11 Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students In 2022

Are you a college or high-school student? Your presence here tells me that you know about Textsheet and you’re probably looking for some Textsheet alternatives.

Textsheet is a learning tool that had revolutionized the lives of students academically.

Need help in homework, want to complete your assignment, require aid in research papers – you just make the demand – they are there like a genie for students.

In a way, they help saving time for students so that they are more focused to upskill themselves.

There are several such educational tools available. This baffles the students in choosing the better one. 

In this article, I’ll list provide you with a comparative and detailed analysis of various such learning tools.

What Is Textsheet?

Textsheet was an e-learning platform. Their simple and easy-to-use interface made them highly resourceful and advantageous for students.

It was very popular among students for providing solutions to their questions regarding various subjects. 

They provided free service with remarkable quality. This helped them acquired huge popularity in a short span. Their modus operandi was based upon the API technology.

Textsheet Alternative

In short, when you enter a query in the TextSheet search bar, TextSheet sends the query to Chegg answers. And using the script, they produce solutions for you on their website.

And this will help you understand in the next section, why TextSheet was shut down all of sudden.

Why Look For Textsheet Alternatives?

The way Textsheet operated was seen as a violation of the intellectual property act called DMCA, by Chegg.

So, they claimed copyright infringement on TextSheet in 2019, and consequently, TextSheet was shut down. Along with Textsheet, many such sites were on alert since they also operate similarly.

However, on the students’ part, it is very disappointing and unfortunate that they lost their unflinching ray of hope.

Users of Textsheet could better feel the grief of losing such an ingenious service. And, if that’s so, then justifying your presence here is our responsibility!

Scroll down the article to learn about the best textsheet alternatives in detail.

Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students

Here are the best Textsheet alternatives for students:

1. Chegg 


Chegg is the reason why you are here. So, on top of our list, we have one of the most claiming textsheet alternatives – Chegg!

Founded in July 2005, it initially involves itself in offering internships, scholarship search service, and college application advice; some of which they have continued yet.

However, it soon grew into an online retailer for books and e-learning and tutoring tool.

Their services comprise renting books, providing online courses, surveys, aid in research papers, and all-day support at a fair price. You can even sell your old books here!

Textsheet Alternative

They provide solutions to a plethora of assignments with detailed and excellent explanations.

You can even approach experts 24/7, for the solutions that aren’t available. And by far, this is the most appreciable feature of this textsheet alternative.

Though they offer you solutions regarding subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Business, Engineering; they are established and proven math solvers.

Textsheet Alternative

Even with such feathers in their cap, their engagement is not at par with textsheet for it is not free. 

But they also give a free trial version of 30 minutes for an online tutorial service. The subscriptions to Chegg start at $14.5/month and $30/month with a video calling feature. 

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2. Slader

Textsheet Alternative

Coming onto our next textsheet alternative – Slader is an independent, crowdsourced, and free depository of solutions for homework, assignments, etc.

It is dedicated to students favoring readymade explanations. It covers students of all age groups including middle school and high school.

It is much popular among US students since most of their answers are based on the US syllabus. However, they are expanding their database to meet global demand.

This is one of the best textsheet alternatives since their UI is simple and easy to use like textsheet.

Just scan the barcode of your textbook or type the title of your book in the ‘Search Textbook’ bar. Once you are done, they will show you the solution to the desired problem.

They provide solutions for subjects like Maths, English, Law, Science and others like History, Economics, Literature, and some foreign languages.

The credibility of answers can not be claimed in totality, since it is a crowd-sourced platform where anyone can contribute. So, even moderation could miss some faults.

Textsheet Alternative

Although, they provide expert solutions and remove ads for a minimal cost of $1.99. If you still crave textsheet, then giving this textsheet alternative a shot will not disappoint you!

3. Course Hero

Textsheet Alternative

Course Hero is a crowdsourced e-learning platform and a suitable textsheet alternative. It has over 30M+ users worldwide. It allows both students and tutors to contribute.

