How To Fix Roblox Error Code 277 [6 Methods]

Roblox is like a dream platform for gamers, here you can create your games and play. There is so much to do in these games thanks to the amazing features that make it this much fun but because of error, you may not be able to get that fun.

One of the errors that users face in Roblox is known as Roblox error code 277. Several methods can solve this error, we are going to explain six of them here in this article. 

What Is Roblox Error Code 277? 

roblox error code 277

This is one of the errors that is commonly faced by users, still, this error is annoying as in this error you are not able to join the games or you are disconnected while playing the game. It ruins your fun, you will only be able to leave the game or try connections if it works. There are several reasons why this error may occur in this game but with the methods, we are explaining you would be able to solve this. 

You don’t have to worry as the Roblox error code 277 is just one more normal issue that is known to developers. It’s very similar to the Roblox Error code 267 The problem may not occur after they do some changes, but for now, you can try our working methods to play the game on Roblox. 

What Causes Roblox Error Code 277? 

You should know what causes this error to occur if you want to understand the methods to solve this problem. There are several causes for such error that are as follow;

  • Connectivity issues include having poor internet connections or server failure. 
  • There can also be issues with the Router port, so you can try to fix it or replace it. 
  • Problem because of the wrong installation, if the installation doesn’t happen properly then you may face this issue because of corrupted files or incomplete files.

These are the most common reasons why this error in the first place.

How To Fix Roblox Error Code 277?

Here’s how you can fix Roblox Error Code 277:

1. Clear Roblox Logs

Roblox error code 277 occurs because of corrupted files, this is one of the reasons. While you play a game this game collects data logs and saves them into different files as logs. These files may get corrupted so should try clearing the logs to solve the error. Just follows some simple steps as explained below, 

Step 1: Open the Run window by pressing the Windows + R keys. After this enter ” %localappdata%\Roblox\logs” in the open box. 

roblox error code 277

Step 2: Now Select All By Pressing Ctrl+A keys and then press Shift+Delete to delete everything in the folder.

Step 3: Copy and paste ” %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\RbxLogs\” in the run window like before. 

Step 4: Again select all and then delete the files like in step 2.

This would be easy for you to follow these steps, it’s not complex. 

2. Switch Your Network

Your network plays a very important role if you play online games. if an error occurs you can check this by refreshing the network. You can also try to temporarily change the network. 

If the error is solved with this method then you should always use the network that works. There might be some issues with the network provider, you can also consider talking to your network provider.

3. Try Running Roblox In Compatibility Mode

You just have to follow some simple steps to solve the error with this method.

Step 1: Open the properties of Roblox by right-clicking on the application.

Step 2: Open Compatibility Tab.

Step 3: You will see the option for “Run Compatibility Troubleshooter” in this tab.

Step 4: You will see different options below to select,

  • Run this program in compatibility mode
  • Windows version in the drop-down menu.

Step 5: In the end, click on save and apply.

Check whether the error is still occurring, if not then there are more methods to fix the Roblox error code 277.

4. Update Your Browser

Outdated browsers are not able to run certain software properly, in the case of Roblox it may cause this error. You can solve the error by updating the browser to the latest version.

After this, the error should be solved if it’s because of the outdated driver only.

5. Switch Opened Ports In The Browser

Changing the ports solves your problem, you should follow the steps as explained below to do this.

Step 1: Log yourself if the admin panel of your router by filling in the necessary credentials. 

Step 2: Find and select the option for the port forwarding. 

roblox error code 277

Step 3: Now select your preferred port range and then fill in the details asked as follows,

  • Name: Roblox
  • Type/ service: enter the default UDP port that is 49152 65535.
  • Inbound/ Start: 4912.
  • Private/ end: 65535

Enter your computer’s IP address after filling these. And then click on save and apply. 

6. Reinstall Roblox

You can try reinstalling everything once again if the above-mentioned method doesn’t work properly. It will solve the issues related to any corrupted file or a missing file.

This is the best solution for you if you are not facing a Roblox error code 277 because of connectivity. It will reinstall the files of your game so you can use it as your last option. 


This would be easy for you, whatever we have explained covers the solutions for all the possibilities that cause this Roblox error code 277 to occur. You will be able to enjoy games without facing this issue ever again.

This error is just a normal one and the developers know about this so until the fix this somehow you can try these methods to enjoy the game at present. 

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