How To Convert EXE To APK In Instantly [Working 2022]

There are several apps available on both the play store and app store of android and iOS, software for PC on web stores. Yet these are limited to their respective operating systems as they vary in design & compatibility.

Windows software cannot be used directly on android but you can use a converter tool to convert it from an EXE to an APK file as there is no Windows Emulator for Android. But there are many methods to convert EXE to APK.

Let’s know what’s a file extension first.

It’s the character or group of characters after the period that makes up the whole file name or simply said, a suffix to the name of a computer file.

It helps an operating system determine what type of file it is so that the computer can open the correct program when we use it. There are many file extensions such as EXE, MP3, DOC, PNG, PDF, etc.

In this article, we are gonna tell you how to convert an EXE file to an APK file so that you can enjoy and get the robust features and portability on your Android device also.


  • EXE to APK converter (You will find the link below).
  • Windows application or software that you want to convert.
  • PC or an Android phone to run the converted file.

What Are EXE Files?

Convert EXE To APK

A file with an EXE extension is an executable file that is used in operating systems like Windows, MS-DOS, OpenVMS, ReactOS to open software programs. We use no. of apps or programs on our Windows PC, the file that makes the computer run that program is an EXE file.

However, there is a lot of malicious software distributed by EXE files. When one installs this kind of file, it seems completely safe but in the background, it may hold a virus and damage your computer.

So one needs to be careful while downloading an EXE file or if you received it by mail. Always remember no video, music, or documents have an EXE extension so if you receive something like this then instantly delete it. Videos or music have extensions MP3, MP4, or AVI but never got an EXE.

What Are APK Files?

Convert EXE To APK

An APK file? So you must have come across this term at some point if you are an android user. Ever wondered what it means?

APK is an archive type file that stands for ‘Android Package Kit’ and is used by the Android operating system for the distribution and installation of mobile apps. Just like EXE files which we use on Windows OS to install the software.

Generally, when we go to the play store to download an app it automatically downloads and installs APK in the background. However, these APKs are available on other websites and app stores also. But why do we need them or how are they useful to us.?

If you want to customize your experience and also have access to leaked apps beforehand, then APK files make this possible. It’s very often that APK files of new Android builds are leaked earlier and if you are impatient and want to experience new features of the particular app, and there are cases where some applications are restricted to a region where you can simply download and install an APK.

You will also need an APK file where some developers don’t offer their applications to the play store. These files comprise all the files necessary for an Android program.

As many sites offer APKs, one should be careful if you don’t want your data to be stolen or have any malware intrusions. Just like EXE files malware can be distributed in APK files too. Make sure you are downloading from a trusted source.

How To Convert EXE To APK On PC & Android?

EXE works only for Microsoft Windows and APK works only on Android operating systems. PC files are particularly huge and cannot be transferred to a smartphone and APK is made compatible with mobile devices…

So what if you want to experience the same application or program features of a PC on your Android phone.? It’s now where you need a converter tool that changes your EXE files to APK files.

You can play the same games and applications of EXE format on your Android phone and almost all tools of EXE to APK converters are free.

Let’s see the steps to convert the EXE file to an APK file.

Step 1: Initially, download the EXE to the APK converter on your computer and keep the EXE file prepared for conversion.

Step 2: Once you have completely installed the converter, run the tool once.

Step 3: In this step, a screen will be visible to you where it gives you two options to setup files or portable applications. Here you have to select “I have a portable application” and click on next.

Convert EXE To APK

Step 4: Now browse for the file or program that you want to convert to APK and after moving to the required file, click on convert and convert your EXE file to an APK file.

Convert EXE To APK

Step 5: Now you are done. Your conversion starts and the complete time it takes to convert entirely depends on the size of the file you have chosen. Keep up your patience till the conversions complete.

Step 6: When converted to APK, the EXE file will be automatically stored on your PC and the dialog box will let you find the way to where your APK file is stored.

Convert EXE To APK

Once you found the converted APK file, copy and paste this APK to your smartphone and run it to use the APK file of the EXE file.

The steps are obvious and you will not have any problem installing the converted APK file on your Android device but still, as there are many converting tools online, you have to be careful that it is trustworthy as they may have malware.

How To Run APK Files On PC.?

There are times when you want to run APK files on Windows PC, so in this case, you have to download an Android emulator or a game player on your PC.

Some of the best emulators available now are remix OS player, Genymotion, BlueStacks App Player, MEmu. You can use anyone but the main procedure stays the same.

Step 1: First, download the emulator on your PC.

Step 2: Now in this step, you have to download the APK application you want to run on your PC.

Step 3: Then launch your APK on the Android Emulator. That’s it.

What To Do If Your Application Is Not Working?

Yes, even after converting there are chances that the application may not work. Make sure that the application/program you want to convert isn’t very large as an Android phone will not be able to provide that huge memory.

Nevertheless, one can try installing low sized applications and use them smoothly. Not just that some apps are graphic or power-intensive so you should make sure your phone has the prerequisites to run such massive applications.


So this was all you need to know about converting an EXE file to an APK file. Let us know if these steps worked out for you and if you have helpful suggestions or any other converter tools that work well then do let us know in the comment box.

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