45+ Free Chegg Accounts With Usernames & Passwords – 2022

Education is important and with the help of online learning, things have become more convenient for us, there are several online platforms such as Chegg. Chegg helps in educating people who desire to learn, it is an online education platform where someone can learn the things that they want. You can study but you have to pay for a premium account which is why people want to find ways they can use these premium accounts for free.

free chegg account

They offer many study materials such as books, online tutorials, and classes, you can not miss these things. Read this article to know more about these free accounts. We are going to explain how you can get free Chegg accounts and other things that you need to know. 

About Chegg

What Services Does Chegg Offer?

Chegg is an online platform for students where they can learn, they can find all kinds of study materials on these platforms. It offers many services to its premium account users, such as homework help. On this platform, they help thousands of children with their services, you will get a solution for almost everything. This saves your time and helps you clear your doubts faster if you still face any issues then you can get help from the experts. They will solve your doubts whenever you want. 

free chegg account

They offer many services which are as follows for premium account users.

  • The solutions of more than 9000 textbooks, along with that you can also buy the textbooks of any subject at 90% off on the actual price. 
  • Expert help regarding any doubts in your studies, students can ask any doubt from the community and experts anytime they want. 
  • Online tutorials and classes, these are classes that you can attend. They cover every topic and subject that you want to study as a school or college student. 
  • Answers for any homework from your school and college, this is helpful for students who often face issues with homework. Using a Chegg premium account they can solve any homework.

You have to make sure that you get these services, so for this, you need to have a premium account.

How Much Does A Chegg Account Cost?

free chegg account

The monthly cost for the premium account of Chegg is around 15 USD and the yearly subscription will cost you 75 USD. You may try the methods that will help you get a free Chegg account but still, this would be better if you invest in these premium accounts. They are cheap compared to the services they provide. This is completely worth investing your money for which is why cost should not be an issue. 

How To Get A Free Chegg Account

1. Free Chegg Usernames & passwords For 2021 

You can use the usernames and passwords of the premium account that we are going to provide for free. Just enter them as mentioned below,

  1. Username; chegg@mailinator.com, password; DontChangeIt0.
  2. Username; chegg@mailinator.com, password; Chegg.com.
  3. Username; lhour42@gmail.com, password; 13331333choungchantima. 
  4. Username; senga000, password; 0053411070.
  5. Username; Carldeosupnet, password; justdoit09z. 
  6. Username; BIrdt3n, password; b12345678.
  7. Username; amirgui20, password; especial600.
  8. Username; u8vmg3wm@gmail.com password; 8i6-gxp-18c
  9. Username; 5i0xwd@gmail.com password; yi4-0ax-b6j.
  10. amirgui20; especial600
  11. Username; 7dep0lj@gmail.com password; nj2-e9v-v7r.
  12. Username; 94omg0w6q@gmail.com password; dk4-7sz-4xc.
  13. Username; 3syho9ug@gmail.com password ; rtd-nns-cwx.
  14. Username; nd6mra47p@gmail.com password; 1w9-a6h-uy5.

You can directly enter the username and password to log in, these are free Chegg accounts so you will be able to enjoy the services without any issues. 

2. Use Survey Sites To Get A Free Chegg Account

You must have heard about these survey sites where you will get rewarded for completing the surveys. You just have to make sure you answer some simple questions and submit them, after completing the survey they offer you monetary benefits. This is easy for you to arrange money using this method for premium accounts. You can make the money required to sign up for the Chegg accounts, this is beneficial in the same way. Some of the famous sites are LifePoints, Vindale Research, and SurveyJunkie.

You will need to complete some surveys, this should not be hard for you to arrange a Chegg monthly subscription. The money you will earn can be redeemed through PayPal.

3. Get Chegg Account Free Trial Without Credit Card

free chegg account

It does not matter whether you have a credit card or not, you can still use Chegg free trial. This is not an odd thing as you can generate a free credit card from several websites, visit those sites, and generate one for yourself. It will generate a random card and will show you the details that you have to enter for starting your free trial. It generates different kinds of cards such as VISA, MasterCard, etc. 

All you have to do is get the details of the credit card from these sites and then visit Chegg’s official website. Log in to your account, and then sign up for a free trial using this card instead of a real one. This method will work and you will be able to use premium benefits for the duration of a free trial. 

4. Get Chegg Account Free Trial With Credit Card

Chegg offers a free trial with a credit card if you have a credit card then you don’t have to worry about entering this free trial session. The free trial is for seven days so you will get several premium benefits like homework, book rental, free 30 minutes watch for videos, and answers for any questions. This is a one-time benefit for every user, so if you want the free Chegg account then this is the best option. 

You have to make sure that you cancel your free subscription before the free trial is over. It is just for seven days so after that you will be charged for using the services further.

5. Plugins & Hacks To Unblur Answers 

free chegg account

Plugins and hacks are no help in this matter, you should not trust these scams so avoiding this is the best option for you. The hacks will not work because everything is controlled from the server-side of the Chegg, there is no way you can use any plugin to unblur the answers that you want to see. 

6. Create Chegg Account With Multiple Email IDs

Using this method you will be able to use Chegg premium benefits, again and again, using the different email IDs. You can get some email IDs and passwords online just like the fake credit cards for a free trial period. With each ID you can enjoy the premium account benefits without any issues, there should not be any issues with that. 


Chegg offers an amazing study platform for every college and school student so its premium account is important. The cost of the premium subscription is not high, this is worth paying for them, you can decide this with a free trial. 

We have provided some free Chegg accounts for you to use so you don’t have to pay any money. They are easy to use so just copy-paste them as login details and then you can study on Chegg. Make sure you carefully follow the things that we have explained and take care of things that we have warned you about. 

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