How To Skip Or Block Hulu Ads [Working Methods: 2022]

Hulu is one of the best services that provide you with on-demand, TV shows, and movies at a low subscription cost. 

However, like all other services Hulu also pops up lengthy ads. And ads simply ruin the entertainment while streaming. 

Fact that you are here tells us, you must be digging for ways to block Hulu ads. Therefore, keep reading the article to uncover which method would fit you to block Hulu ads. 

How To Block Hulu Ads Guide

Here are a few methods by which you can block Hulu ads and stream with no annoying ads.

1. Use Adblock Plus

So, there’s no perfect ad-blocker that blocks Hulu ads. Although Adblock Plus works just fine in blocking Hulu ads. It has extensions for almost all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc, and is one of the most popular ad blockers. It also has a whitelist feature that keeps your device safe by searching for malware ads. 

block hulu ads

However, the downside of it is, it completely doesn’t block an ad rather displays a blank screen. If you are fine with the blank screen instead of lengthy ads then this one’s right for you. Also, sometimes the content on Hulu will not play and display errors. In this case, you have to disconnect the Adblock extension and then enable it after a couple of minutes. 

2. Refresh The Page

A more practical solution to block Hulu ads is refreshing your page. When you refresh your page the ads don’t disappear however the ads do shorten. Ads usually are longer in Hulu that are annoying so shortening them will definitely be a little relief.

3. Use Hulu Ad Blocker Extension

Now, this method is effective enough to get a non-stop streaming experience. One can block Hulu ads by installing the Hulu ad blocker extension from Chrome Web Store. It’s available for chrome and chromium-based web browsers. 

block hulu ads

You can follow the simple steps below to install the Hulu ad blocker extension.

  1. Visit Chrome Web Store and search for Hulu ad blocker extension.
  2. Once the extension is added to your browser, you can log in to Hulu and watch your favorite movies and shows. The extension detects and blocks ads and commercials giving you a seamless experience. 

Though, if you didn’t find it very beneficial, you can hop on to the next method. 

4. Fast Forward Ads Using Enounce My Speed

block hulu ads

Now this one doesn’t block the ads but lets you control your time. Enounce My Speed lets you fast-forward ads and save time. You can change the playback speed of flash and HTML 5 videos. However, it works just fine with Hulu also. Enounce My Speed allows you to speed up the videos 5 times faster. 

However, Enounce My Speed doesn’t come for free. Although you can try its free trial for 7 days and purchase it if you find it worthwhile. 

My Speed- $29.99

My Speed Premier- $99.99

5. Use The Two Tabs Method

To block Hulu ads this one’s quite tricky but in the end, doesn’t let ads interrupt you much. So what you do is open two tabs to watch the tv show or movie you want to. After that, mute the 2nd tab and fast forward or advance it before the first ad occurs. Then continue watching your show on the first tab.

Now if it comes closer to the first advertisement in the first tab, open the second one and unmute and rewind it. Now since it has already played the advertisement you can start watching immediately from there. 

If you are fine with hopping a little here and there then this method is for you. 

How To Block Hulu Ads On Android

If you are an Android user then you must know that there are wider options to personalize it. Undoubtedly many ad blocker apps are available in the play store. Nevertheless, most of the apps don’t succeed in blocking Hulu ads. 

But, there’s this third-party app blokada that works quite fine in blocking Hulu ads. It’s free, open-source and if you are used to Adblock plus, you will find no difficulty in using blokada.

Another app is the Adblocker browser. It’s free and blocks banner and video ads when you watch on its browser. 


These were some of the best ways to get past all the Hulu ads and enjoy streaming. Blocking Hulu ads isn’t that easy as Hulu serves ads from the same server as its videos, executing ads thoroughly. However, the above methods should have helped you more or less. 

Hope the article assisted you and let us know if you have any more promising ways to block Hulu ads. 

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