Fix: The Spotify Application Is Not Responding (5 Solutions)

What pisses you actually is when your Spotify application suddenly stops while you are working on your presentation, with your headphones on; and then it freezes there with a pop-up message that reads  “The Spotify Application Is Not Responding” while Spotify does start.

 An application that claims to have about more than 200 million subscribers including free and paid members, Spotify is an application that lets you stream to unlimited music and tracks, it’s really impossible that you haven’t heard about it.

 This might be a troubling situation when your Spotify application is not opening, the track that you might have planned for your housewarming party or long drive. You may go to the Spotify help desk and complain, but this may take a longer time to respond in the meantime you can check the following options that may serve as a quick fix. 

How To Fix ‘The Spotify Application Is Not Responding’ Error

Whenever your Spotify is not responding due to several reasons such as memory usage, firewall settings, network, and so on or sometimes it may be that you can’t directly access your Spotify application through the control panel through the keyboard and you have to go on to open the application in order to choose a song. The following solution is suggested to you for fixing this problem.

1. Quit & Restart Spotify Application

Sometimes taking the simplest solution is probably the only solution. I would suggest you to quickly restart your system either phone or your PC and then click on the green tab. The freezing of Spotify applications may be because of low memory. 

You may also go to the Task Manager and close Spotify and other unnecessary apps completely, as some applications which use too much PC resources might interfere with the system.

Follow these steps to do the same:

  1. To open the task manager, press Shift + Ctrl + Esc.
  2. Select Spotify and click End Task under the Processes tab 

Try opening the Spotify application now if you still see the message don’t panic. We have some other steps that you may try .

Spotify Application Is Not Responding

2. Disable Your internet

Some users have reported of this solution, that when they shut down their internet connection, and then relaunch the Spotify application. After that you plug in your internet connection obviously otherwise the application won’t correspond. So try disabling your WiFi, or removing your ethernet cable before you launch the Spotify application. 

To Turn Off Internet Connection on Android Phone

Go to Settings > Wireless Network > <bold>Mobile. Simply uncheck the box next to Data Enabled so that your phone will not connect over the data network.

You can also use Data Enabler, a widget that can quickly cut the connection to the data network. From your phone, go to the Android Market and search for APNdroid

If you are using a WiFi network go to settings>  network and internet > slide off or unselect the option showing a WiFi symbol.

3. Checking Your Firewall Setting 

With the advent of one-touch technology, there come other risks such as viruses, malware, and trojan horses. So it becomes a necessity to install firewalls and Antiviruses for safeguarding your personal details while you may safely browse and download.

In some cases, your antivirus may not distinguish between the safe programs from the more dangerous ones. In this particular case, it might be your firewall or antivirus software that is causing hindrance to your Spotify application, however, this can be very easily fixed. 

  1. To  open settings press  Win + I then select Update and security from the drop-down list and then choose   Windows security 
  2. Then select Virus and threat protection.
Spotify Application Is Not Responding
  1. In the given windows scroll down to find the Exclusions section 
  2. Click on add or remove exclusions.
Spotify Application Is Not Responding
  1. Click to Add on exclusions, from the pop-up menu select Folders 
  2. Add the Spotify folder to the exclusion.
Spotify Application Is Not Responding

4. Reinstall Spotify Application

Just as the best solution to fix PC issues is rebooting the system you may as well re-install the Spotify application. This is probably the best solution that might work out for the problem. It also will give you an additional advantage of looking upon the updates that are available for the application. For different platforms that you are using the Spotify application on, I  have prescribed the methods as to how you may install the Spotify application. If you are working on a macOS follow these step

  • Click to Spotify on your Menu bar, and select the Quit Spotify option.
  • Select  Finder > Go> Library long-press the Alt key if Library is not visible 
  • Open Caches and from there remove the “com.spotify.Client
  • Delete Spotify Folder
  • Install the Spotify application again 

If your interface is windows, the version doesn’t matter. O to these steps.

  • Select Control Panel
  •  Now click on View by Category from the upper right corner and then click on  Uninstall a program
  • From the list of programs that come from the drop-down list select Spotify and then right-click on that option 
  • Now press Win + R to start the Run window. Then input %APPDATA% and press Enter to search the  Roaming folder quickly. 
  • Now delete the Spotify folder 
  • Go to the official site of Spotify, download the application,n and reinstall it again 

If you are an iOS user whether it’s on an iPhone or iPad the steps would remain the same

  • Choose your home screen up
  • Now long-press the Spotify application icon until it starts to shake-u, and press “X” to remove it.
  • Reinstall the Spotify application from the app store 

The last option is checking if your chrome doesn’t have any additional music player extensions.

  1. Select “settings” in the chrome browser
  2. Click “Extensions” on the left
  3. Search for the “google play music” app in the list and either uncheck to disable the app or just delete it.


Well, this is the end to the solution that you ay check into in case your Spotify application is not responding. The problem may be due to a general space shortage on your phone or it might be a computer-based issue. In that case, you may try disk defragmentation.

Make sure that you have cleared all the precious caches before reinstalling the application. Spotify being an online streaming app depends largely on the efficiency of your network connection, even if you are a premium member you need internet access to log in.

You may also try some other music player such as Media Player, VLC player, DRmare Music Converter for Windows/Mac.allows you to transcode Spotify songs to mp3 format

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