Discord Mic Not Working: Here’s How To Fix It Instantly

Is your Discord MIC not working in Windows 10? Are you also disappointed about this and looking for a solution eagerly?

Well, then you’ve landed on the right page! Many Discord users also face the same problem every day while talking to each other.

There are many gamers in this modern gaming world who prefer to use an online chatting application “Discord”. This app is used to talk to each other… But sometimes it happens that when you talk to someone on the “Discord” app, you can hear his/her voice. But when you want to speak anything Discord MIC doesn’t work. And most of the users have to face this problem.

How To Fix Discord Mic Not Working Error

Therefore, in today’s article, we have brought several solutions to this problem for our readers.

1. Allow Discord To Use Microphone

Make sure that you have allowed discord to use the microphone in your Windows, before making any changes to the settings in Discord.

To do that, below are steps to enable Microphone:

  1. Go to your Windows 10 settings and select “Privacy”.
  1. Select the ” Microphone” option under the app permissions on the left-hand corner side.
  1. Finally, enable your microphone under the option “Allow apps to access your microphone”.
Discord Mic Not Working

Now confirm whether the problem has been solved or not.

2. Log Out & Restart Discord

The easiest way to solve this problem is to log out and restart discord again. If you want your friends to hear your voice, try this solution. But this solution to this problem is temporary.

  1. To log out of Discord from Windows 10, Press the User Settings option in the bottom left corner to open the User Settings Window.
Discord Mic Not Working
  1. Scroll down the left-hand side column and click on the given “LogOut” option.
Discord Mic Not Working
  1. Now a confirmation window will open on your windows screen where you will have to confirm the given LogOut option “Are you sure you want to LogOut?” to LogOut from Discord.
Discord Mic Not Working
  1. To get restarted, Close the discord window.
  1. Restart your Windows 10.

Finally, after restarting, Log in to the Discord app and make sure that the problem is solved.

3. Run Discord As An Administrator

Your discord app required Administrator Privileges to perform certain tasks. Try running it as an administrator to see if this is your problem. In order to apply changes, you will need to have an administrator to access your Windows.

  1. Right-click on the Discord App icon.
  1. You will get an option “Run as administrator” simply click on it.
Discord Mic Not Working

4. Change Input Sensitivity Settings

Sometimes discord mic does not work accurately due to Automatic Input Sensitivity being disabled in Discord settings. If you turned off this setting then your Discord app becomes unable to Automatically access your MIC sounds.

To enable your Automatic Input Sensitivity settings, follow the points given below:

  1. Click on the User Settings and then you will see an option App Settings in the left-hand sidebar where you will have to select Voice & Video option.
Discord Mic Not Working
  1. Scroll down your slide and choose “Automatic detect input sensitivity” and enable it.
Discord Mic Not Working

Now speak anything to test your microphone. If the discord microphone starts working then you’ll see a green flash indicator while transmitting your voice.

5. Reset Voice Settings

If the above-mentioned methods don’t fix the Discord Mic Not Working problem then you must try this method to deal with the problem. Because using this method, your Discord mic is more likely to work again.

Here are the steps on how to reset voice settings:

  1. Open the discord window and press the User Settings in the lower-left corner.
Discord Mic Not Working
  1. Now go to the App settings where you’ll see the “Voice & Video” option simply click on it.
  1. Scroll down your slide and click the option “Reset voice settings”.
Discord Mic Not Working
  1. Then click on the OK button in order to make changes.
  1. Lastly, scroll up the slide to the Mic test option and click on the Let’s check to test your discord mic whether the error has been fixed or not. 
Discord Mic Not Working

6. Try Push To Talk

To fix this glitch, change the input mode to push to talk in discord settings. In this mode, you will need to press a button while talking to others.

