How To Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android

Are you having an issue with Google Maps on your Android device?

Does it stop working while navigating?

Relax! Perhaps it happens due to certain reasons when something went wrong on your phone. But every problem has a solution so we have.

Today in this article, you’ll learn how to fix the Google Maps not working error.

In this era, the use of technology has been increasing day by day. It makes our life easy and secure.  Advancements also help to save time. 

For instance, In ancient times, when people did not know about any road or any public place, they used to ask other people.

But in this modern world, people have become smarter like technology itself. Now, people take the help of the internet and Google to reach their destination so that they can know about the place or the road and also save their time.

That’s why Google has developed google maps. You can use Google Maps on your mobile or computer for free. With the help of this, you can navigate your nearest public areas like schools, hospitals, ATMs, etc. or reach any destination without any help from others.

But sometimes it fails to load an accurate destination. It probably happens due to the compass not calibrate, weak signal, improper network connections.

So, we have several solutions to undo these issues.

How To Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android?

If Google Maps does not work properly on your Android device, apply these solutions mentioned below:

Make Sure Location Is Turned On

If you want to go from your place to another place, first, go to the phone’s settings on your Android device and turned on the location services so that you can discover the best route with the help of Google Maps. Sometimes Google Maps doesn’t work properly due to the closure of location services. Also, turned on the GPS on your phone from the notification panel.

So, ensure that Google Maps has permission to access the location of your Android device. 

The following are the steps to turn on the location settings:

  1. Go to your Android’s settings and open the Apps option.
Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android
  1. Now click on Apps permission and Enable location services.
Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android
  1. Finally, confirm that the location has been turned on for Google Maps.

Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes you may deal with such error due to inaccurate internet connection or slow wifi. So, when you use Google maps make sure that these things are working properly. If any of these doesn’t respond accurately, the problem with Google Maps occurs.

So, before using the google map just check your internet connection and make sure it works.

To do that:

Firstly disable your mobile data.

Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android

Then enable it again.

Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android

Clear Google Map Cache & Data From Settings

We all know that Google Maps is used to search our destination places and addresses where we want to go or want to know. Such data is automatically added to the cache and cookies in the app. This can take a lot of space and also reduce the speed of the system of your device.

So, this problem can be solved by deleting cache, data, and offline maps from settings. 

To delete, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open up your phone settings and go to the Apps Manager.
  1. Now you will get an option “All Apps” where you will have to select Google Maps.
  1. Then click on the Storage and choose clear cache.
Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android
  1. If Google Maps is still not working then choose clear data.
Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android

It reset the Google Maps and clean up the all data.

Enable High Accuracy Mode

Along with enabling location services, Android devices can also use GPS Tracking, WI-FI, and cellular data to indicate where the device is located.

If you keep the location services enabled on your Android device all the time, then your device battery may drain quickly.

But if you turned on High Accuracy Mode then everything will be used to determine your location and information available to the smartphone. This data is from satellites, mobile operators, as well as data received for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to enhance your accuracy. 

To enable High Accuracy Mode below are the steps:

 In the “Location” section from the phone settings, you will find an option “High Accuracy” with which you can turn on GPS on your Android.

Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android

Update Google Maps App

Sometimes Google Maps doesn’t work if it is outdated. The problem of Google Maps can be done by updating it and also improve to navigate the directions if the current version you have installed doesn’t work accurately.

To get the updated Google Maps App:

  1. First of all, open up the Play Store on your Android device.
  1. Now, search “Google Maps” inside the search box.
  1. Then, select the given “Update” option to install the latest version of Google Maps.
Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android

Manually Calibrate Your Compass 

The compass of the Android device should be calibrated so that Google Maps navigation can work properly.

If the compass is not calibrated, it may happen that your location is shown in the wrong direction.

If Google Maps doesn’t automatically calibrate your compass on your Android device then you will need to manually calibrate your compass.

  1. First of all open Google Maps and select the blue dot that is visible in the location icon.
Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android
  1. Now follow the method shown on screen and making a figure eight in the process.
Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android
  1. Google Maps will alert you after successfully calibrating your Android device.

Check whether the calibration process has been successful. Once successful, the accuracy of your location will improve and, the size of your direction beam will be reduced.

Restart Your Device

The easiest way to solve the Google maps problem is to restart your device. So that everything recovers and Google Maps can work well. To restart your device you press the “power button” and the “reboot” button. And after some time, check whether the problem is solved or not.

Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android

Try Using An Older Version Of Google Maps

Try to use the older version of Google Maps to solve the problem of Google Maps or if your phone does not have an older version of Google Maps then go to any third-party website and download the old version. This method can temporarily fix the problem, but installing applications from third-party sources can also damage your phone.

To download the older version of Google Maps:

  1. First, Uninstall Google Maps from your Android device and download an older version of Google Maps from any third-party website.
  1. But to install the older version, go to your Android’s phone settings and select “permission to install apps from untrusted sources” option.
Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android
  1. Now again visit the third party website and install the older version of Google Maps.


I hope this article was helpful for you to fix Google Maps not working issue on your Android device.

Google Maps is one of the important applications we use in our daily life. But due to some error, it bothers us. So, it’s unavoidable to face such an error. You no longer have to worry about this error. Pick any of those methods to undo the error.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experience with us by leaving a comment in the section given below.

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