How To Delete Steam Account Permanently In Windows 10

If your childhood and even further has been clouded by video games, on PC. It is probably impossible that you are not known to words such as PlayStation, Xbox One, and Steam.

Steam is the biggest platform for, digital gaming distribution, that lets buyers buy and play PC games. Although there can be many reasons as such to delete your Steam account such as you might have found another platform to purchase your video games such as, Humble Bundle,; or if your final decision to track down your life and stop killing your precious time that is spent on gaming.

Delete Steam Account

The best way to control your urge is to remove all those places that instigate you from falling into the dark world again. This might include unsubscribing all those video gamers from your youtube, keeping away from your gaming circle, and most importantly deleting your Steam account.

Following are the step on how to delete Steam account.

How To Delete Steam Account

So, if you have finally made your mind to quit the addiction to gaming, follow these simple steps, to delete your Steam account. You should keep in mind that while the deletion of the steam account is usually permanent, you may however revert your decision within 30 days of your request.

Step 1: Go to the browser and search

Step 2: Log in to your steam account using your username and password. 

Delete Steam Account

Step 3:   You can find your account details, in the upper hand right corner, click on the bar. From the drop-down list select “Account details” 

Delete Steam Account

Step 4: When you scroll down the page, you can see the option of Delete my Account click on it.

Delete Steam Account

Step 5: then you have to follow these simple steps, firstly fill the entry form that is a way to verify your account ownership.

Delete Steam Account

Steam will then send a verification message at your e-mail id, click on the link that is followed, 

Delete Steam Account

On clicking the link, your account will be locked for thirty days and if it’s not accessed up to that duration your account will be gone for good.

But the bigger problem that starts afterward is to subdue your strong urge to be back on the gaming platform. You may venture to a long list of other options, that you may do get rid of this good for nothing habits, such as owning a new hobby, joining a new sports club, or even pet sitting.

However, this is when you are too much into the gaming world and that you want to get rid of this habit ASAP. But there might be cases where you think that maybe your Steam account is occupying too much space in your computer, in that case, you can just free some space, by installing a few of your PC games that no longer ignites your interest list.

Sometimes when you are trying to get access to your steam account it might pop up a message saying that your Steam account doesn’t exist, that might sound like a problem but you can fix it yourself, just try clicking on the profile page itself instead of the link, when you will view the source of the link, it might not show any result, but when you open the account page and view its source, it will work fine.


If you have realized, that the steam account is taking a big part of your life’s schedule, and is somewhat disturbing your work-play balance, I guess you must eat a humble pie and go forth in deleting your account. Because Steam is a DRM service that means in order to have the access to the games you have purchased you must have your Steam account; and also no refund is issued.

However, if you don’t want to delete your account and you are looking for a closer skip then probably you can add a shortcut to all the downloaded games and put Steam into an offline mode. By using the offline mode, you can’t access the internet on your Steam account. 

So it will keep you away from the hustles of notification of new versions of games, no updated version will be downloaded and it will also keep you away from the play store. I guess a slower and a better way of giving up the ridicule habit of using video games.   

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