10+ Coolest Discord Easter Eggs & How To Get Them

Discord is an app used by a lot of people daily. Have you ever known that there are tons of easter eggs that are hidden in the app? In this article, I will provide some of the fun and exciting discord easter eggs. 

Discord is the best and easiest way to talk with your friends and creating communities. Easter eggs are nothing but different messages, texts, extra features, animations, references, mini-games, and images. they will be hidden in a sight and ask you to complete specific tasks to unlock them. 

Discord Easter Eggs

10+ Best Discord Easter Eggs

Following are some of the easter eggs to try in 2021

1. Discordo

It is a fun and simple easter egg. Click on the home button 15 times in a row to activate discordo. Once you have pressed 15 times, you will hear the discordo sound. Hereafter, you will hear the same sound every time you open discord. 

Discord Easter Eggs

To turn it off, you have to click on it 15 times again. After that, you will be able to hear the leaving sound of discordo. It is one of the fun and exciting Easter egg which is hiding in plain sight. 

2. Extra Light Theme

This is for mobile discord users. To try this, you have to go to the app settings and appearance settings on your mobile phone. Under the theme section, you have to click on the light option 6 times to activate this easter egg. 

Discord Easter Eggs

It will greet you with the message “When the light theme is not enough” which is displayed on a white screen. Your flashlight will also be on for a couple of seconds. It is a funny and cool easter egg that will outshine the other easter eggs. 

3. Secret Ringtone

Many people don’t know that discord has a secret ringtone. This ringtone will play when you receive a call instead of a standard ringtone. This tone is very rare to get. So, there is no way to access without having any laws of random choice. 

If you are lucky, then you will be able to hear them sooner. If you hear them, don’t forget to tell your experience in the comment section provided below. 

4. Snake Game

This is one of the best easter eggs. It is the popular vintage game that is available in the world. Some websites like YouTube and Google have used these snake games in their past. But discord has its own version called Snake. 

Discord Easter Eggs

For accessing it you have to run into the discord 404 error page. Then click on the light blue button which will be available beside the hamster. This is one of my favorite on the list because it is fun and an interactive old game that will take you back to your old days. 

5. Hidden Cat Page

This easter egg will be mostly encountered by developers and people who are particularly looking for it. You will be able to find this under the rate limits documentation section which is available in the discord development portal. 

Discord Easter Eggs

There you can find a specific colon that will lead you to a different page. It will greet you with a cat inside the rocketship heading for space. For charging this web page into an old meme, Nyan cat, you have to click on the toggle which is found on the upper left side of the page. If you remember Nyan cat, this is the fun and cool easter egg for you.

6. Discord Username Easter Egg

It is a nod to popular MOBA games such as league of legends and DOTA 2. When you copy your username by clicking on it will display a copy message which many people are aware of. When you click on your easter egg multiple times, you will be able to see a clever easter egg. 

Discord Easter Eggs

Depending on the number of times you have clicked on the username, different messages will pop up on your screen. It will take 11 clicks to reach the last message. I don’t want to give spoilers by giving details about every single message. This easter egg will definitely make MOBA players smile. 

7. Username Clicks

This cool easter egg will appear when you click on your username multiple times. Your username will be available in the discord client. Simply click on the username multiple times in the bottom left corner of your discord client.

Once you have clicked in the username successfully, a green tooltip will appear. Hover away from the username and then click on it again. A single message will appear. Click multiple times to see some cool messages. Some of the final messages will have some shaky text animation containing red background which will be quite cool.

8. Empathy Banana

Empathy banana is similar to a dropped magnifying glass. It is one of the rarer versions with no results message. Sometimes discord will display an empathy banana message if it fails to get the result from your search. 

Discord Easter Eggs

It is one of the rare discord’s easter eggs. So, it will take a while to find out. It is one of the funny and quirky Easter eggs which will bring a laugh or two. 

9. Raging Demon Discord Easter Egg

This egg is related to musical note arrows as they use the same shortcut. To bring up the key combinations sheet, press the ctrl and l keys together. Once the cheat sheet gets opened, press H, right arrow key, N, and K in a specific order. 

Discord Easter Eggs

This will trigger a short animation that will truly excite people who are interested in animation. This combination can also be found in the miscellaneous cheat sheet. This easter egg is a great reference to pop culture.

10. Experimental AMOLED Optimized mode

This is another discord easter egg that can be used only on a mobile. This will be an interesting one on the list as it will give access to the experimental feature. It will also give an additional theme or a mode for you to work. Go to the appearance settings and press on the dark theme a few times, a message will appear.

Discord Easter Eggs

Then hit the dark theme a few more times, you will be able to see additional options below. When you turn this on, you can see the experimental AMOLED mode. This feature will work best on AMOLED phones because it will help to save battery life. It will also work on other phones if the user wants an overall darker look. 

11. Dropped Magnifying Glass

This is one of the simple and easy ones. With Discordo, all you need to do is you have to simply press the button to access it. But for this easter egg, it requires luck. When you don’t get any answer for your search result, it will show no results found message along with a magnifying glass.

Discord Easter Eggs

Sometimes you could even get a different message saying that the dropped magnifying glass has been accidentally broken while searching. This is one of the fun easter eggs which will be unnoticed if you are not looking for it. The next time if you are searching for an Easter egg look at the message displayed and see whether you can find this easter egg. 


I hope this article answers the queries about discord easter eggs. Try all the easter eggs mentioned in the article and share your experience in the comment section. If you know more easter eggs, then don’t forget to leave them in the comments below. 

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