Facetime Not Working: Fix It Using These Methods

Facetime is a video call application for iPhones, iPads, and Macs. If you are using one of these devices then you will prefer this application to make video calls, this is easy to use and lets you make calls to your friends and families. This is useful but only when it is working properly.

Facetime Not Working

FaceTime Not Working is an issue that many Apple Device users face but you don’t need to worry if you are also facing the same issue with your device. We are going to explain things that you can do to fix this problem with FaceTime on your device. Read this article carefully to understand better. 

Fix FaceTime Not Working Using These Methods

Restart Your Apple Device

Facetime Not Working

The reasons for this problem may be unknown but in the end, this is just an application on your device. This is better if you try to restart your Apple device first, this is the easiest way to drive this issue. You don’t need to troubleshoot the problem that is causing this to happen in your device. 

You can try other methods if this does not solve the issue for you. Make sure you restart your device after checking everything, you may not wanna lose the current progress of different applications so close them properly. 

Turn Off & On Your WiFi Or Switch To Cellular Data

Facetime Not Working

FaceTime works best on a wifi network, you can make uninterrupted high-quality video calls but you may sometimes face a problem even with your WiFi. You can try to turn off and then turn on your wifi once for this, it may solve the speed issue. If this does not work then switch to the cellular data of your device and then you may be able to use FaceTime without any issues. 

Check For Software Updates

Facetime Not Working

You can understand that any application like this is always updated by the developer so you must have the updated version of FaceTime on your device. This is easy to check for updates and if you find any updates then you should update it instantly to use without any issues. For this, you just have to go to the settings then general and then you can find the option for software updates in your iPhone or iPad device. 

If you are using a Mac then you will find the option for software update in the system preferences. The latest version is necessary so make sure you and the person to who you are making the call has the latest facetime software. 

Check FaceTime Settings

Facetime Not Working

There are not so many clear reasons why FaceTime Not Working on your devices so you can assume that it’s because of your Apple account. You can sign out of your Apple account and then sign in again to check whether it starts working properly. In the settings, you can try to disable the application and then enable it again, you can also sign out directly in the settings from your Apple account if you want. 

Go into the settings and then find Facetime, you will see the toggle to disable and enable the facetime application on your device. Below that option, you can find your apple account from where you can sign out and then sign in again. 

Reset Network Settings

Facetime Not Working

You can understand that FaceTime requires a proper network connection to make video calls if the cause for FaceTime Not Working is your network then you can try to reset that. For this, you just have to follow some simple steps which are as follows, 

Step 1: First, open your device’s settings menu. 

Step 2: Click on general and then click on Reset.

Step 3: You will see several options, just find and select ” Reset Network Settings”. 

Confirm it and then exit, now you can try to use FaceTime once again. If it still does not work properly then you can try other methods for this.

Set Date & Time Automatically

Facetime Not Working

There is a setting in your device that sets your time and date in the device automatically, FaceTime can not work properly if the Date and time are incorrect in your device. You just have to follow some simple steps for enabling that in your Devices, 

  • In your iPhone or iPad device, you will have to have to first go into the settings option then go into general, and in the end, you can find this option in the Date and Time. 
  • In your Mac device, you will have to go into system preferences instead of settings. You can easily find the options for Date and time. 

Enable the option named ” Set atomically” in the date and time section.

Check If You’re Signed With Your Apple ID

Facetime Not Working

This is obvious that you have to sign in with your Apple ID if you want to use FaceTime, this must be followed by the other person on the call as well. You can check whether or not you are signed in using your Apple account by going into the settings and then in FaceTime Option. You can see the Apple account that you are using, if there is not any account then you need to sign in to the FaceTime application using an account. 

Check If FaceTime Is Available In Your Country

FaceTime does not work if you are from these countries such as UAE and Saudi Arabia, you can check whether this application is available in your country. This is simple to find out through a Google search, you need to know about one more thing. If you want to use FaceTime then you should not purchase your iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices from these countries because then you won’t be able to use these in your own countries as well.

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Make sure that the services are available in your country and don’t purchase it from the restricted countries. You can find the list of countries over the internet so first confirm this. 

Sign Out & Login Back To Your FaceTime Account

Facetime Not Working

Troubleshooting the error may be difficult so in that case, you will have to try everything. One of these methods is to sign out from the FaceTime Application and then Re Login to your account, this will solve any normal error that may be causing FaceTime Not Working Issue. This is easy to do, you just have to follow some simple steps, 

Step 1: Open your settings and then go into the FaceTime. 

Step 2: You will see your Apple ID, Tap on that and then select sign out. 

Step 3: After signing out, you will see an option named ” Use your Apple ID for FaceTime”, fill in your login details to sign in again. 

After you are done you can try to use Facetime. Read the remaining methods if you are still facing the issue with FaceTime Not Opening. 

Turn Off All Restrictions On Your Apple Device

Facetime Not Working

You can try to check if any kind of restriction that you have enabled is causing the problem by temporarily turning it off. Follow the steps mentioned below in this method. 

Step 1: Open your settings and then go to general in iOS 11. If you are using iOS 12 then open screen time instead of general after opening the settings. 

Step 2: Open Restrictions from the menu, in iOS 12 it will state as ” content and privacy restriction”.

Step 3: Now turn off the restriction and then check whether or not FaceTime starts to work again.

In Mac devices, instead of settings go to the Apple menu then system preferences and in the end, go into the parental controls option. Do the same as explained for other devices and then check FaceTime. 

Test The Camera & Microphone On Your Device

This is possible that there are issues with your device’s camera or microphone. If they are not working properly then you may face issues while using FaceTime. Check by recording a short video and playing it back, if that is proper then there are no issues with your camera and microphone. Now you should contact the Apple support team if you continue to face this same problem. 


One of these methods should help you fix the error by yourself, you should follow the steps carefully to fix this problem. This is easy to solve this FaceTime Not Working issue as it is just an application error however you may need to check whether or not you are restricted to use FaceTime in any way such as restriction in your country. FaceTime is an amazing application so this is always the best option for you to use to make video calls. 

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