13 Best Telegram Bots That Are Actually Helpful [2022]

Telegram has risen as one of the popular messaging apps for people looking for an encrypted chat platform around the globe. It is a feature-packed service just like Whatsapp or signal and has all basic and other handy features like custom themes, editing, chat folders, secret chats, etc. And one such feature is telegram bots. 

Before seeing the list of best telegram bots let’s see briefly what these bots are and if they are safe. 

What Are Telegram Bots

Telegram bots are basically third-party applications. These third-party programs operate in the telegram app and are hosted on a server that utilizes Telegram bot API. Telegram users can use bots to get customized notifications, news, integrate with other services, create custom tools, customize keyboard, produce memes, build social services, multi or single-player games; can also accept payment from telegram users. 

People can interact with bots in two ways either by sending messages or command and inline requests. Bots are completely different from channels or groups and perform multiple automated tasks. 

Are Telegram Bots Safe?

Telegram Bots are quite popular among telegram users. However, security concerns have been brought up now and then. Because the telegram bots are preserved by only the HTTPS layer and not the same encryption protocol which they use for chats i.e MTProto. 

Weakening it and making your chats susceptible for the malicious parties to intervene. Nonetheless, the telegram has denied all these reports. 

Now knowing both sides of it, it’s your wish to use them are not. 

If you wanna use telegram bots as most people do and are quite helpful, you can see the list below which includes some best telegram bots to utilize. 

Best Telegram Bots List

Here is the list of the best telegram bots which you can consider for making your life a bit easier. 

1. IFTTT Bot

IFTTT (If This Then That) is one of the best Telegram bots that you can use. This bot connects 350+ apps and devices that range from Alexa to Facebook or any other app. 

best telegram bots

So, that means you can connect your apps or devices and let them work together by being on telegram like backup Instagram photos or import them, or turn on the lights, etc. You can trigger events outside the telegram as IFTTT syncs perfectly.

2. GitHub Bot

So this one among telegram bots may help coders. GitHub bot gives you all the notifications of events happening on GitHub and also the new repositories added or updated from telegram itself. 

best telegram bots

Not only that, but you can also post comments directly from telegram. However, the bot does have a few bugs though it is a decent one and can improve in the coming days.

3. Skeddy

Now, this bot is for those who don’t remember things and often forget. Skeddy reminds you of things by messaging you on telegram. You simply have to set a reminder or send a message on the skeddy bot.

best telegram bots

It can be anything like pick up Sam at 4 or complex like pay bills on 6 July evening. Skeddy is a simple and effective reminding tool to always be on time.

4. Yandex.Translate

Yandex. Translate. You may guess from the name itself that this bot does some translating job. Yeah, Yandex. Translate bot translates all your into whichever language you want to translate. 

best telegram bots

It’s easy and simple to use. Users have to set their native and target language and can talk with people around the world without ki moving to the dictionary in search of words 

5. Trello Bot

Trello bot is one of the most popular telegram bots which helps you manage your tasks or call it a task management tool. First, to use the Trello bot you will have to give this bot access to your Trello account. 

best telegram bots

Once you authorize, it lets you receive cards, manage them, perform all the actions, and also creates new ones. 

6. Swelly

There are many telegram bots available and Shelly is one of the decent ones to help strangers make their decisions. How? People every day ask Swelly numerous questions and pass them to various communication platforms like Facebook messenger, telegram, Line, etc for people to respond. 

best telegram bots

You will have options to answer in like yes or no/ hot or cool depending on the questions. They are more like polls and are fun to answer. 

7. Meme Auto Bot

If you are tired of chatting and all-day work and want to have some fun creating memes. Then this bot will surely help you do that. It isn’t very difficult to create memes with the help of a meme auto bot and it will be done in just a few seconds. 

best telegram bots

You can add text on the top of your picture or anywhere and create simple yet funny memes. It sure deserves to be considered. 

8. Spotify Bot

There are many telegram bots related to music but this one is the most popular. To use the Spotify bot you will have to link your Spotify account with this bot. Then you can listen to all your songs, search and also download tracks. 

Also, you have to download playlists or albums to start listening on telegram and downloads quickly.  You can also go for the Spoty bot if you aren’t convinced with the Spotify bot. 

9. Whale Bot

Telegram bots are quite useful and the Whale bot will be liked by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and who are diversely into it. Whether it is Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, and so on; you get the details of every digital currency regularly. 

best telegram bots

It will let you know market capitalization, upcoming ICOs, on-demand charts, and prices for almost all coins. This bot will help you remain on track and know every movement of cryptocurrency. 

10. Sticker Bot

This is another good bot in our list of telegram bots and might have understood by the name what it is for. Sticker bot lets you download stickers in png, jpg, web formats or download the whole pack of stickers and use them on other messaging platforms. 

best telegram bots

You have to present the link and in a few seconds, your pack of stickers will be downloaded. 

11. Song ID Bot

Song ID Bot is like Shazam. This helps you in identifying songs and their artists. For this, you just open the chat window, record the song and send it.

best telegram bots

After a few seconds, the song ID bot will let you know which track is played and who is the artist behind it. Moreover, you can also use Instagram screen recordings to recognize songs.

12. Vote Bot

As the name suggests, the Vote bot allows you to create surveys and polls which you can use in your channels or groups. You can create a survey by communicating with the bot and then users can select the poll they want to insert by tying type@ vote. After that, you can also share this poll with your friends. 

best telegram bots

You can then share your poll with your friends or anyone. Vote bot is pretty easy to get your surveys done in less time. 

13. Gif Bot

Again the name sounds like what it is for. Gif bot provides you all the GIFs for perfect situations. To make people groan or brighten up the chat, GIFs animations are fun and exciting. 

best telegram bots

Now how it works is, you have to type @gif [ search term] and you will get the best GIFs possible. It works across all your existing chats and is very easy to use. 


There are tons of telegram bots(many of them aren’t working) so the above-included ones are some best and functioning telegram bots. You can utilize these party bots without installing anything and are simple and easy to get started. 

Hope you found the article helpful, let us know if you are aware of any more good telegram bots.

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