How To Clear Clipboard On Android In 30 Seconds

Nowadays many use Android smartphones because of their rapid growth in technology and all the amazing features that they give you, also being pocket friendly.

It has so many options to explore and enhance your device. One such feature is copy and paste. This must be one of the best things made; or else who would rewrite those notices, documents, etc again and again. 

Clipboard is a specific location on phones or PC where the text you have copied or cut whether from any site or chat is stored. Usually, a clipboard stores information until you copy another text or reboot, or log out.

Therefore, we copy links, texts, parts of docs, etc, and our clipboard gets cluttered when we don’t clear them. So, to clear clipboard on Android you have to follow a few steps that are easy and straightforward.

Thus in this article, we will show you how to copy and paste, and clear clipboard on Android.

How Clear Clipboard On Android Easily

Here are the easy and simple steps that you can follow to clear clipboard on Android.

1. How To Copy-Paste In Android

1. Initially find the text or link you want to copy from any site or document.

2. Now tap and hold on to any word in that text. After which two handles or bubbles will appear which you can drag either left, right, above, or below to highlight the text that you want to copy.

Clear Clipboard On Android

3. Also if you want to copy the complete text you can tap on “SELECT ALL” instead of dragging. 

4. A menu will be popped up in which you tap on “COPY” to copy all the text you have selected. 

5. Now you can navigate to where you wish to paste the copied text, for instance, take notes or Gmail, and tap and hold on space where you wish to paste it. Again a pop-up menu appears that says “PASTE“.

6. Now paste the copied text where you want it to be there.

Clear Clipboard On Android

That’s all you have to do. Let’s now see how to clear clipboard on stock Android.

2. How To Clear Clipboard In Stock Android

Copy and paste functionality is certainly easy. In stock Android it stores only the last thing you have copied on its clipboard, you simply copy another text and the text you copied before is erased automatically i.e you don’t have to do anything manually. The former texts are stored as caches however, they will be deleted when you reboot your phone. 

3. How To Clear Clipboard In Samsung Devices

Unlike stock Android, custom UI smartphones store the texts that you have copied and if you want to clear the clipboard in Samsung devices, follow the steps which are simple and easy.

Clear Clipboard On Android

Clipboard is a nice feature that gives us access to our recent copies made. The way you do when pasting, long tap on text space, a menu will appear, select clipboard in it, and then you will see all your recently copied texts. You can either select individually and click on delete or you will also have an option “Delete all” 

Clear Clipboard On Android

So that’s how you can delete or clear clipboards on Samsung devices. Nevertheless, on other android devices, you will have a 3 dots menu in which you tap on the clipboard and then select the copied texts and delete them.


These are the best and effective methods for you to clear clipboard on Android. Also, you can use android applications to clear clipboards where you clear data and cache of that app in settings to clear clipboard on Android.

Hope this article was useful to you and let us know if you have any questions in the comment section. 

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