7 Best TinyPic Alternatives To Use In 2022

Your presence tells us that you were once a user of TinyPic and are now in search of its alternatives. Well, you are in the right place as we have listed some best TinyPic alternatives you can consider that give you the best features to share and host images. 

TinyPic was one of the best sites for hosting and sharing images and videos with plenty of features and was owned by PhotoBucket. However, now the site has shut down due to a decline in income and being unable to provide high-quality digital free service. And recommends you to switch to another site i.e PhotoBucket. 

Therefore, without any more ado let’s look at TinyPic alternatives.

Best TinyPic Alternatives List

Below are the best TinyPic alternatives that we have briefed.

1. Flickr

Flickr stands as the first one in our list of TinyPic alternatives because of its huge popularity and the features it offers. 

It’s one of the most famous photo-sharing and hosting sites available. Not to mention, around 7000+ photos are uploaded per minute on it every day. 

tinypic alternative

One can share and portray their photography to anyone from family friends to the world. It’s a place where you will uncover pictures of both amateurs and professionals.

If you are into photography you can build up even contacts here with your favorite photographers and can also join various photography groups. 

There’s a feature called “interestingness” that ranks our photos based on likes, views, favorites, comments, etc and those photos appear on the page- explore. You can add tags to your photos so that people can look at them when they use those tags either from search engines or Flickr.

Moreover, you need a Yahoo! email id and can sign-up for free that lets you upload media up to 1000 GB of storage. You can also go that offers a few more features. Overall, it’s a nice alternative that also paved the way for photographers to feature their work in magazines, sites, etc.

2. Photobucket

This one’s another most popular photo-sharing site if you are looking for TinyPic alternatives. The best thing about Photobucket is its editing features that are way easier to use, and extensive. You can make your pics look just the way you want- touch up, professional, or anything.

tinypic alternative

Uploading and downloading photos is also quite easy. One can present slideshows, presentations, scrapbooks, etc and also add music to it. Also, print your photos on goods such as hoodies, mugs, t-shirts, etc from the site itself. 

Moreover, it has good privacy options: private, private( guest password), public. As you know, making it public means visible to everyone and is shown on search engines. However, it limits its free version with a whole lot of ads and less space and the premium package is quite expensive i.e 500 GB per $300 per year.

3. 500px

You might have heard it these days. 500px has emerged and gained popularity recently though it’s been around since 2003 and now can be considered a nice alternative to TinyPic.

It has an uncluttered and clean interface. Though it has not as many features as other sites it’s still got the things like commenting, liking, favorites, etc. And its staff support is quite responsive. 

tinypic alternative

Popular photos can be seen in the discover feature and also join groups to receive feedback. Furthermore, it has a batch edit feature and apps for both iOS and Android.

In my opinion, it’s a decent platform if you are now beginning photography and finding inspiration to improve your skills to become a serious photographer as its licensing may not help you build a business in photography but you can still earn some pocket exchange.

4. Imgur

Imgur is yet another one among the best TinyPic alternatives. Imgur is completely free and serves more than a million every month. It has a very user-friendly interface and is also eye-catching. 

It’s a nice place if you wanna store your images for free. Imgur also has some editing features like crop, resize, online photo editor which is quite advanced that you can use to enhance your images.

tinypic alternative

Uploading images is also pretty straightforward and you can add tags or descriptions to them. Like other sites, Imgur also lets you have a grip on privacy i.e you wanna keep them public or private. 

Another good thing I like is its meme generator and also that you can convert a video into a GIF. Moreover, it supports all image formats, and you have unlimited storage. However, there’s a limit of 20 MB for images and 200 MB for GIFs. 

5. ImageShack

ImageShack is one of the best and easiest image hosting and sharing sites. Here you don’t need an account to host your images. Its interface looks great and is a little similar to Pinterest. 

tinypic alternative

ImageShack also lets you upload high-resolution images and also create albums, organize everything, add tags. Like other sites, you can discover popular images to get inspiration. It also has few applications for both mobile and web and is a decent one for business use and sharing a single or entire album is super easy. 

Also, you can either have a free account or buy its premium version that has a free trial of 30 days to explore its features. It’s quite competitive in its premium version though.

6. PostImage

In our list of TinyPic alternatives, postimage is a simple and free site where you can host all sorts of images. The free version has many features however if you want you can go for a premium too that has additional features. 

tinypic alternative

In the free version, the size limit of images is 24 MB and 10k*10k pixels. Another good feature is batch limit i.e one can upload up to 1000 images at a time reducing the conflict of uploading one by one manually. 

And if you don’t wanna deal with links you can consider its plugins that are almost compatible with all sites. Postimage also has a Windows application that you can download from the Windows store and it doesn’t remove your images even after long inactivity. 

7. SmugMug

Another best one for TinyPic alternatives is SmugMug, which also owns Flickr. SmugMug has powerful features like a building site, portfolio, high resolution, and full storage, customization, data security, etc… all these don’t come free, know that you should have a big pocket if you prefer SmugMug. 

tinypic alternative

However, if you wanna establish yourself with a strong portfolio then this one’s gonna help you with all the tools a photographer requires and also earn money by selling prints and downloads. SmugMug has a 14-day free trial to see if it’s worth it. 


Above were the best TinyPic alternatives that had various elements. You can choose any one of them that fits you best.  

Hope you liked the article and that it assisted you. Let us know if we have missed any and questions if you have regarding the same in the comment section.

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