It has a well-organized UI for ease of finding quick solutions, courses, and notes. Its database is loaded with 25M+ online, subject-oriented courses.

You can find resources simply by typing school name(US), subjects, books. Or, you can even filter the documentary course, questions, explanations, or study document. 

Textsheet Alternative

They provide 24/7 aid for your homework and assignments, thus proving resourceful for all students from different time zones.

Further, they also serve personalized coaching from subject experts. They also provide video guides and help students preparing for exams by providing them self-tests.

Textsheet Alternative

Subjects covered by them range from literature to economics, chemistry to history, bookkeeping to psychology, and many more.

Textsheet Alternative

They provide two ways to access the resources. First and simply get a paid premium membership worth $10/month roughly, billed annually.

Secondly, which is termed “Earn Free Access” by uploading your personalized resources there. For every 10 uploads, you earn 5 free unlocks. Moreover, they even pay if you upload docs or refer them to someone.

4. School Solver

Textsheet Alternative

Next on the list is a haven for school projects. School Solver is one of the top micro tutoring sites for solutions to all kinds of questions.

Textsheet Alternative

It has a brilliant feature that allows students to post 1 question or a full course to be completed. For their quick solutions, it can be hailed as one of the best textsheet alternatives.

Besides, it is a platform that is harnessed by freelance tutors to earn cash by solving queries.

Textsheet Alternative

Furthermore, School Solver ascertain that the solution provided by tutors if consumed in the future by students, then they will keep receiving a royalty for that.

But the ultimate stuff that attracts students here is the unblurry Course Hero answers and quicker and cheaper solution than Chegg.

5. PaperHelp

Textsheet Alternative

PaperHelp is a paid textsheet alternative with its unique functionality. It was primarily designed in 2008 for Ph.D. students.

However, now they cater their services even to school, college-going students. They offer solutions for various fields. With unusual perspective and methodical approach, they help students save time.

Textsheet Alternative

They provide you with custom writing services like long essays, research papers, and others. Just feed your requirements and the system will calculate an estimated cost and time for completion of the task.

If you are into research work and seek assistance in your task, then PaperHelp is the best textsheet alternative for you. 

You can order research papers that will be delivered to your doorstep. Or, you can order online help. They value their customer’s privacy very much and maintain confidentiality.

Textsheet Alternative

Ordering professional writing services could cost you from $10 to $24 per page. Further, if you don’t like the product, you can contact customer care available 24/7 for a refund.

6. Study Lib

Textsheet Alternative

This textsheet alternative has a huge database too. But unlike textsheet, Study Lib is an information-sharing platform.

Though the site has a good navigation feature and an interactive interface, it is not as student-friendly as the textsheet. Yet this platform will make your assignments a cakewalk for you.

They encompass a wide range of subjects eg finance, maths, science, foreign languages, engineering, business, social sciences, and a lot more.

The most stunning feature of this site is its digital flashcard explorer which is a great source of information covering a vast number of subjects.

Textsheet Alternative

Since it is an open platform for the exchange of information. They permit students to upload their documents which they find helpful for others or to use them later, provided they have logged in.

They even allow you to download documents for free and share them with your friends.

7. Crazy For Study

Textsheet Alternative

Crazy For Study is the best for completing homework, assignments, getting a solution manual, and question papers. This platform is extensively used in Australia and is a resourceful tool for students there.

They have a big database of 50M books which facilitate students to get instant step-by-step solutions. Their site navigation is brilliant in locating books prescribed by institutions.

They offer you solutions for subjects like maths, physics, engineering, computer science, etc. They also provide online preparation tests for many subjects.

Textsheet Alternative

This textsheet alternative is very fruitful in case you need specialized assistance for a specific subject. They claim their services are backed by professionals experts with Ph.D. in their fields and are 100% plagiarism-free.

