How To Check Twitch Chat Logs [Guide 2022]

Twitch is a world of streaming games. One can imagine the number of actions taking place with around 15 million daily users and 2 million monthly broadcasts it has. Twitch is not simply another video streaming service. It’s got reasonable status by offering a broad range of robust features. 

One of the most notable features is live chat which grabs the attention of people and twitch’s channel owners. This live chat allows users to interact with other users. 

Check Twitch Chat Logs

Those with popularity or the one who brings in more viewers will have an idea why am I talking about twitch chat logs and how they can be useful. 

It is quite difficult to track every comment while playing and there are not many things twitch offers with the speed of chat pass. So what if you had a glance at some comment and want to check it out or maybe one of the users may have appealed to you to review why was he banned.

In this article, you’ll learn how to check Twitch chat logos to dig into your old chats and messages.

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs?

Here are simple ways you can opt from to check your chat logs. 

1. Use The User Search Command

Sometimes you may be wanting to review particular or specific accounts. Then in this case you can use Search Command.

This is quite simple, you just have to type the username in the channel chat and then you will be able to see the user’s details such as,

  • Number of times that user has been banned or timeouts he received.
  • Messages left by the user on your channel.
  • What comments the mod has made about the particular user. 
  • When the user-created his account

This is also helpful to learn if the user got banned and created another account finding a way around and avoiding the previous ban. However, one has to remember if the moderator deleted or removed any comments then you will not be able to view the messages from User Search Command. Don’t worry there’s a solution to this too.

2. Using VODs

Check Twitch Chat Logs

This is one very convenient way to check Twitch chat logs. So, VOD is short for Video  On Demand, and activating this tool will let you record everything along with the comments dropped. Playing the recorded VODs is all you have to do. For this, you will have to go on your channel and search for the videos of the streaming sessions and view the entire chat. 

So, currently, this is the only way to see even those chats which were deleted or removed by the moderator unlike user Search Command or third-party apps that cannot view these chats. 

The only thing painful here is you will have to go through the whole session. Therefore it would be a lot manageable if you have some idea of the time around which the comment was made. Simpler enough to inspect a ban or timeout. 

However, there is also a shortcoming and that is you cannot go back more than two weeks as only the last two weeks’ videos are available. 

3. Using 3rd Party Programs

If you aren’t content with the above methods then you can also have the option of adopting third-party programs. There is this software called “chatty” built for twitch that allows you to log the stream chat into a file for downloading later.

Check Twitch Chat Logs

If you are consistently up to date with chats then twitch tools are enough but if you want for the long run, greater control than pondering third-party apps is good.

It’s a kind of cold recording of the chat that will help you moderate and read the chat. Though you cannot view the messages that were deleted by either moderator or you. 

Chatty runs on Windows PC or any additional Java 8 enabled operating system. 

Some other features of chatty include stream data, name colors, bot interaction, and you can also follow several channels at once and get notified when they are live streaming. This is a very fast and easy way to check Twitch chat logs.

4. Using Chatbots

Check Twitch Chat Logs

Now this one is yet another quickest and straightforward way to check twitch chat logs. Chatbots will let you supervise and moderate chats between thousands of participants. They effectively perform moderation in less time and were made to make streaming helpful and easy for twitch streamers. 

But remember Chatbots stores only those chats they were active on. Nightbot, StreamElements, Moobot, Wizebot are some of the best Chatbots that will make your twitch streaming more interactive. 

Note that there are several Chatbots attainable with varied features to make sure you do the right amount of research and choose the more productive one.

Why You Should Care About Your Twitch Chat Logs?

There are various reasons to check your twitch chat logs as constant communication with customers i.e participants here directly or indirectly will increase your brand value or your channels. It helps to improve your content and make necessary changes. 

Anyways, below are the possible reasons why you should care about twitch chat logs. 

1. Look For Inapt Comments

Usually, big channels receive tons of comments. There is a possibility that they are using trash words or cyberbullies or trolls. Of course, twitch does its best in handling and moderating these comments but still, you cannot keep ignoring those comments because if you do so, you may lose your channel as these kinds of inappropriate comments breach Twitch’s Terms Of Service(TOS).

2. Opportunities

Yeah, we never know what happens. There may be hidden opportunities in your twitch chat logs like any kind of company may need you to promote them or can be from a big channel to join them. Therefore, to know which opportunity is waiting, you will have to check your twitch chat logs. Right? 

3. To Review Disciplinary Actions

There are times when some users are banned unfairly and may have requested you to look into it. Scanning that comment back and then you can reach out to twitch asking if that was a necessary penalty required will help you build accord between you and viewers.

4.To Gather Feedback

Feedback is necessary for every field almost. This will help to enhance your content. Here, you will know what sort of games your viewers are relishing and what are boring them. Some viewers also make suggestion-tips that may improve your gameplay.

Analyzing what your audience enjoys and how they respond or react to how you put everything or play is one of the prime things twitch streamers should do.

So all together, gathering feedback will make your channel a little more flawless. 

5. To Suppress Spammers

Some people speak all trash and also get banned by twitch but then, they don’t end it here. When they encounter a ban, some people create new accounts and continue with the trolling. 

So, looking at the writing resemblances, or when the account was created and username can help you identify the user. 


All the ways above are extremely easy so you can choose any one of the methods as reviewing twitch chat logs is one of the vital things to improve and develop your channel making it more involved and thrilling.

We hope this would have been helpful to you in puzzling out which method is best to check twitch chat logs. 

If you have any questions or other helpful ways then feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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