How To Fix Instagram Link Not Allowed Error

We all know how popular Instagram is and almost every person next to you has an Instagram account. It has become the queen of all social media apps with over 400 million active users where you share your photos, videos and engage with others. 

We must say Instagram makes quite good efforts to keep spammers away and other unacceptable activities. So, recently Instagram has made changes in its policy to protect users which may have led to this ” Instagram link not allowed” error. It occurs when you try to post comments or photos saying “link not allowed”.

Your presence here tells us that you must have encountered the same error. Well, you are in the right place as we have briefly explained why this error occurs and how you can fix the Instagram link not allowed error.

What Is The Reason For “Instagram Link Not Allowed” Error?

instagram link not allowed

Of course, Instagram’s policy changes were made as the spamming activity was increasing at a high rate and this is the main reason for this Instagram’s “link not allowed” error. However, what kind of links are not allowed? 

  • Links that are associated or linked with spammers.
  • Your IP is also blocked if you put the same link again and again considering it as a spamming activity. 
  • Links that are fake or which do not exist anymore. 
  • Links or sites that have adult or explicit content.
  • It may also have blocked your link mistakenly.
  • “Add me” links like Snapchat and Telegram aren’t allowed.
  • Sometimes shortened links as it is unclear what you are linking.

Above are a few reasons why you could be encountering the Instagram link not allowed error. Therefore, keep reading to discover which method would help you to fix this error. 

How To Fix “ Instagram Link Not Allowed “ Error

Let’s look at the 7 simple and effective ways by which you can overcome this Instagram link not allowed error. 

Method 1: Switch Your Network 

We try to dig into all other methods without once checking our network. Sometimes the problem can be posed by your network as there are chances of your IP address getting blocked. As we know by either restarting your WiFi or switching to mobile data you get a new IP address and that may fix the error. 

So, basically, turn your WiFi off and then switch to your mobile data. Wait for a few minutes then again turn on your WiFi by plugging in the router. You now got a new IP address. Therefore check if you are meeting the same error again. If yes, let’s see the next method. 

Method 2: Use A Link Shortener

The other way by which you can get rid of the “Instagram Link Not Allowed” error is by using a link shortener like bitly. When you paste your link in the link shortener you are given a new link. You can copy and add this link to your bio as this a new one and is not blocked by Instagram. Hope that helps.

Method 3: Remove Link From Your Bio

This one’s the most effectively worked method. People often put a link to their other social media handles, YouTube channels, or websites in their bio. So you need to remove the link which was resulting in the Instagram Link not allowed error. 

instagram link not allowed

You can remove the link by editing your profile via the accounts. Once you remove, paste the link that was presenting the error again and see if you still encounter the same error. 

Method 4: Use Incognito Mode To Login 

instagram link not allowed

Another reason for the Instagram Link not allowed error may be the cache and browsing history. And when you are in Incognito Mode or browse privately all your cache and browsing history is disabled. So, log in to your account by opting for Incognito Mode in your web browser and see if the error remains. 

Let’s now see what’s the next method to get free of this error. 

Method 5: Change Your Router Configuration 

Another way you can overcome Instagram Link not allowed error is by changing your router configuration. The following simple steps can help you do that. 

1. Firstly, go to the homepage of your router and log in.

2. Now select my network and open the network connection. After that, under the rule name choose broadband i.e ethernet

3. After that, go to settings select renew then release, and lastly apply.

Now that you have saved the changes, this should probably have fixed the Instagram link not allowed error. 

Method 6:  Use The Facebook Sharing Debugger Tool

You can also try this method if the above methods weren’t fruitful although they should have. However, Facebook sharing debugger is a tool generally used by developers to fix this kind of issue/error. 

instagram link not allowed

Therefore, if your link has been blocked by Instagram you can identify and remove bugs(debug) by using this tool. One can visit the Facebook sharing debugger and debug and hopefully, your link will get unblocked within 1-2 days if it doesn’t have any improper content or is not linked to spamming sites. 

Method 7: Logout Of Instagram Or Switch To Flight Mode

You can also try this method the very first itself. One can log out of their Instagram account and remove all its data or uninstall it and reinstall it again. Hopefully, this should have resolved the Instagram link not allowed error. 

If it didn’t, please try by enabling flight mode in your smartphone for 2-3 minutes and then disable it to check if you are still encountering the Instagram Link not allowed error.


“Instagram link not allowed” error is quite common and the methods we have explained above are productive and should have fixed the error. 

Make Sure that the links you put do not have inappropriate content and are not spam as Instagram is very protective or restrictive to keep the community/platform harmless.

Hope the article helped you in fixing the error and let us know if you still have any more questions regarding the same.

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