How To Watch DailyMotion On Roku [2022 Guide]

It’s quite obvious that YouTube is undoubtedly the supreme one in the video industry. However, apps like Vimeo and DailyMotion aren’t left much behind. 

DailyMotion is a video-sharing app that is available globally in 18 languages and also has localized versions. DailyMotion’s content is primarily focused on entertainment, news, music, and sports.

If you are a user of DailyMotion and want to stream DailyMotion on Roku device then this article is certainly gonna help you with that.

There are over 300 million monthly users for DailyMotion and it’s increasing every day. Its immense popularity, global content, established creators and the fact that it’s entirely free will certainly make Roku users feel to have it on Roku.

So here in this article let us see if it is available on Roku or not and if not how can we bring DailyMotion on Roku. 

Is DailyMotion Available On Roku?

No, DailyMotion isn’t available on Roku. You can neither have access to its official or private channel. Moreover, you cannot sideload apps on Roku. 

Therefore screencasting and mirroring can help you out with this to watch all the videos of DailyMotion. 

In this article, we have shown you methods to mirror your screen to Roku for Android and Windows or Mac.

How To Watch DailyMotion On Roku Streaming Devices

Here are easy ways you can watch DailyMotion on Roku by screen mirroring as it’s quite efficient on Roku. 

1. Screen Mirroring From Android Devices

Follow the simple steps to mirror the screen from Android devices to Roku. 

1. Initially, connect your Roku device to the TV’s HDMI port.

2. Then to the same WiFi connect your smartphone and Roku.

3. Enable the screen mirroring option by moving to the settings then system and here you enable the screen mirroring option for Roku. 

dailymotion on roku

4. After that, install the DailyMotion application from the Google play store. 

5. Now in your phone settings navigate to connection and sharing and then select cast and enable it. 

dailymotion on roku

6. And now Roku appears in search results for devices to cast. So choose it and both the devices will be connected.

That’s all, now you can open the DailyMotion app on your smartphone and mirror all the content on the Roku screen. And on the iPhone, you can enable screen mirroring via the control center

2. Screen Mirroring From Windows or Mac


DailyMotion on Roku isn’t available though it’s still possible. And if you wanna mirror your screen from Windows or Mac, you have to follow these simple steps. 

1. On the bottom right corner you will find the notifications icon, click on it then click on connect through the action center

dailymotion on roku

2. Then among the available devices select Roku. And once both the devices are connected your desktop will be mirrored to Roku TV.

3. Then you can browse DailyMotion videos or content through its site and stream them on Roku TV.

Let us see what the steps are for Mac. 


1. Click on the AirPlay icon from the menu on top and from the list of devices available, select Roku

dailymotion on roku

2. Like above, once they are connected, on the Roku device your Mac screen will be mirrored. 

3. So you can browse DailyMotion content through its official site and enjoy streaming. 

It’s that easy!


With the help of the above methods, you can stream and enjoy DailyMotion on Roku. Screen Mirroring is the best way one can utilize as third-party apps aren’t supported by Roku and since there are no ways to download DailyMotion on Roku, the mentioned ways can make it work somehow. 

Hope the effective ways helped you and let us know if you have any questions regarding the same. 

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