

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section.

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