To enable the Push to Talk below are the steps:

  1. Go to your User Settings in the Discord Window.
  1. Select the option “Voice & Video” in the left column.
Discord Mic Not Working
  1. Now, to enable this mode tick ✔️ the box next to the Push to Talk.
Discord Mic Not Working

4. And start recording a Keybind that’s your hint to press the keyboard button that you want to push to talk.

Discord Mic Not Working

5. Lastly, click on the “Stop Recording”.

7. Select The Right Input Device

Discord always allows the input device as the default. This problem usually occurs with computers, which already have a built-in microphone. Therefore, the built-in microphone does not have the necessary driver to work with a VoIP service such as Discard.

Here are the steps to select the right input device:

  1. Open up the Discord window and tap the User settings.
Discord Mic Not Working
  1. Press the Voice & Video under the App permissions.
  1. Choose the microphone from the lists under Input Device.
Discord Mic Not Working
  1. Turned up the volume for the input device.
Discord Mic Not Working

Make sure that you’re able to speak anything.

8. Disable Exclusive Mode In Windows

Sometimes the glitch occurs because the Exclusive mode is enabled so that your discord mic is not working.

But you can fix this glitch by disabling the exclusive mode in Windows.

Guides are given below to disable exclusive mode:

  1. On the lower right side of your screen, right-click on the sound icon.
  1. Click on the recording device from the drop-down lists.
Discord Mic Not Working
  1. Then, choose the microphone and click on the “Properties”.
  1. A new window will appear on the screen where you will have to click on the Advanced option.
  1. Uncheck the box given under the Advanced tab.
Fix Discord Mic Not Working
  1. Click on OK.
  1. Restart your Windows.

Confirm that if you are still the Discord mic not working issue.

9. Update Audio Driver

Sometimes the discord mic doesn’t work due to an outdated or missing audio driver. This problem can be solved by updating the Audio driver.

  1. To update Audio Driver, press the start button and select ” Device Manager” from the menu.
  1. Now, a new device manager window will open on the screen.
  1. Select the Audio input and output option and right-click it.
  1. Now choose the option update driver.
  1. After clicking it, you will get an option “Search automatically for updated audio driver software”, simply click on it.


Update the audio driver manually from its official manufacturer’s website. Simply, visit its manufacturers’ official site and choose the latest audio driver.

 But if you use onboard sound then there may be a problem with your motherboard. That time, visit the motherboard manufacturers’ official site and download its updated version.

Lastly, verify that the audio driver is updated.

10. Change Windows Privacy Settings

If you have disabled your Windows Privacy Settings while updating your Discord app then there is a possibility that your discord mic is not working.

So you need to enable your mic access to the discord app in Privacy settings. 

  1. Press Window Key+S and look for the “Privacy Settings” option.
Discord Mic Not Working
  1. Open up the Privacy Settings.
  1. Scroll down your left column and click on the “Microphone Tab”.
  1. Then check out that the settings “Allow Apps to Access Your Microphone” is enabled.
Discord Mic Not Working

Finally, check your microphone whether the mic is working or not.

11. Try Installing An Older Version Of Discord

You can also install an older version of Discord to fix the Discord mic not working error. Download the older version from a third party website such as ApkMirror without any obstacles.

If you install an older version of discord then you’ll be able to get back your old discord features.

  1. To install an older version, uninstall your latest version.
  1.  Visit the third party website i.e. ApkMirror
Discord Mic Not Working
  1. Then, download an older version of the discord.

Open your app and try to speak in voice chats to check if the issue is solved.

Discord Mic Not Working After All This? Contact Discord Support

In this article, we have mentioned all possible solutions to fix the Discord Mic in Windows 10. But, if none of the above-mentioned steps work and still discord mic is not working then there may be technical issues. 

So, we recommend you visit the Discord official site and contact Discord Support. The discord team will reach you and help you to deal with the issue.


Hope the above-mentioned method helped you to deal with the issue. We have picked out all the possible outcomes to fix the discord mic issue. 

Did any method work for you to fix the Discord Mic Not Working issue?

If yes, Kindly give us feedback by dropping a comment in the section below. 

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