On submission, you only pay 50% of the fee, and you’ll only have to pay the rest of the amount if you’re fully satisfied with the work provided.

If you are a first-time user, they will bestow you with a promotional offer on various study resources.

Textsheet Alternative

For the services they render, they worth it to charge a minimal subscription price of $7 a month. However, most of their online subject-oriented courses are free to access and learn from.

8. SparkNotes 

Textsheet Alternative

Another top textsheet alternative on our list is SparkNotes which started in 1999. They serve their engaging products to about 100K peoples. 

They claim themselves to be specialized in creative writing, content related to literature, drama, film, poetry backed by a dedicated database to literature and arts. They also endeavor to maintain quality services in other domains.

Textsheet Alternative

You can get quality and quick solutions for subjects like history, economics, health, physics, politics, and much more. They use summaries to make learning easy and effective.

They are highly popular amongst American students as they are very helpful in cracking competitive exams like SAT, ACT & GRE. They also provide a prep guide, sample questions, and quizzes with books and online content.

You can download this textsheet alternative on Android as well as iOS.

9. Coursera

Textsheet Alternative

An excellent textsheet alternative – Coursera is founded in 2012 by two Standford professors. 

“We envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world’s best learning experience.”- Coursera.

They very soon achieved high growth, by engaging 40M+ users over 3800+ online courses with an online degree in 14+ courses. Their simple layout will help you discover desired courses very easily.

Textsheet Alternative

If you are into research or pursuing a Ph.D. then this is an excellent platform for you. Their vast database will overwhelm you with the amount of study material and resources available.

You can download the app on Android as well as on iOS. However, it will cost you at least $39/month for their subscription, but this textsheet alternative worth it!

10. College Board

Textsheet Alternative

An outstanding textsheet alternative for those aspiring to crack SAT examination. It is the best platform to prepare for SAT.

“We’re a mission-driven not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success.”- College Board 

Specific to SAT, they render you with excellent courses and notes from the top management schools. They help you prep using a variety of quizzes modeled for SAT.

Textsheet Alternative

The notable subjects they cover include advanced maths, history, physiology, etc. You can even buy a book at a discounted price here or exchange books at a fair price.

They also provide scholarship search services, college details. This textsheet alternative is cost-effective with tons of features designed for college students.

11. Quizlet

Textsheet Alternative

Unlike all the above textsheet alternatives, Quizlet is a little different. Based in San Francisco, started in 2007, Quizlet is a community-contributed platform. It is claimed to be the fastest-growing education site in the US in 2016.

It boasts of its 50M+ users spread over 140+ countries guided by a plethora of tutors. They have mastered 10K+ study sets for all sorts of assignments varying from Arts to Maths to Humanities.

Textsheet Alternative

They will always surprise you with an unexpected learning experience. For instance, they provide interesting games like  Gravity, which involves your quick-firing definitions and answers to score points, to engage you whilst learning.

Click the ‘Test’ button to give yourself an impromptu examination, complete with long-form answers and multiple-choice questions.

You can utilize their flashcards to quicken your learning or to revise. They also offer several paid essay writing services and research writing services backed by experts.

Textsheet Alternative

Their resources and study materials are too handy for preparing for exams or consolidating your key knowledge.

To access their services, they offer two subscriptions namely Quizlet Plus for $23.88 and Quizlet Go for $11.99, charged annually. To test the quality of the resources and services, they also offer a 15-day free trial. 


It was very disappointing to know that the Textsheet had been banned. In the article, we have attempted to give you a thorough review of the situation – shutting down of Textsheet.

But, the end of the Textsheet is not the apocalypse! There are numerous online education platforms. They can also assist you to ease your academic life more or less the same way as the Textsheet.

Here, we have endeavored to present the best Textsheet alternatives. Each of them is unique and serves various purposes. Choose the one according to your preferences and requirements.

On a positive note, I hope you find this article helpful. Let us know your experiences and views in the comment section.

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