Free Chegg Answers: How To Unblur Chegg Answers In 2022

Chegg helps students complete their homework and assignments online. There are several other platforms like Chegg too. These platforms are life-saving ones for learners who face trouble doing homework and problems. Usually, these sites work both as freelancing and educational i.e freelancing for tutors and academic for students. 

free chegg answers

Chegg is a paid service and that is why people look for free Chegg answers. Here in this article, we have briefly told what Chegg is and the ways to get free Chegg answers.

Keep reading to find out which strategy would serve you best.

What Is Chegg? 

Chegg is an online educational service that was set up by Osman Rashid and Aayush Phumbhra. It benefits both students as well as experts or tutors. Several students get their homework or assignments done with the help of Chegg. It has a broad range of subjects that range from maths, social, accounting, computer science, finance, algebra, etc.

free chegg answers

Chegg provides solutions to all your questions regarding your subjects. You can either refer to textbook solutions or expert Q&A. To get the textbook answers you will have to enter the ISBN in the search box or else if you want an expert to answer you simply take a picture of your assignment or question and post it, you will be answered in less than 30 min.

You can also listen to online tutorials and classes that cover various topics related to different subjects. 

Monthly-15$ or yearly- 75$ subscription should be bought if you want to access all the features of Chegg. When compared to the effective material and teaching it offers, the price is considerable and worth purchasing. 

It was originally made to rent, lend and buy textbooks but now the platform has grown significantly and offers teaching, homework, solutions, scholarships, etc. 

How To Get Free Chegg Answers

Below are the ways to get free Chegg answers and enrich your knowledge in the subject. 

1. Sign Up For The Chegg Free Trial 

If you haven’t used Chegg before then you can sign up for the 4 week or 28 days free trial on the Chegg’s study section. The free trial is quite limited but very effectively helpful.

free chegg answers

You can clear all your doubts and understand the concepts with 30-minute online tutorials in the first week of your free trial. One can also rent or buy textbooks for 90%off the original price. 24/7 expert solutions for your assignment and homework. Moreover, students can explore the subject from the extensive library of textbooks they offer.

To get the free trial all you have to do is sign up for a new account and fill in the credit card details. Nevertheless, remember to cancel the membership before it ends if not you will be charged.

Once you find it productive you can also purchase a study membership that costs $14.95 per month.

2. Google Your Questions Online

This one’s the simplest and easiest way where you can get all your answers and explanations. It’s isn’t new that we browse so many things every other day and discover stuff.

Undoubtedly, Google will probably give a broad range of results for your doubts in your academics too in case someone has answered those questions. 

Thus, it’s the best place to check out our questions and methods. However, if you don’t get them then ways to get free Chegg answers are promising.

3. Join Chegg Facebook Groups To Get Free Answers

To get free Chegg answers, one can also join groups or forums of social networking sites like Facebook, Quora, Reddit, etc. They have premium Chegg accounts and provide you answers, textbooks, etc. 

You only have to request them by putting your questions, or topics and they will use their account and help you with answers. 

Some groups are completely free though few may ask for payment that’s lower than Chegg subscription or can also share the subscription money.

It’s a nice option for people who can spend on subscriptions at a low price.

4. Check Out Chegg Alternative Sites

1. Course Hero

Course Hero is a learning platform for students. With Course Hero, you can have 24/7 guidance for your homework or assignments, textbook solutions that are easy to understand in step by step manner, and also university and college-based courses. 

free chegg answers

It’s fully packed with study guides, material, prep notes, videos, infographics, etc. It has a basic membership which is free with limited features and the premium membership costs 39.95 $ per month.

Yes, Course Hero does help students to tackle all kinds of problems or theories from biology, history, economics to everything.

2. StudyLib

Studylib is a great alternative to Chegg that helps you with subjects like technology, engineering, social science, foreign language, maths, and many more. 

free chegg answers

All the material for the above-mentioned subjects and a lot more categories are included in “Flashcard Explorer”. And the best thing is it’s completely free but you have to register or sign in to access all features. 

Along with the flashcard’s library, it also has a list of documents that have many useful resources like questions, puzzles, cheer sheets, etc. 

The only drawback despite having a large database is the site is not user-friendly and quite confusing. 

3. Slader

This is another nice alternative to Chegg with plenty of features. It offers numerous guides, assignments, textbooks, and the high school books are almost all free. One can effortlessly find their answers here step by step. Initially, it was popular in the USA though it has now increased its database and helps students globally.

free chegg answers

Students can also upload their homework answers and get awarded gold. There are no geo boundaries and students can exchange their answers across the globe. Till now it has helped over 2 million students in 200+ countries. 

5. Get Free Chegg Accounts 

This one’s the nicest and did work for me. With this, you get a premium account’s username and password for free. 

With this premium account, you get access to all the elements that a premium subscription offers without paying anything and complete all your assignments and clear your doubts with no more troubles. 

You can follow this link to get your free premium account username and password with the help of which you can submit your assignments and homework on time, understanding the concept thoroughly.


To get rid of subscriptions and obtain free Chegg answers, these are some of the best ways. By learning what fits you best, you can consider anyone among the listed methods.

However, paying for a Chegg subscription is worth it if you have highly rated or complex questions and the price is quite reasonable for what it provides. Nevertheless, there are plenty and nice Chegg alternatives also that you can consider. 

Hope you liked the article and let us know if you have any questions regarding the same.

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