How To Instantly Fix “NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue” Error

 Does an error message pops up when you try to install Nvidia Graphics driver in windows saying ‘Nvidia installer cannot continue’

The occurrence of this error can have many possible causes and it can happen in both driver versions and windows versions. But before you perform these troubleshooting steps, try restarting your computer, this would refresh your operating system and free up the space occupied by corrupt data.

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

There is not much to worry about; this error can be solved by a simple change of settings from your system.

Fix NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue Error

Just follow these instructions step by step and the ‘NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue’ error will be solved.

1. Update NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver

If your graphic card is not enabled or updated, you cannot install the driver this is what that causes the problem. you can check this setting at the device manager.

Go to your NVIDIA Control panel and Browse Help menu and select Updates.

In update tab –

You can view already installed updates or Click on Check for updates

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

Click on the ‘Automatically check for updates’ checkbox.

How To Fix “NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue” Error

If there is one click on the link given or click on the system tray pop-up balloon that will redirect it to Nvidia website driver page.

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

2. Manually Install The Drivers

Go to your Device Manager, expand Display Adapters and select NVIDIA graphics driver from the action menu of the toolbar click uninstall, wait till the process is over then reboot your device

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

After rebooting, again go to Device Manager and open Display Adapters and right-click on the Nvidia Graphics card. And then click on Update Driver Software.

After you click on update driver it will take you to another screen, go for Browse my computer for driver software and search the folder Nvidia setup extracted all the files.

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

Include the sub-folder option too and install and reboot your device. As of now the display drivers are installed, install the .exe file too

3. Enable NVIDIA Graphics Card

If it is showing ‘Nvidia cannot continue’ this error could be just because you have not enabled it or it’s been disabled.

Simply go to Device manager then to Display adapters, go to the Nvidia graphics right-click on it, and in the pop up click on enable.

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

You may also check if the graphic card is detected incorrectly, you can enable this through the following steps. first, you may check if our graphic card is listed under the category of display adapters, if not you have to first locate it.

Your NVIDIA might be present in the list of “other devices” or it may have a different device name. You may locate the devices with yellow marks on them. One of these devices may be your NVIDIA graphics card, still if this fails follow the following steps

  1. Right-click on the devices with yellow mark on them and click to properties.
NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

2. From the sidebars select the option of details, now click on Hardware IDs from the drop-down list

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

3. The hardware Id value should be similar to that of the below picture, the id VEN means Vendors while DEV means Device.

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

4. follow the given link and add your vendor name and device ID.

This will give you your device name. once you have found your NVIDIA graphics card you have, you should update your driver to the latest version

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

5. Turn Off Your Antivirus Software

The antivirus we use in our system often interferes, so temporarily it can be turned off to check if it was the one causing error.

Some common antivirus softwares and how to stop it temporarily


On the bottom right corner of your system look for the McAfee icon go for change settings and then Real-time scanning and Turn it off for some minutes and check if the NVIDIA installer cannot continue error issue still occurring.

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

Avast Antivirus

On the bottom right corner check for the Avast icon. Right-click on it and select the Shields control option and in the avast window disable the scan for some time and check for the error.

How To Fix “NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue” Error

Microsoft Security Essentials

There must be an MSE icon in the bottom right corner of your system tray. Right-click it, Open the settings then click real-time protection, uncheck the box saying Turn on real-time protection and then save changes


Go to Bitdefender right click then go for Virus shield it is a black check when enabled and clicking on it, black works will change to red i.e. Virus shield is disabled.

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue


Go to ESET application via the searching bar in the bottom left corner or through the icon in the bottom right corner of your system

Open ESET smart security click on setup and the Antivirus and antispyware protection and temporarily disable it, and confirm it by clicking on Yes.

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue

6. Kill all NVIDIA Processes

The error can also be caused by running background services and processes of NVIDIA that cause complexes and conflict. So by killing all these processes and then will try running the installer.

Search for Task Manager in the bottom left corner of the system, go for the Processes tab locate and end all the NVIDIA processes running in the background by clicking on end process 

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue


Try all the methods given here and reboot your device, you will surely resolve the NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue error. If you are still having a problem and the above methods are not useful enough for you, feel free to ask by commenting below.

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