12 Best Token Generators MTG 2022 [Working]

Magic: The Gathering is a fantasy card game featuring wizards, monsters, swords, and other creatures. There is no incorrect way to play, and several formats, including Legacy, Commander, and Cube, draw large crowds.

Some “tokens” techniques have proved popular across numerous game types. Creature tokens are a popular component of this game, and many of them are based on solid tribes, including Elves, Vampires, Goblins, and even Eldrazi. In this article, we will tell you what are the best token generators MTG.

Some token-generating cards may completely take over a game or even allow for an endless combination!

So, what are the most potent token-creating cards that may offer you an advantage in a game? Many are creatures, while some are artifacts or even sorcery cards.

12 Best MTG Token Generators – Magic : The Gathering

Here’s are the Best Token Generators MTG:

1. Blade of Selves

best token generators mtg

Are you tired of determining who to attack in your four-player EDH game? Then, you won’t have to with Blade of Selves! Now, keep in mind that these tokens only live until the end of the conflict! They’re still tokens, aren’t they?

Try this one out as it’s one of the best token generators MTG that you can find out there.

2. Thopter Assembly

best token generators mtg

What’s the big deal about this thing? Thopter Assembly is a 5/5 with flying for six generic mana, and if it’s your only Thopter on your upkeep, you gain five 1/1 thopter tokens. It’s a big thing.

However, in the correct deck, this is a huge thing. Consider Alara Reborn and an innocuous little relic called Time Sieve. You’re ready for a combination as long as your Commander deck supports blue and black mana.

3. Myr Battlesphere

best token generators mtg

It’s time to start the robot apocalypse! This myr globe is one of the giant myr cards ever created, yet it isn’t here to play games. It’s a big 4/7, and when it enters the battlefield, you acquire four 1/1 myr tokens.

Not only that, but the Sphere may tap your eyes to give your opponent a power boost and deliver some damage from afar. That’s going to get nasty fast in the appropriate Commander deck, and you can abuse the Sphere’s ETB effect in a variety of ways to build a myr army worthy of Karn.

4. Splinter Twin

best token generators mtg

Splinter Twin can vomit forth a fully formed copy of any creature you enchant it with, and you may do this on massive beaters to make disposable attackers.

Alternatively, you may put this on a creature with a fantastic ETB effect and get it again and over again. Finally, this creature can produce endless combinations with Pestermite, Sky Hussar, Zealous Conscripts, and the Splinter mentioned above Twin!

5. Scute Swarm

best token generators mtg

Scute Mob, a bizarre new bug from Zendikar Rising with the potential to generate two sorts of tokens depending on your land count, is now one of Standard’s most vexing problems.

With less than six lands in play, it will just construct a vanilla 1/1 Insect, but with six lands in play, it will create a clone of itself with the same Landfall ability.

6. Dragon Broodmother

best token generators mtg

Examine that gorgeous phrase carefully: you gain a 1/1 dragon token on every upkeep, not just yours! A four-player Commander game translates to a swarm of furious dragon hatchlings, and those dragons are all hungry.

Each one comes with devour 2, and they may eat one other to become a 3/3, 5/5, or even a 7/7 if necessary.

Make sure to include this in any dragon Commander deck that supports these colors (which should consist of most of them), and conquer the skies with flame and talon.

7. Bitterblossom

best token generators mtg

With cards like Bitterblossom circulating, it’s easy to see why! It’s fantastic in both Commander and Modern, and it’s been reprinted several times (thank goodness).

At its finest, this is black mana: cheap, aggressive power at the expense of life, and the pressure this card can apply is devastating.

If your life total runs out, you can zap your Bitterblossom with Abrupt Decay or Maelstrom Pulse to switch to a backup strategy. Don’t deplete yourself in search of one more fairy token!

8. Cryptbreaker

best token generators mtg

Cryptbreaker, which was just reprinted in Arena’s Historical Anthology, is undoubtedly one of the most underappreciated Zombie cards in recent memory.

The primary approach is to start by tapping it to generate Zombie Tokens if you don’t have any in your hand, and if you have at least two more, you may establish an effective card draw engine with Cryptbreaker.

9. Young Pyromancer

best token generators mtg

Young Pyromancer, a Modern scourge for its rapid token creation, is another recent Arena reprint. Although it only creates weak 1/1 Elementals, the fact that it can be triggered by any instant or sorcery spell makes it exceedingly simple to build a rapid army with low-cost draw spells like Opt and burn bits like Shock.

Much to Shark Typhoon, you’ll want to have enough mana to play another card immediately after Young Pyromancer to get the most out of it.

10. Lingering Souls

best token generators mtg

Many of the cards on this list work best in the Commander format, a slow and diverse style with numerous ways to support tokens. But first, let’s take a look at this Modern powerhouse. Lingering Souls creates two separate 1/1 flying creature tokens, which you can flashback if you have black mana.

Paying 3WB for four 1/1 flyers is a good deal, plus you’re spreading out the power, so a Lightning Bolt or Terminate won’t ruin your pleasure.

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11. Anax, Hardened in the Forge

best token generators mtg

Anax, the inverse of Shark Typhoon, is a card that generates tokens in a much more constrained circumstance. In this situation, it is the death of your creatures as you swing them all onto a lethal board.

Any non-token creature that dies creates a non-blocking Satyr, allowing you to assault into any board state to win on creatures.

You could theoretically wait for Anax to swing as well because losing your other Red creatures reduces both your devotion and Anax’s strength.

Still, it’s just as effective to drop Anax down immediately before a broad assault. You’re probably using Anax properly if you’re swinging with everything you’ve got.

12. Bloodline Keeper

best token generators mtg

It’s time for yet another traditional tribe: vampires. If no one can drive a wooden stake through them first, these bloodsuckers, dominating in black mana and splashed in red and white, may completely take over a game and rule supreme.

Bloodline Keeper fits well with any vampire Commander deck that uses black mana. That is to say, every single one of them!


best token generators mtg

So these were the best token generators MTG that you can try out to boost your performance in the game.

The most significant distinguishing feature of MTG or Magic is its ease of access to its massive fans.

This card trading game may be played on a computer, tablet, or smartphone using the Magic: The Gathering Online program, which is accessible online. Players will even use printed cards to play in person.

Unlike other popular comparable games such as Dungeons & Dragons, this game has more sophisticated game rules and an enormous deck of cards to play with.

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