How To Check Airtel Net Balance (2G/3G/4G Data Check) In Just 3 Steps

Airtel being one of the most reputed and ongoing brands in today’s world serves millions of people across the globe. In the internet-based world, it is important to keep a note of our net usage, and your favorite brand has made the process pretty easy.

May it be preventing overusing of data or keeping tabs on your consumption, with a goof in hand steps you can access the data details. To bridge the gap between your cold state and mindful data figures you just need to follow 3 steps.

How To Check Airtel Net Balance 

Now, there actually are 3 various methods, as in maintaining the comfort of every customer. To simplify it furthermore you can simply check it in 3 steps. You can check it on the app, on the website, or either by just a dial. You may use any method according to your flexibility for checking the net balance. Let’s take a glance at these methods. 

  1. Using a mobile app
  2. Using Airtel website
  3. Using Airtel USSD code

1. Using Mobile App

You can check the Airtel net balance on our mobile phones in three easy steps. “my Airtel app” is a 4.4-star rated with a size of 9.5M. By downloading the app you can check the net balance not just for once but any time and day you want. The app is not just compatible with android, but it also functions on iOS devices.

For Android

Step 1 – Go to the app store and search “My Airtel App” and click on ” install ” 

using mobile app

Step 2 – When the app is installed, go to the home page of the app, signup by adding the details, including your phone number

Step 3 – After signing up, all details regarding your plan and your net balance status will be right on the home screen. 

using mobile phone

For iOS

Step 1 – Go to the apple store and look out for “My Airtel App” and tap the “get” button on your screen.

Step 2 – After the installation process is done, signup by filling all the required details in the app

Step 3 – Once your signup procedure is done, you can find all plan-related info on the home screen regarding your plan, its validity, and also your airtel net balance. 

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2. Using Airtel Website

You also have access to your net balance without using the app, by just using chrome. This primarily requires your phone number and after the OTP share, you can have a look at your Airtel net balance. The process does not require a lot of effort and delivers the net balance real quickly.

Step 1By simply clicking on the link you can reach up to the official site of airtel for your net balance check. If you want, you can also search for ” my airtel ” on your google account to get into the official page of airtel.

using airtel website

Step 2 – For logging in, you may start by finding the “login” icon on the upper right side of the airtel’s official site, after tapping it, a box will appear. The box will ask you for two separate details, the first will be either mobile number or service id and, the second will ask you for either password or OTP.

using website
  • Now, if you are already registered, you will need to enter your mobile number or your service id with the password you might have created previously, you can also go for the option stating ” forgot password ” if you have any issues related to your password.
  • If you are yet to register, you will need to enter your mobile number or service id, whatever you are aware of and after entering that, you will receive an OTP(one-time-password) on your registered mobile number which you will have to again fill in the box to go further. After that, you will need to fill up a few more details for signing up.

Step 3 –  Finally, when you are signed up, you can click on the “broadband” option available, and you will get the whole info of your airtel net balance check right on your screen.

3. Using Airtel USSD Code

Gateway to airtel net balance can also be knocked by entering USSD code and receive all the details regarding your data usage. The Airtel USSD codes can be used to obtain information about data balance, main balance, and other airtel services. This USSD code works for both prepaid and postpaid.

Step 1 – You will need to dial “ *121# ” from your registered airtel phone number

using USSD code

Step 2 – After you have dialed, a pop-up message will arrive on your mobile phone screen and, you will need to press 5 on the dial pad 

Step 3 – Subsequently after that, you will need to press 1 on the dial pad. After pressing that, you will get a message stating the net limit for your airtel phone number and also regarding the amount you have already consumed.

using USSD code


Q1. What details including net balance can you approach with the help of app?

Ans. All details regarding your plan, including daily limit and consumption till now can be accessed through the app.

Q2. What if you don’t know the password while using the Airtel’s website?

Ans. Click on the “forgot password” button, and you will receive an OTP on the registered number.

Q3. Is the code same for 2G, 3G and 4G ?

Ans. Yes, you need to follow the same procedure for checking different speeds of data for airtel’s number.

Q4. Is the procedure same for prepaid and post paid numbers?

Ans. Yes, the procedure works similarly for both kinds of Airtel numbers.


Checking your airtel net balance is now a cakewalk, anyone with basic knowledge can check net balance in just 3 steps, that too in multiple ways. You can easily keep tabs on your daily consumption limits. This is the best method for airtel net balance check.

Being a global network, airtel has taken worthwhile steps for the comfort of the users, including this net balance feature. In case you need any other type of help, you can contact Airtel Customer Service for any form of help and support.

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