What Is Discord Top Secret Control Panel & How To Use It?

Discord’s top-secret control panel is quite popular and is known by almost every gamer and discord user. Discord has gotten all the attention by the gamers from the moment (PUBG) Players Under Battleground has emerged and gained popularity. 

If you are curious to learn what a discord top secret control panel is and if it is accessible, you are at the right place. 

This article’s gonna clear all your questions regarding the discord top secret control panel simply and straightforwardly. 

What Is Discord?

Discord is a popular app just like TeamSpeak, Skype, or Slack to chat with friends. But since it’s specifically made for gamers, it’s pretty useful if you are playing games on PC to talk to your friends. 

It has over 250 million active monthly users and not only gamers, other communities too congregate here to meet up and socialize. People with common interests create servers either public or private where they hang out, chat via voice, text, or video. 

discord top secret control panel

Servers here are mostly focused on gaming though you will find other topics also like cryptocurrency, manga, anime, etc. Also, these servers are broken further into channels of various topics. 

Moreover, it has both desktop and mobile versions and one can directly text other users and share media. One can consider it a less formal version of slack. 

Let’s now learn about the discord top secret control panel and everything related to it. 

What Is Discord Top Secret Control Panel? 

There’s a discord top-secret control panel feature on its PC version. However, none really knows for what good it is there, but there are speculations or rumors that it’s still in development and can only be accessed by developers to make the modifications or whatsoever. Until now there seems to be no use of it. 

How To Use Discord Top Secret Control Panel?

This top-secret control panel feature can be accessed or seen by right-clicking on the discord icon. Just a few steps and there you are.

  1. Visit the official site- discordapp.com
  2. Download and install the application from there and after installing open it. 
  3. Now go to the notification bar and right-click on the discord icon. Here you will discover the top-secret panel which is in grey indicating that it is disabled by default. 
discord top secret control panel

As I said earlier you cannot disable or enable the discord secret control panel as developers haven’t revealed what is its purpose and is accessed only by them. Now that we know that the discord top secret control panel cannot be accessed by users, we will see what can be the reason for its inaccessibility. 

Reasons Why Discord Top Secret Control Panel Is Inaccessible

Reasons for why we aren’t able to access discord’s top-secret panel are very logical like,

  • Maybe it’s in its beta version and chances are the developers might introduce it with some great features ahead. 
  • Or, might be it’s only for developers who access it to make certain changes or maintenance purposes. 
  • If not anything else, it’s just making you a curious kid giving the name a ” Discord top secret control panel”.  

Nonetheless, there might be other explanations too which we aren’t aware of.


Discord’s top-secret control panel is famed notoriously by everyone. Though we still don’t know what it is and why it is there in the first place. However, it is disabled for several years now and only the discord’s developers know about it. 

Hope the article cleared all your doubts and the vague responses from all around. Besides, if you have got any idea regarding the discord top secret control panel, let us know in the comment section. 

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